A Tale of A True Reefer Gurl

A Tale of  a True Reefer Gurl

Portraits of Cannabis Activist and Phoenix Tears Therapy Enthusiast Becky Haines

Portraits of Cannabis Activist and Phoenix Tears Therapy Enthusiast Becky Haines

Hi Breezy,

I would like you to edit my story we i need it out i’ll work on getting documents in your hands with facts i emotionally hurts too bad to write.  I’ve been scarred bad in physch, ward they tazed a good friend of mine killed him 1 mile from my house my county is under investigation. DC mental health 50% of poor in my county are forced into phsych. medication. As I write to you I’m ordered to take lithium or forced to be locked up again, and 5 other drugs. I only suffer from extreme ptsd like most 9 out of 10 women.  I’ll send you some info. on our county


As for what has happened to me, it is a really long tale.

It started when I got stuck with a dirty needle in me in 98 and it gave me hep c.  I was studying for being a nurse in the medical field. I had done the classes, but had to switch to IT in 99 because of the treatment I began the same year. I began Interferon. I did 24 weeks. I keep having grand mal seizures and it hurts my soul to write this.  Most story should be on my facebook wall.

University of North Carolina did experimental treatments. I flunked out of, study. my liver was doomed I ached . I had grand mal seizures after 24 weeks interferon  (ribavirin).  The Hepatitis-C came back 10 fold. We lost everything in 99 to a flood during Hurricane Floyd. It was hard my place was the most beautiful spot…

My doctor said to get to California to be treated by doctors out there.  Only my grandma knew how sick I was I didn’t want to worry the family. I finally got treatment after being denied because after the treatments I had put on weight ??  In 2001 I did the treatments again… same thing, the shots, pills, it fucks the head up. It was dangerous and in some ways, so was I (lol)…, It killed my belly. I couldn’t drink water. I would  get dehydrated fast and then as a symptom of the dehydration I  don’t think right.

54 weeks later my body was screwed but virul load gone forever. I was cured , but I i was still dehydrated. I lived on iv floods for 4 yrs after the treatment couldn’t drink water. It happened a lot, i don’t think right.
I had gotten cancer and began treating it with Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears Therapy.

The dehydration issue continued for many years and happened to me many times during chemo. On the 2nd of December 2012, my daughter in California got worried and  called welfare check on me with a 911 call. Meanwhile, I was on my way  to a beach house with part of the Phoenix Tears Therapy I had made for myself. I had the $$ to go to the beach with my medicine if I wanted to. The cops came in my house, saw a little weed, seized all my shit. This adventure ended up with me in the psychiatric ward. My family felt I needed to be inpatient. They never heard me talk about God or foods so much. they didn’t know me very well.

While I was in the hospital. they shot me up with drugs instead of feeding me fluids. When I came around, I told them “” my body is pure, like a temple, i need fluids, my family had sucked me dry I’m not from around here, (meaning California  “” I still sat in a psych ward 2 1/2 days “They wouldn’t let me leave til I took a drug for schizophrenia. It started some shit with me. The psychiatric professionals wrote that “‘ I presented myself from another planet, and said my family was out to kill me”  I had just got cured from all my cancer and 20 chronic conditions using only foods, and cannabis oil.  So I guess I must be crazy (lol)

When I got out of the mental ward, my bills were not paid. I had no internet, phone, ot tv. I will find out more where i stand tomorrow, my father left me with enough meds to get well, he grew it before he died, we had a plan to get me over the genocide of medical system and heal with mother earth. Dad n I were the only ones that knew this plan, had no idea the cancer would come in play a few months after he passed away. I’m not a troublemaker, the cops had no warrant.  I do have a law suit against robeson county but need help with legal fees to get it going. The cops took all my guns, all my prescriptions, (I needed some…damn..even my vitamins!)  In North Carolina we have a bill coming up…a new number was HB 577 check it out…it can fall into place with this I feel.

Breezy says…. “I will get you more details on this story as it progresses folks.” Scroll to the bottom for links on North Carolina House Bill 577


Update from Becky 1/9/2012

It started out as coming home from Calif. as my kids were grown and I was sick. I had done Infer-on treatments twice, once with UNC Clinical trial then in Calif. I did 54 weeks started in 2010. It about killed my mind, body and soul. Lucky for me being Calif. it was no problem smoking or eating the Cannabis.

I ended up on IV’s fluids for almost 4 yrs. most were in an infusion center at our local Hospital in Calif. I remember my nurse Abby well.  We spent Christmas eve, and then New years Eve together. My Belly had been scarred bad. I couldn’t drink water for years.

We drove me back in my rig in 09. My father had a set up for me to finally relax and heal me. Landed in the hospital 5 hours from home bad angina attack. Finally made it here on April 19th 2009. I even had to leave my 17 yr. Homecoming Queen, I missed so much.

Cancer struck my Father Sam Haines Ret. Navy, Magna Cum Laude Honor Student Psychology, Master Gardner, Herbologist, and many other things a few months later. He always said the asbestos from the Subs. would take him out. He didn’t want money for that, I respect it. He loved his USA. We lost him 3 months after I came home. A few months later I felt a sharp pain in my left lower belly.

It took me to the ER 24 hrs. later. It was the first time I had ever heard the word Cancer for me. It was a mass about the size of an Apple on my left Ovary. Six weeks later it had grown to 2 lbs. They took blood, but found no Ovarian Cancer. It was found, my OB did some major surgery to remove it and other organs. I woke up hearing it was bad, rare they had to send it to Duke the pathology. That is where my night mare began as I was pretty much on my own here.
I Came home, paid someone to bring me with 34 staples in my gut and a backed up septic tank, still have leach line issues. 3 weeks later I finally get a call. Musinous Adenocarcinoma 2 lb. Mass and Unknown Primary. Very Rare only 600 cases in the States a year. I found only 2 hospitals treated this one in San Diego and Wake Forest.

I thought I was in, emailed Dr. Levine my Pathology, he quickly replied stated yes they do treat it, not mine, I was co-morbid. A term for med-care. If a person has 2 or more chronic conditions they won’t put the money in them. The Surgery was called MOAS a 23 hr. surgery cutting out 1/2 colon, 1/2 intestines and all lump nodes appendix and also HEPIC chemo. where they run warm chemo. in your guts sew you up and leave it for a few hrs. this giving me maybe 5 yrs to live. Duke jumped in, it was my CEA’s that were elevated the marker for Colon Cancer.

I Did a round, it about killed me with Taxol. I lost my in home care I had since 2001 to the NC’s health plan. I did eat cannabis and smoke the whole time during the chemo. I could eat a chili dog had weird cravings while others were puking.  I did have the unable to drink water issue and my belly I had to look out for dehydration, I don’t think right when I’m dehydrated and those around me have to be able to recognize the signs. It didn’t get caught quite a few times, once I laid in my bed devacating on myself for 5 days, had Kloe looking out the window , I remember I thought it was snowing and no one could see us in here dying, wow. Sad looking back. My family tried , came in washed me up, bless their hearts. at one tine I even told Sam to get Kloe she had been eating chemo and was glowing green, he did it. I can give instructions. We got through it.
I had researched the Cannabis Oil as a cure, I believe in our science of Plants and it has always been a big part of my life, my father shared the history and health with me. Many other things but that is another story, If I remember right he was one of the Original ones in the first NORML he believed it should have been free, he fought for it. I’m no activist anyway. I felt it was a gift to us, I choose to live off Grid I’ll get there again. I lost that in 99 due to Hurricane Floyd the flood.

I knew about the oil, I knew it would work. My children, they only believe in science. They believed in medical science and, I was forced into the chemo. It did no good on the numbers came back a tad more elevated. I did a search of the property as Dad told me he had material for bake-ables cannabis.

Wow, was I surprised there was my oil meds.  My father had grew it and he was going to compost the trim, I told him to save it til I got back there ..lol..I guess it was part of my inheritance  Some one showed up from NCCPN she runs a different one now CCC I believe. Spent the first 3 months in a good Cannabis coma almost finally had a little help to feed me, I could rest, Rick Said that for it to work I must rest. I gave in.

I have a list of 20 Chronic Conditions I have been pinned with. I knew the endocanabonoid system but had no idea I could feel this dang good.
Within 6 weeks I could tell a difference in my eating and resting I was able to shower again on a regular basis eating well. I took a lot of oil! Tumors started leaving I had nodules unknown stuff in my lungs they cleared. The drs. were amazed as we sat there and giggled they were lost to this science, I told them the whole time what I was doing, we preached Cannabis at Duke, eating my little green cookies everywhere .

Around 6 months ago I had been studying food a long time, believe in our organics was almost there once, then got sick. I started this little crazy diet a friend mentioned also tips from my friend Tamara she cleared her Cancer through foods just wrote a book the fist print sold out, Alternative Health Solutions. I’ll post a link with this. 12 colors a day, it was simple to me, I needed simplicity.  I lost so much, reading, writing, seeing, driving, etc. The GMOs are killing us also, I hope to climate all one day, also I’ll wear only hemp once I can shop for my clothes again, using 7th generation Baby products for the skin and clothes washing, dish washing all natural stuff.

There were so many scripts I had been on since the Interferon treatment. I was ready for the pills to be gone too. I became quiet good at the oil , good shit, I jacked up my dose to detox off this stuff processed foods and the rest of the meds. I was on. I didn’t think I had to tell anyone what I was doing, it was my world here. The family reacted quite different to the natural healing. They had never heard me talk about Jesus before, I dig him. What happened to my health is short of a miracle all conditions cleared, Cancer, Fibro. Chronic Pain, Fatigue  high blood pressure, high sugar, Epstien Barre, angina, spastic esophagus, chronic thrush had took my taste, also candida bad on my skin, Ptsd, Anxiety, Hyper-activity I’ll get that list there are more, even have chronic marijuana abuse, I’ll keep that one. There are 2 pills I have to take, I tested it, for hyperprotienlypidemia 4, a genetic blood disorder. The only meds .I will take, or my trich

Around 2 months ago I stepped out in our World, got my hair done, new clothes, the bloat from treatments just fell off with the oil like magic! I had no idea what would come of me coming out of this Corporate Greed. I ended up with an infection, it started a change for me with our local Hospital who I had standing orders for fluids at. I usually carry a book so they can see my condition if they can’t understand me, I come around after a bag or 2. I said ” I’m not from around here, I need fluids my family has sucked me dry.” Next thing I know I was being stripped of clothes and rights, the infection or fluids not treated.

They shot me up with dope and knocked me out. I awoke in what they call here the observatory, wow, worse then jail, been there one night..lol. they see if you need to be in psych. took me 2 days to get my I rights back. I cleared the infection with the veggies and water brought to me in there I made them wait on my ass hand and foot, since they had me. I had to take a drug called Septra for Schizophrenia and shut up for 3 hrs before they let me out the door I conformed. I knew an injustice had been done I was going to let it go, but they got me again.

On Dec. 2nd, my daughter, she got worried, so was I. I had did so much of my oil i need to get some more done, no one understood what I was up against, I didn’t feel I had to explain myself as long as I was getting better. The Fytanal patches, celexa they gave me for crying during chemo. , the lortabs, Valiums I was ready to get them out of my system for good. I don’t need a pain pill today for the fibromyalgia. i did show my ass, I can’t rest with knots in my gut, things I need to get out with the family and community, no one fully understand how close I’ve been to death quite many times done with that shit. Autumn hadn’t seen me since we got me thru the chemo. Placed a 911 call to my ass to check on my welfare. I was already set and at the beach with my stuff getting ready to rent a place and relax a month, yes they found me there too 4 cops and ambulance pulled in the yard. The law can do that if they feel you have a mental heath, Holistic healing is not heard here, hardly. I told that Dr. Hussini, I had stepped out of the medical society I only suffer from PTSD as far as my head is concerned. He told me I could no step out of their system. watch me.

I’m really grasping what happened next. I’ll go into more detail later but it still hurts as I saw so much brutality. I was driven and handed over to the the psych. ward. 6 cops and 2 attempted to tie me down in a seclusion room and shoot me up with drugs. This went on till the 20 of Dec. I fought that stuff hard. I would no conform. I wore my Army Creed shirt, taught everyone to say Pledge allegiance I had to draw it out. Talked about the Cannabis the medical bill, they lock folks in our county up if they have a narcotic benzo or cannabis in your system and dry you out. When I left there the recovery counselor who was tough..lo. I heard tell our people yes smoke a joint, its ok, That felt good, things did change up there. I did finally conform as I wasn’t going to get out, took their drugs and the lithium this time they said I was bi-polar. no labels here, a little eccentric they thought I had grandiose ideas, which I don’t think anything is impossible. We are going to free our weed in the South. I feel it. I had to eat their foods, made me sick, sleep so many hours, I’m on my own schedule is my right. I have been court ordered to take the meds. After my release 2 days later I went back. I wanted them not to keep me on those drugs, I was able to release with my signature that Observatory on the 23rd of this month with my own signature yes. I won that mess. I do feel that the Hospital will be in my lawsuit pending the county. Here is what happened while I was away from my home.

Since I wasn’t home they busted right in my door. I don’t worry about my cannabis here, or my guns or anything for that matter I did nothing wrong. I had my Christmas weed out, maybe 10 grams, I had left buckets soaking in the bathroom, the didn’t mess with that, they were kind of freaked on my big vial of left over oil. It was empty. Many drugs in the house, a grow room my dad grew veggies in, many guns, I had my tax money put up , they took all my stuff while they figured out I was no harm to a soul not a grower or dealer of any kind. Robeson here wants this Cannabis free, its taking up their courts and recovery for the real addicts and Alcoholics. We had yet to clean out my house from all the scripts. As I sit now I’m ok with what it took to get me here. I gotta go to court to get my stuff back my guns and money. My cable which was my connection to the world all cut turned off someone didn’t pay my bills, I came home to my car egged with my own eggs, inside and out that one bit I know who did it. My dang Kloe, I lost her, 2 of my hens, I’ve been having to be on-line outside I have enjoyed the freedom.

I’d like to get the ball started rolling on education here , in my side of the State 75% are stil without internet. We have to get something to them. I was going to front this part my self financially I had 2 land sales going on. I lost them both with my phone. HB 577 needs to be in every ones face if its going to pass in a year. It should have already been 3 years ago. I have been begging for help. We are going to run a fund for now. I’m putting in about my last 100 bucks to get it rolling. That way I can get the printed material they have been begging for in their hands at least in my county Columbus and Brunswick any others can contact me. I hope to have a link for those pamphlets soon. I can’t create them on my puter don’t have the program but have help for that once I get or info. more narrow down, Also putting in about those foods and gmos just a little ed. its not available here. Very sweet runs thru veins here, dying of Cancer all over the place Genocide is what I call it. I’m leaving on that one. Have a Bless day. Peace be with you all. yes, my medicine, my Cannabis OIL! I had enough to last me for a year, til it was free to grown my own weed! My friend Donnie destroyed all for my protection. Dang, I feel I may could have beat the case and won that shit back. Out of my hands I’m ok. The foods and I smoke and eat my cookies still. Spaz is a nervous little thing she suffers from PTSD also. Do be careful with that watched a video last night out of Co. they are rushing knocked out stoned dogs to the Vets.

please also read this post on Cherry Girl’s Blog about Becky


Magic Carpet Ride


The Write Brothers – Rather B High.flv


Movin On Music Video


More on of North Carolina Bill 577 


House Bill 577
2011-2012 Session
Text Fiscal Note
Filed [HTML]
Edition 1 [HTML] HIN0577v1
Status: Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House on 04/04/2011
Primary: K. Alexander; Keever; Harrison;
Co: Bradley; Fisher; Luebke;
Attributes: Public;

History House Bill Action History
Date Chamber Action
03/31/2011 House Filed
04/04/2011 House Passed 1st Reading
04/04/2011 House Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
Note: a bill listed on this website is not law until passed by the House and the Senate, ratified, and, if required, signed by the Governor.


2013-09-30 becky haines blogpost update1

As I sat in that Hospital, my soul was not hurting for me, it was shaken watching 10 or more being admitted into the Phsych. Ward to detox our poor citizens here via the ER care almost everyday I was there. I was pissed my rights could easily be taken from me, plus the fact the law busted in my house based on one 911 call from 3000 miles away to check my brain out, it was very obvious no one was in my home. As I broke into that bag today, I realized it was the souls of the ones that were snatched out of their lives and placed into this kind of care, it was brutal to say the least. I used to work in recovery programs here in the 90’s before all the Metal Health and addiction budget cuts had been made, I had been living in Cali. since this was taken from NC, I had no clue. With the lack of education in my area, I feel our Hospital is abusing the Medicaid system, thru 3 different counties, 2 being the poorest Counties in the USA. Here’s what I witnessed, if anyone showed up at the ER with benzo, opiate, alcohol or THC in any combination with a little different thinking and they have the power to strip the rights away and place them under Psychiatric care to detox.

When they brought them in, there was no recovery there, only conformity thru psychiatric drugs. Most half way houses and treatment centers have been closed in Southeastern NC. I nourished these souls, I feed them, made sure they got hydrated, as that was not a priority in our Hospital.No IV fluids to those that needed it for the detoxing, they’d put the jail house food beside’s their bed, not caring if they ate as they were knocked out from shots of ativan. I can’t tell you how many I watched not eat or drink the first 36 hours there. Since the recovery programs have been cut out, then be punished as they’d give no medicine for the psychically withdrawals and many literally ran shit the first 48 hours. That actually happened to me, I told the attendant as they came to lock us out of our rooms, it was our oil and natural foods they felt I needed to be detoxed from, that my belly was tore up, give me a few minutes I’d like to use my own rooms toilet. I was told to step into the hallway now, the door had to be locked, as I stepped into the hall way, it let lose all the way down the hall, this actually added more time to my stay as I found out some days later, they thought I purposely did this. I thought it was damn funny, I secretly laughed at the idiots as they had to clean it up.

Where the hell is the protection for the poor, disabled, and the abuse of Medicaid. We had a cutter come in with no insurance, she wasn’t even stitched up, those scars will be there for life for that young beautiful gal, then they shipped her home in less then 48 hours due to no insurance. These are the true stories that have laid so heavily on my soul, not mine. I feel this is the reason I slept so well this afternoon as I was able to finally read what I had written while being in that backwards place. I really hope all out there will continue on this path for the Repeal we all need so much in our Cannabis War. For me, I need to see what I can do, it’s time our system at this Hospital and Mental Health is truly investigated by the right people, starting with ACLU. It’s going to take quite a bit of paper work. I’m so passionate about this, one reason I’m asking for help here with my pain and some physical help, as this has fallen right in my lap, I can’t be settled with this til I know I’ve done the footwork needed to bring attention to these control freaks in charge of this type of System here. Yes, like the rest of US have a huge problem with the FDA’s drugs being on the streets, but locking the addicts up isn’t the way to address this issue, thanks for this ramble, needed to get that out. I look back today and know I was somehow suppose to see this, or I wouldn’t have been there, are no mistakes in this thing called life the way I view it. Peace be with us all, as I see a Nation on the brink of such control as far the poor goes. One Love….

About Breezy Kiefair

links about breezy blog http://breedheenorilleykeefer.com/ on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/Mr8MrsKiefAir?feature=mhsn ~ Do all that you can to cultivate peace within yourself, that it might shine out from you, and plant the seed of peace in other spirits, for them to cultivate.~ {Remember... it is when we choose act on the issues that are in front of our faces, when we choose to get involved instead of looking the other way as our fellow man struggles, when we choose to take those small simple little actions, working on righting little wrongs in our everyday lives that really make change happen, those seemingly small actions are what really make the world a better place and are a catalyst for greater social change.} ~Both quotes by Breedheen "Bree" O'Rilley Keefer~ an interview in the 420 times http://the420times.com/2010/06/the-faces-of-medical-marijuana-an-interview-with-breez/ Cannabis Health News Magazine... see pages 37-39 http://cannabishealthnewsmagazine.com/PDF/CHNM_Feb2010_small.pdf

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  1. Thanks a million and please carry on the quite informative article…


  2. I’m still learning from you, but I’m making my way to the top as well. I absolutely enjoy reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the aarticles coming. I loved it!


  3. For the first time since I was locked up in December, I actually had the chance to speak to both brothers in person. Just talking on line, we miss so much. Both said, yes they were freaking as so many things were rolling in my head as I came out of the genocide that they system had me on, since 1999, I had been in a time warp. As I came too, I saw so many things wrong just in my little World I had to take care of, much less what was going on out there, with our people. We are really in a mess ya’ll. It was a total of 15 things, they kept count on my brain! That was rolling deep in my head, I’d like to speak on each one of those tonight. The first, and probably be the last is the political scene, never in my life had I seen so much misinformation spread, I was in shock! It was a no brainer, #1, Church and State! No Mormon Bishop, especially a Romney could not have separated that, it would have been worse on the women for sure.

    My property, there was Hate all around me, I had to free that! People were driving by my house way too fast, animals were getting slaughtered on my property. I’ll never forget the 2 cows that got loose on my land, I was too sick to gather them myself, before I could get them to a good home, folks in the area killed them both, for the meat. I’ll never forget the night, a knock on my door, a woman in deep panic, begging me for tools to harvest the meat where they’d just shot the bull, with a 22 rifle ya’ll..it went in the woods and died, say the buzzards. I told that woman she better step the fuck off my property. Tazing! Saw two, not a mile from my home, one killed my buddy, gosh! They killed him, on what was once part of this land, it was originally a 1500 acre Southern Plantation. This too was a Mental Health situation here, locking them up in Rest Homes now, keeping them medicated. They allowed Scooby to get off his meds. They killed him right in front of the Rest Home right down the road. The second tazing was not far from my driveway! The pulled a sting operation on this young fellow, coming in the back way thru my property, we didn’t know what was up as they told my grown child to stay in her trailer as they went in my woods. Sam heard some rustling, he came out, saw one plain clothes cop about to be taken down by the one they were setting up for trying to sell his step fathers car?? Yes, that’s what the deal was, they knew he’d fall for it, a crack addict. It got away from the cops, he ended up alone without his back up, he had tazed dude twice and he was still going, Sam actually jumped in and sat on the Dude til the cops back up came. It took my bro out, he didn’t need to be into that shit. We found out a few weeks ago, that one cop Sam helped has since left the force because of that day.

    My Miss Sara, my Fathers Mother in Law, she’s 94, her house was busted into, it was on a Sunday. Our mail lady was her neighbor. She pulled in my yard, said the door was kicked in, she had called 911 5 times, we didn’t know if she was dead or alive in there. I finally got someone to go to town and get our local police in to see what was up. Thank goodness she was in Church, but I was one pissed of bitch by this time. They could interrupt my peace with their damn sting but can’t get to an old lady s house? Also, the ones that broke into her home, many people watched this go down, not one did a damn thing. I showed my ass that night, I walked the street and told them all to keep off my fucking land, get out and vote dumb ass’s :)) My State went Red, I wasn’t happy! As far as the folks that watched my Sara get broken in on, they had been shooting thru my woods since I arrived back home. Dad had became ok with this, Sam shot back, it created more problems. Today, I can say, the shootings have pretty much stopped, the local law was glad I showed my ass, the protected me that night, The Sheriffs Dept. knows to stay away from this spot, or I’ll bring Media on them busting into my house on that 911 call, they don’t need that here, we have enough issue’s in our County. I will be setting up an appointment with our DA to get what belongings left in the evidence room back in my hand.

    My people ya’ll, my Lumbee’s. I’m so deeply rooted with our Natives here. Their Chief, Ray Little Turtle was pretty much my Second Father. I still proudly have the AIM bracelet he gave me when I was 14, I didn’t understand it then, as he told me, one day, you’ll be helping my people. That was coming to light for me. I’m not sure yet where I lay with that, my first job for sure is the ACLU and what they are doing with the Mental Health here. I used to work with a half way house here before I moved to California after Hurricane Floyd wiped out my families off grid spot some 45 miles from this property. It was for pregnant addicts, I’d transport them to meetings, just gave my time, it kept me healthy. Everything in recovery has been closed in the second Poorest County is the USA, something very wrong with this picture. I worked with Ameri corps in 97-99 in Columbus County, our sister County, which IS the poorest in the US. I was trained on Linux to put visual programs together to educate the poor on Aids. We went to local Schools, they set us up in libraries, Churches, I so enjoyed that.

    I think I hit on maybe 4 or 5 of the things that were rolling thru my head at the time it started coming back after being drugged up from all the Chemo. Etc. that had been poured into me since 1999. It’s about us, we are human beings and I woke up to seeing people being used and abused in ways I thought we were way passed this type of treatment. I’ve yet to get to that ocean spot I was heading for when I was rounded up to absorb all this in my head, yes, that was the bumfucked Egypt spot I choose to run away too, I was set up for a month on the Ocean, I knew what I needed. I’m working on that now, talked to the Brothers tonight as I needed a sign off on my land, so I can sell a little spot to get my stuff off grid again and get that damn beach spot I was heading my ass to last Winter. What ever your passion is in this ol world, don’t allow a soul to take that from you, try not to let the fears that are being passed around keep us down, we are in charge of what goes on in our own heads.


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