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I am the 99% they don’t want you to see….

I am the 99% they don’t want you to see….

by Breezy Kiefair on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 2:46pm ·

I am the 99% that they don’t want you to see…

I was born sick. I couldn’t help that. I was allergic even to my mother’s milk. They thought I would die. I didn’t. I have been sick my whole life. When i was younger, I went into periods of “remission” from my fibromyalgia pain but that has not happened in nearly 10 years. The doctors told me not to work at anything physical, i went to school (and into student debt hell) trying to get a degree that would allow me to get a job where it wouldn’t matter so much that i am so sick…. the doctors forbid me to continue after having medical crashes at school repeatedly…..

So i found the wonder treatment of cannabis and it gave me my passion for life back that BIG PHARMA POISON stole from me……. Now I shout about medical and religious use of cannabis and am much happier about who I am. I made a deal to buy land at $2.30 a day. I live off grid. I’m still in pain, I’m still sick… its still tragic, but I’m much happier this way than i was down in the tenements of the city dying the same government sanctioned death I was dying in town…. Its just a lot prettier noble death up here

The only funds i live on are given to me by Social Security Disability and the Food Stamp program. WHEN YOU ADD MY MONTHLY BENEFITS TOGETHER x 12 months, divided by 365 days you get….. $17.42 that is what is supposed to meet every need (food, shelter, clothing, medication, ect ect ect) for 1 person for 1 day…. now think about what these benefits are really designed to do…. to help me?

or to ensure i remain sick, get sicker and end up dead? welcome to my machine…. i been stuck in it since child hood….. don’t believe me? read more here:

the short 4 page version:


the more in depth, needs editing, 31 page version to help you understand why i sit at my machine fighting the machine day in and day out.

http://www.scribd.com/doc/64585829/%E2%80%9CA-Long-Strange-Journey-of-1-Cannabis-Patient%E2%80%99s-Colorado-Cannabis-Activsm%E2%80%9D-or-%E2%80%9CAll-About-Breezy-Kiefair%E2%80%9D — with Occupy Denver and Denver Occupied.


Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer

AKA Breezy Kiefair

AKA Denver Occupied

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~ Do all that you can to cultivate peace within yourself, that it might

shine out from you, and plant the seed of peace in other spirits, for them

to cultivate.~

{Remember… it is when we choose act on the issues that are in front of

our faces, when we choose to get involved instead of looking the other way

as our fellow man struggles, when we choose to take those small simple

little actions, working on righting little wrongs in our everyday lives that

really make change happen, those seemingly small actions are what really

make the world a better place and are a catalyst for greater social change.}

~Both quotes by Breedheen “Bree” O’Rilley Keefer~

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