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Phoenix Tears Healing a Diabetic Ulcer (the healing begins)


Phoenix Tears aka Rick Simpson Oil aka Hash Oil

Phoenix Tears aka Rick Simpson Oil aka Hash Oil

Before I begin this testimonial, Please take a few moments to acquaint yourself with Phoenix Tears.

Here is a video of how to make the oil. Please also visit the text tutorial here:

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What It Does & How It Works

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If you are looking for a safe medication, look no further than what the hemp plant can provide. On top of all that it’s a medicine we can all grow and produce ourselves. Also there is no need for a doctor’s supervision with its use.

When the hemp plant is grown for medicinal use, you now have your own medical system that is much safer and effective than anything our current medical system provides. You still may require a doctor to set your broken leg, but you will no longer need the chemicals they have been pushing upon us.

Hemp is medicine for the masses and no one has the right to control its use. We are all different and we all have different tolerances for practically everything. So it is up to each and every one of us to determine for ourselves how much oil we require to maintain good health.

Over the years people have come to me who after years of treatment by the medical system did not even have a diagnosis for their conditions. But the oil exercised its amazing healing power and their medical problems were solved.

Another aspect of the use of hemp as medicine is its anti-aging properties. As we age, our vital organs deteriorate and of course this impairs the function of these organs.

Hemp oil rejuvenates vital organs even in small doses it is very common for people to report to me that they feel 20 to 30 years younger after only ingesting the oil for a short time.

Now let’s take it to the next level. What about people who ingest larger quantities of oil over a longer period of time like myself? After 9 years on the oil my body does not appear to be that of a 60 year old man. Instead, my body has the appearance of someone who is a great deal younger. When I have the oil at my disposal I like to take about a quarter of a gram a day. Of course, due to short supply, quite often I must go without so my own treatment has been erratic to say the least.

From my own experience with the oil I cannot help but wonder what would happen if a person was to ingest larger quantities of oil over a longer period of time. If a person were to do this, can they actually reverse the aging process and grow younger instead of aging.

From the oils effect on my own body by all appearances this seems to be the case. Someday soon when I have enough oil I intend to start taking a gram a day for a year to see what effect it has on my body.

Many people who have taken the oil have stated that they thought it to be the fountain of youth. From my own experiences with the oil I believe this to be true.

Please also see dosing information:

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Finally, Whose oil can you trust?

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*****Author’s note… the above information is my research source. It is how I learned about Phoenix Tears and why I wanted to try them… ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

*****THE BELOW information is data gathered based on personal observation. I have utmost respect for Mr. Rick Simpson and his work, but I in no way have his permission or endorsement… just for honesty and clarity.

Fat Freddy has had a sore on his back for about 3 years and it would not heal! We started putting Rick Simpson Oil on it on November 23, then the next day we checked it and then checked it every 3 days afterwards, changing the oil and bandage every 3 days as well! Here is the progress so far! (WARNING THIS IS GRAPHIC!)

NOVEMBER 23, 2011 First treatment

November 23, 2011 9:32am fat freddy's diabetic ulcer on his back before treatement of phoenix tears with 1984 penny for scale

November 23, 2011 9:32am fat freddy’s diabetic ulcer on his back before treatment of phoenix tears with 1984 penny for scale

November 23, 2011 9:32am fat freddy's diabetic ulcer on his back application of first treatement of phoenix tears with 1984 penny for scale

November 23, 2011 9:32am fat freddy’s diabetic ulcer on his back application of first treatment of phoenix tears with 1984 penny for scale

11/24/11 10:04 Fat freddy's diabetic ulcer progress day #2

11/24/11 10:04 Fat freddy’s diabetic ulcer progress day #2

11/24/11 10:04 Fat freddy's diabetic ulcer progress day #2

11/24/11 10:04 Fat freddy’s diabetic ulcer progress day #2

11/24/11 10:04 Fat freddy's diabetic ulcer progress day #2

11/24/11 10:04 Fat freddy’s diabetic ulcer progress day #2

Please view this video of the continuing progress.

On December 9, 2011 this is how the wound looked….

12/09/11 7:12pm progress on Fat Freddy's shoulder... WOW!

12/09/11 7:12pm progress on Fat Freddy’s shoulder… WOW!

*note* our supply of Phoenix Tears AKA Rick Simpson Oil AKA Hash oil ran out during the course of therapy. We substituted one treatment for Hemp-EaZe™ THERAPY CREAM. We have also been using the Hemp-EaZe™ for Baby & Me Spray to wipe away any excess oil when we change the bandage. Hemp-EaZe™ THERAPY CREAM is available here: Hemp-EaZe™ for Baby & Me Spray is available here:

In the future, I plan to do a blog post about my personal experience with the phoenix tears for my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I doubt I will have any fantastic images, but I have already seen improvement since I have been ingesting this therapy.

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A note before we begin…

You can also view all the relevant videos for this patient on this youtube playlist

And now…

The Healing Continues….

Fat Freddy‘s treatment began on November 23, 2011. We changed his bandage (covered with phoenix tears oil) every 3 days until around December 12, 2011.

Here is the progress from ! December 12, 2011 to December 26. 2011  (WARNING THIS IS GRAPHIC!)

We saw amazing progress. When the scab initially fell off in November, it left a pitted area from where the sore had been for so many years. In addition to healing over, this ugly pit began to fill in with pretty pink, healthy skin.

We began changing the bandage every 6 days as the healing proceeded.

December 30, 2011 to January 12, 2012

I did some additional research on diabetes and it’s effects on the skin. 

According to WebMD, “Every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, someone loses a lower limb as a result of diabetes”…… 

In my opinion, nearly all of those amputations could be prevented if we would stop running from the cure for so many diseases & start using Rick Simpson‘s Run From The Cure method to make Hemp oil.

(link to reference article from WebMD

I did not realize how many DIFFERENT ways Diabetes affects the skin! I’m so glad that I know about the many diseases that are treated and cured with Rick Simpson oil…. There is a cure for Cancer, but it is not FDA approved. Phoenix Tears work! (and diabetes, and Fibromyalgia, and Autism, and so much more!!!)

the below link details the many ways that diabetes affects the skin

for more info on phoenix tears, please visit:

For more info on “Fat Freddy” of the Freak Brother’s Comics (a longtime cannabis freedom fighter and the dude whose back we are healing) please visit:

to buy Hemp EaZe Baby & Me Spray (the non thc lotion I have been using along with the PTO) please visit: Spray-335.htm

need to know more?


April 1, 2012 Update… No April Fool’s joke here!

4/1/2012 Updated image of the healing.

Around one edge, some light scaling of skin remains. The scar itself continues to fill in where it had been an sunken area on the back. We are continuing to change the bandage about once a week. Have a blessed day. We will continue to update this post as we can. The authoress of the post is currently nursing a broken pelvis.


April 11, 2012

We changed the bandage this morning, lo and behold, all the scaling has gone! We are now continuing treatment only as scar reduction! It has been so amazing to watch this horrible wound heal up and begin to disappear. Here are the latest pics.


April 20, 2012 to May 5, 2012 UPDATE

There seemed to have been a deeper infection going on. We continued therapy for scar reductive therapy. Now we have entered a second phase of deeper healing. We’re calling it the “Dave Triplett effect”


for more information please also see:

Cured: A Cannabis Story (A Film By David Triplett)

Cannabis cured my skin cancer. This is my story.
It has been proven that concentrated cannabis extract oil cures cancer.
Why hasn’t The U.S. National Cancer Institute or The American Cancer Society tested Cannabis Oil?. Is it lack of personnel (2,100 USNCI staff members) or limited financial support (USNCI 2010 budget of $5.1 Billion dollars!)

Cannabis Concentrate or extract is the same as Rick Simpson’s “Hemp Oil”. Hemp seed oil is NOT what Rick Simpson is making and using.

Google “cannabinoids” and “cancer”.
Google “endocannabinoids” and “cancer”
Google “THC” and “Cancer”.
Google pubmed, go there and look up “endocannabinoids” and “cancer”, as well as “cannabinoids” and “cancer”.
Google Dr. Robert Dr Robert Melamede and cancer”.


May 12 -18 2012 UPDATE

Update of the healing of fat Freddy’s back with Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears Method applied topically to the skin.

view all the relevant videos in this play-list:


For more information on getting Phoenix Tears

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Smear Campaign against Oppression of Hemp

A message from Fat Freddy Freak’s Past:

This is a letter written to me while I was in jail in July 1997 by my 19 year old son. I received 36 copies made by the jailers in jail, made for me and the other people in jail to have.

Smear Campaign against Oppression of Hemp

I came across an idea to end the oppression upon the recreational and medical marijuana users as well as the industrial uses, in America. My father Jess G. Williams ll or what he would like to be known as Fat Freddy, and I disagree on many things but one, the end of the prohibition of cannabis. I disagree on many method’s my father has used in this “war” against the prohibition, he would constantly fight this war by handing himself over to the “enemy” which I know is no way to win a war, therefore I came to the conclusion that you have to fight fire with fire by simply using what they have been using to discriminate against the users of America’s largest cash crop, the LAW.
The law say’s that if someone or some group slanders against your name or your potential business you can sue for your losses, now many marijuana users are unaware of the ludicrous accusations made against marijuana in the many smear campaigns, are untrue, each of them I will address later in this letter after explaining the potential losses on behalf of all of the people of America as well as the marijuana users of America. First I must address the fact that medical and recreational use of marijuana is the least potential asset that it can produce. In February 1938 a magazine called Popular Mechanics published an article called “New Billion-Dollar Crop” which explains of a new machine that removes the fiber bearing cortex from the rest of the stalk which then can produce more than 5,000 textile products ranging from rope to fine laces, and the excess of the stalk after the process can produce more than 25,000 products ranging from dynamite to cellophane.
Another plus in the use of hemp for industrial purposes is, from the farmers point of view, one of the easiest crops to be grown and can be grown just about anywhere as well as yielding from three to six tons per acre which would make it the most profitable and desirable crop that can be grown. Now try to calculate how much money America is losing out by continuing this silly prohibition on hemp, I am going to guess around 500 billion dollars annually on the industrial uses alone and I am being very generous about that estimate. But no person or organization is slandering hemp on those uses, they are slandering hemp on the medical and recreational uses, how you ask?
I will first give a small list of the positive medical uses for marijuana before I discredit the slandering accusations against marijuana. Cannabis has many therapeutic uses, so many in fact that it would take pages to explain them all and the actual studies to back them, instead I will give a brief summary on but a few uses; Asthma sufferers, which effects over 15 million Americans, can be benefit from smoking marijuana and would be far less dangerous to there health than the toxic theophylline, Glaucoma patients, which effects millions of Americans, can benefit from marijuana and its two to three times as effective as the current toxic medications, Nausea Relief, from aids, cancer therapy and sea sickness can be eased by marijuana use, it not only relieves there nausea it gives them an appetite which they need to ingest there medication as well as nutrition, Cannabis is beneficial for 60% of epileptics and is probably the most potent anti-epileptic known to medicine today, Arthritis, until 1937 (the year of prohibition) all corn plasters, mustard plasters, muscle ointments, and fibrosis poultices were made from or with cannabis extracts.
Now to address the myths of marijuana, one of the most common myths is the short term memory loss. I am not saying that it doesn’t cause short term memory loss, I am saying it is not what they claim it to be, for one it is not permanent, only temporary,
that in fact this symptom is one of the anti-stress therapeutic uses for it, and it also is the main reason why people use it for recreation, so they can unwind and relax and not worry about all the stress in there life. The second biggest myth about marijuana is that it will make you stupid, which is clearly untrue, some of the most analytical and philosophical minds were avid marijuana users, it is even recorded in history that many of our founding fathers used marijuana regularly, now anyone with a shred of logic can put two and two together and know that is untrue. The third myth, the claims that it lowers your white blood cell count, for starters that is just a statistic and statistics are the politically correct way to lie and if that claim were true don’t you think people would be getting sick and dying which is not possible because according to world almanacs, life insurance actuarial (death) rates, the last 20 years of the Surgeon Generals reports, federal governments bureau of Mortality Statistics and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) all say marijuana causes 0 (ZERO) deaths per year, and on top of it all, marijuana is currently being accepted for use by AIDS patients and don’t you think the last thing an AIDS patient needs is to lower the white blood cell count.
The fourth myth, it causes cancer, which is no longer being said by the government but is still being spread by D.A.R.E. and Partnership for a Drug Free America, this is clearly untrue since marijuana has been used for chemotherapy for over a decade and is one of the main reasons why they created synthetic THC (marinol, cannibinol), here comes the logic again, the last thing someone who is being treated for cancer needs is a carcinogenetic introduced into there system. The fifth myth, is that it harms the lungs or to be more accurate, “one marijuana cigarette is equal to twenty tobacco cigarettes”, now this one of the most false accusations of all simply because of two statistics, tobacco causes over 300,000 deaths per year and marijuana causes ZERO, use the logic again, the lungs are a part of your cardio pulmonary system which deliver oxygen to every cell in your body and exhaust the waste (carbon dioxide), now I would call your lungs the second most important organ and if something harms the lungs you die. Well why are there no deaths caused by marijuana?
The sixth myth, and one of the most ludicrous, is the accusation that it is a “Gateway Drug“, marijuana itself does not cause people to move to harder drugs, it’s not like someone takes a couple of puffs and suddenly has the urge to snort a few lines, the gateway in reality is the simple fact that pot is illegal and when someone travels into the economic underground by smoking pot there exposed to all the other elements that are also illegal. The seventh and final myth, is a medical term called burn out, and is explained as a person who has no motivation or intelligence and is considered to be near catatonic, this is what I call an abuser who has consumed way to much pot in a short period of time or in short a residue affect and is not permanent, every pot smoker has been to this stage at one time or another and all they have to do is lay off the pot for awhile and the cloud will lift.
In conclusion hemp can be the fuel in our cars, the clothes on our backs, the paper we have to learn on in church and school, the oil in our lamps, the sails on our boats, the ropes on our parachutes, the plastic in our appliances, the virtually non toxic medicine ranging from our headaches to our insomnia, paints and varnishes for our homes and even building materials such as studs for housing. Why is illegal, why are we being denied this capital income? It’s time for the people to get there freedom back and stop the smear campaigns and slandering on the worlds most valuable resource.


Dr. Donald Tashkin, UCLA Pulmonary Studies
Asthma Studies
Cohen, Sidney & Stillman Studies
Helper & Frank UCLA
Medical College of Georgia
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
National Eye Institute
Popular Mechanics
Bureau of Mortality Statistics
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Encyclopedia Britannica
Jack Herer, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”

by: Jess G. Williams lll

Personal note: I used to believe all of the myths about marijuana and it was only until I tested the status quo and my own ignorance that I found the truth and finding the truth was as simple as the logic of 1+1=2, anyone that denies that logic is contributing to the ongoing Drug problem of this great nation. We all must deny our ignorance in order to save us from future tyranny and remember that hemp is a drop of goodness trapped in a sea of madness.


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