Daily Archives: 2012/06/29

Would you like to pick my brain?

Would you like to pick my brain today? Will you hear me and just turn away?
Or have you come to lay siege to my heart and to watch me tear my world apart?
Have you come because you are a plant lover, or are you just a plant? Have you come to spew your political slant?

Do you find my content rare and lovely or are my words a beacon of woe for thee?
Do you remain watching because you love it when I stumble, or better still, waiting to see me fall? Do you understand anything about me or do you just laugh at it all?

I’m here every day I am able throwing myself on your digital table.
I research in hopes of an answer to cease the pain.
and ask you all to pray for Colorado Rain again….

I share what i find and I share what I make and get called a bitch and told I’m a fake.
Yet, Each day I say to all who will hear:
“Happy Wake and Bake… Virtual Hits my Dear.”
~ Breezy Kiefair of The Art of Breezy Kiefair

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