Top 11 Herbs for cats (yes they love cannabis!)

This is Hermione. She loves her cannabis. Here she is nibbling away at a fresh cannabis leaf from our grow.

To The music of Stevie Ray Vaughan “Tightrope”

ref: you’re lucky enough to have a garden, a balcony, or even just a sunny window sill, then you can grow your own herb garden. Herbs grow easily, are delicious, and certain plants are not only adored by your kitty, but can also be very good for her health (not to m

ention yours), and useful for treating certain ailments she might have.Even if you don’t have a green thumb, herbs tend to be easy to grow and are worth the minimal effort. And the bonus is, you can grow some for your own cooking pot, too.CatnipAh, the king of cat herbs. Catnip is beloved by felines the world over, and for good reason, it makes them very happy. It’s sort of like an after work cocktail for cats, relieving them of stress and nervousness. Also, if your cat is always scratching, and seems to have itchy skin, a catnip “tea bath” can soothe kitty’s skin.Cat ThymeIf your cat doesn’t react to catnip, then cat thyme may just be you and your cat’s best friend. That is, if you can withstand its awful odor. Cat thyme has the same soothing effects as catnip, with the attendant feelings of contentment. And everyone loves a content cat. If you do go for cat thyme, however, you may want to pot a few plants, as they are very slow growing.


This pungent herb is best known for helping people to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Not so for Mr. Whiskers. Valerian works as a stimulant on cats; good for transforming lazy, fat cats into exercise machines. Pair this with the fact that cats actually like eating the plant and you’ve got the perfect formula for a healthy, furry feline.

Peppermint, Pennyroyal and Rosemary

While not quite the right combination (or the right amount of herbs) for a Simon and Garfunkel song, the oil from these three herbs have soothing properties and act as natural insect repellents. If your cat has fleas or is intensely scratching itself, any one (or a combination of all three) can help boost your flea treatment. The most common application for these herbs is in the form of a bath. (Note: Pennyroyal may be harmful or fatal if swallowed, so do not leave the herb lying around where the cat may get to it.)

Licorice Root

Not only does it taste good to your cat, licorice root is good for you, too. As a natural cortisone, licorice root can be used to soothe itchy kitties with allergies, endocrine (the endocrine gland affects metabolism, growth and mood) and digestive issues, as well as respiratory problems like colds, since it soothes mucus membranes. Other benefits of the licorice root include blood cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be very useful for cats with arthritis.

Cat’s Claw and Dandelion Root

Both of these herbs are good for you and your cat. A tincture made out of dandelion root and cat’s claw can help with itching for cats, especially those with allergies, as it contains natural cortisone. If kitty is trying to watch her figure, try making her a salad with dandelion leaves.


No, this isn’t the title of a new James Bond film, but an herb that’s useful for your cat. Goldenseal can be used as a natural disinfectant on wounds, and, in conjunction with saline, may help shrink swollen eyes due to infections and allergies.

Of course, with any treatment, herbal or otherwise, make sure you consult your vet prior to treatment. You can also check in with your local holistic pet store for advice, and read our how-to guide for growing an indoor or outdoor herb garden. Like you, your cat should benefit from these natural wellness boosters, but only under professional supervision. Happy herb growing.

CANNABIS! any grower knows that cats love cannabis…. and grows need to be secured from kitty for that reason…. Be that as it may, it can be fun to watch your cat nibble up a fan leaf (be it moist or dry) and some cats even appreciate a slow blow of smoke into the face or EXTRA gently in the ears. Other cats my just “know” where the smoke in a room tends to hover and may decide that is their favorite perch when mom or dad is medicating. I have used cannabis as an aid (along with lots of love and training) for abused animals who are terrified of humans when they come to live in my forever home. Cats enjoy weed…. and we all know how kitties feel about humans getting in the way of things they enjoy…. Kitty’s unite to legalize Cannabis!


ADDITION making #12 is the humble oat plant!

Many stores market something called “cat grass” and they charge quite a bit for it.  Knowing that catgrass is the humble oat seed in newly sprouted form that the cats love so much.


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