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Skilled Grower/Cannabis Extract maker in need of room to rent and grow

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people seeking help finding housing. She encouraged those in state with specialized cannabis knowledge (grow, extraction, familiarity with colorado cannabis laws and any other nonmonetary “pluses” you bring to the table) to write an ad seeking a roomate.

Those of you out of state seeking to make the exodus to colorado (or another legal state) have a different set of advise from Bree. She says you should move to the state of your choice in an RV or travel trailer if at all possible. This gives you a “home” while you are looking for places in state. It allows you to try out different areas to get a feel for the towns and if you really want to be there. This also allows you to take the expenses of your move in smaller chunks. You have the expense of the rv and the gas $ to get to the state you choose, then time to recover financially for a few months while you house/apartment hunt. This also frees you from depending on someone in state who may or may not have your best interests at heart (I know of mothers being encouraged to move to a legal state mostly so some activist can make a bunch of money dragging the sick kid to rallies and filling their own pocket instead of the child’s needs).

Breezy wants to remind everyone that the housing market for rentals in colorado moves so fast that it took her 5 months to find a place that met her personal needs. Even with a lack of internet access, she is getting questions along these lines on a very regular basis. I hope these tips help folks both in and out of state in tough positions.

The ad

Fall is coming and soon it will be time to plant your cannabis for your indoor grows ready for winter. Who in colorado has a room to rent. I have been living with my ex husband for the past year and it has been nice, however I really need my own space For many months now, I had been trying to make art sales in hopes saving up for an RV, but I have only been able to put less than $200 away towards that goal, and very little of that came from art sales. I got a seed donation of $100 when I started the savings fund, and have put every cent of profit from the art (aside from profits that went into donating art pieces to fundraisers for cannabis patients in need). I just need a room to rent, access to a bathroom and kitchen. I don’t eat much (so limited use of your kitchen, obviously i find my own food) and I don’t leave my room much. I’m a cancer patient and chronically ill. I just want to teach what I know, tend to plants, do my art and writing, and rest.

What I really want is to find a situation where I can grow. Here is a video from one of my former grows to prove I have skills

Video of grow skills



the ladies in the above video are Sour Diesel Strain. It was grown for a private caregiver for the care of his patients.

You can also check out a grow journal I put together from a grow I did as a lowest cost possible grow. Even the seeds came from bagseed. The strain was bubblegum x unknown father.

So, Do you find yourself with an extra room you need rented out and extra space you’d like to fill with a grow but you just don’t have the grow skills yet?

Or maybe you have a grow and an extra bedroom and need someone around to make cannabis cure oil, kief, cannabis butter, and/or other infusions with your trim?

Do you find yourself just wishing there was someone knowledgeable around you had in person to show you how to navigate the hemp rope maze that is cannabis healing?

Well, I’m looking for a place to stay with you. I am a proficient cannabis cure oil (phoenix tears) maker having apprenticed 2 years with a master maker before going out on my own.  These skills are going to waste in my current location to the detriment of many suffering patients. I will be very up front about the fact that not everyone likes my personality. Everyone knows I’m an eccentric artist, so having an area to isolate myself when I happen to be more eccentric than usual is essential for the happiness of all. Another way to say this is, I have PTSD, and need my space. Dont let that bit of honesty frighten you off.

I’m a loving, giving roommate so long as everyone keeps up on their ends of bargains. I’m willing to pay rent and chip in all the way around, but I’m pretty low income and VERY interested in trading some of my skills in payment for a portion of the rent. If i’m growing for your profit, you provide the supplies, i provide the skills and we decide on a % of the harvest weight that is my wages for work.  I am a valid redcard holder who is allowed to grow 18 plants on my own. Someone with an RV sitting on their property or with a guest outbuildings of some type would be ideal…heck, I’d even prolly start making payments to buy the rv off ya.

On location:  i dont really care so long as the roomies want a skilled grower and extraction person to learn from. preferably people more able bodied than i so i can share my brain with their muscles? I’d prefer to be out in the country somewhere at high altitude.

I’d love a secluded spot up in the mountains or out in the country where I can grow indoors and out. If you or someone you know has a situation that would fit any or all of these conditions, pleas contact me. Send me a pm, call 3034340429 , or email btokeefer@gmail.com

I’d like to remain in colorado if at all possible. I’m looking to spend no more than $300/month on the room, plus I can chip in at least $50 TOTAL more towards utilities and internet. MUST have internet without data usage restrictions. My activism depends on that. I would love to be up in the mountains somewhere.

If you wish to buy some art please visit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtofBreezyKiefair?ref=l2-shopheader-name

I can be commissioned to do custom digital and other medium pieces for all your website and home decor needs. Just inquire by calling 303-434-0429 or emailing me btokeefer@gmail.com

i’d like something old and simple in an rv that runs and the appliances work (water, toilet, stove, etc) ELECTRICAL SYSTEM MUST WORK TOO

something like the image below

an image representing the dream

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