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2015 Top Kiefair Content by viewer stats

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beta gamma control group study on cannabinoids and beta fish mutations and longevity

I’m getting everything lined up for the next beta experiment. The next test will be entitled the “beta gamma control group study on cannabinoids and beta fish mutations and longevity” as soon as all my tanks and substrate and decorations arrive, I’ll set each tank up identically and wait for the plants to sprout. At the beginning of the year, I’ll get 2 male betas (must each have their own tank and be blocked from sight of other male), and 10 beta females so I’ll have a control group and an experimental group. The only variables will be the fish themselves and if they are being treated or not. I hope this research has value one day.
I’m setting the fish back up at the beginning of the year. I just ordered 3 more aquarium for a control group of male and female betas and a group that gets oil. I’ve nearly got all my supplies together to start setting up the tanks. I’m also Gonna get some asexual snails and see if there are differences in reproductive rates in the snails between the treated and non treated tanks.

I like the beta fish experiments. It’s going to be hard on me watching the untreated ones passing away around the 6 month mark. I’m going to use December for all the supplies to get here and to plant the live plants then, just after the first of the year when the plants have sprouted and the tanks are steady I can go get the fish and snails. Starting in January helps people easily count how long the fish live.
Mutated fish? Your fish look beautiful?!

The deformities sometimes become less pronounced. The point of the experiment is the longevity of these mutant fish with a short life cycle due to their mutations. I’m getting them to live almost as long as Betas unmutated. It’s about increasing life and quality life. You can tell the fish are healthier after just a few days home from the store with oil started.
Usually they are kept in such small containers they can barely swim against a current when I first get them. It’s sad the beta trade. Most of the fish on pet store shelves are mutants they would never breed due to deformities.
The breeders keep the healthy betas from each brood to mate, with broods of 500 eggs or more there are plenty of mutants to be had especially since humans have been playing with their genes for centuries as fighting fish to bet on similar to cock fights in the Deep South.
They have curls on their fins and just look different from their fellows. Often their fins are oversized and flop over. Their proportions are just off. I had to do a lot of research on betas to be able to spot what’s normal and what’s not between the many beta subspecies. It really can be hard to tell, as you have seen I try to pick specimens that are beautiful and mutated. So people can see the beauty in mutation not just its negative effects.
Like me. I’m perfectly formed except for the tumors but am a major mutation. I’m tiny, but I’m also told I’m beautiful and worth extending the life of. I’m trying to prove the same point about these fish. I believe I’m ahead of my Time and some day we may dump Cannabis oil at specific locations of the oceans around the world to help them heal from what we’ve done to them. I’m also asking a fundamental question… In the absence of a creator, why would fish that likely only naturally have contact with the cannabinoids if a bud fell in their pond or whose roots were in their pond. I believe most all animals have an endicanabbinoid system, why? Because we were all intended to benefit from a holy plant.
And that theory makes sense if you believe that we were brought here from elsewhere in the galaxy. Wherever we first developed, Cannabis was important or else the creator beings would not make so many animals and plants susceptible to the compounds of the plant.
We’ll see what the experiments bear out with having females around and a control group to prove my point about increasing longevity with cannabinoids. I just hope this research benefits someone or something someday. I’ve funded the research entirely on my own.
Check back at this post to see the the experiment develop.

Alpha test on Beta fish¬if_t=like

Beta Betta test
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