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22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

By guest writer Jenny from  HerePup


Pets are amazing. People who own a pet or two can attest to this simple fact. We all know that our mood lightens up when we begin petting our furry little buddies after a long day at work. Little do most people know, pet dogs provide a numbe ofr health benefits for human beings.

This fact has been overlooked by many over time. Not only do dogs make a great companion, but also, dogs make us healthier in so many ways. You probably have heard the tale of the dog that sniffed cancer. Research has shown that dogs can detect the chemicals released by malignant tissues. However, science does dictate more in-depth research is still needed on this area.

One thing that can also detect cancer is cannabis therapy, which has been proven to work on both human and animal forms of cancer. Our ancestors have cannabis for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. So, it is no surprise that this medicinal plant can be used to cure one of the most leading causes of deaths worldwide.

So you better watch out if your pet dog keeps on sniffing you in the same body for a very long time. We could go on all day about the million ways how your four-legged companion can make you healthier. Instead, we have created a concise and colorful infographic below showcasing the many health benefits of having a pet dog.

You’ll be surprised that most of these benefits have totally been overlooked by most dog owners. From lowering blood pressure to seizure alerts, there is a whole list of them in the graphic below. Simply, scroll down and start thanking your dog companion for keeping you healthy.

22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

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