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A conversation with Betty Aldworth of Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (Amendment 64)

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To: Breezy Kiefair (

Yes on 64 – Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Donate


I wanted to make sure you heard the news: According to a Rasmussen poll released over the weekend, Coloradans support regulating marijuana like alcohol by a margin of 61% – 27%! While this news demonstrates the momentum of our campaign, we’ve still got a long way to go to end marijuana prohibition. The most important poll will be the one on November 6, when the voters of Colorado decide whether to adopt Amendment 64. We’ve made a pie chart of the poll to make it easier for folks to visualize the strength of support for regulating marijuana like alcohol. Will you take a moment to check it out, and then ask your friends to join our campaign? Click here to share the poll with your friends and family — and encourage them to join you in supporting Amendment 64. The poll is great news. With your continued support, I know we’ve got what it takes to keep up the momentum and win in November.


Betty Aldworth

Advocacy Director,

Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol


my reply (june 12, 2012):

not supporting your campaign. i do not support the language of the bill.
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Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer
AKA Breezy Kiefair

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June 12, 2012


May I ask what specific parts of the bill’s language you do not agree with?

Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

P.O. Box 40332  |  Denver, Colorado  |  80204
office: 303-861-0033  |


my response:

overall the language is too complex and generally over-regulates the plant. It creates too much red tape that can be used to harm cannabis users in the end… Most users do not understand your bill and will not even read it all the way through. I cannot support it with Michelle LaMay’s petition is so eloquent and simple.

I encourage people to read the language of the 3 bills up for their consideration at this blogpost.


Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol ✆
12:25 PM (23 hours ago)

to me
Breezy,The complicated language, and red tape is not designed to harm cannabis users, but to help protect them. The Medical Marijuana system in Colorado is very regulated, but it is also the most legitimate in the country. California’s system is highly unregulated and as a result people still associate it with criminal activity; where as in Colorado most people, even ones who don’t support our cause know that the plant is a great source of medicine.Our bill ensures three very simple things, it allows adults 21+ to possess up to 1 ounce with no criminal penalties, it allows for the cultivation of industrial hemp, and it allows for the sale and distribution of the marijuana.You are entitled to your opinion and beliefs, and I respect those, but we feel the change is needed and that 64 is the best bill to do so.All the best, and thank you for your thoughts,
Campaign Staff
Breezy Keefer ✆
1:27 PM (22 hours ago)

to Campaign
i will respond properly as soon as I have the strength. You have not changed my opinion and I have had my eye on this bill since before you were gathering signatures and even considered promoting you and passed petitions off to people in un-served areas. I’m sick in bed and will respond as soon as I am capable.

Breezy Keefer ✆
11:55 AM (2 minutes ago)

to Campaign

I still cannot get on board with your amendment. Michelle Lamay’s relief for possession of cannabis act does all that and more.

Sure, under the like alcohol language, You can Have an ounce if you are over 21 with your bill, but do not attempt to grow your own. Sale and distribution will be in “party stores” basically allowing all dispensary to convert to party atmosphere and legally stop caring for anything other than their bottom line (dispensary owners are thinking why should we care about sick people when we can sell to the fun crowd instead?). Industrial hemp is great, and necessary, but there are other bills to do that too. So what does your bill give consumers that none of the other bills do?


Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol ✆
Jun 15 (2 days ago)

to me

Thank you for your feeback. If you are not interested in receiving information from the campaign, you can unsubscribe using the links provided in every email you receive from us.
Take care,
Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol
P.O. Box 40332  |  Denver, Colorado  |  80204
office: 303-861-0033  |

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Breezy Keefer ✆
Jun 15 (2 days ago)

to Campaign
I am not interested in unsubscribing. I need to keep an eye on all things cannabis for my own piece of mind. So how about answering my question? “What does your bill offer the voters that no other bill does?”

Breezy Keefer ✆
Jun 15 (2 days ago)

to Campaign

FYI, you never said this was off record, therefore ALL interested parties can read about it on my blog. I will add our latest emails as soon as I can.


I waited 2 days before posting this to give them a chance to respond to my question. They have not responded thus far. If they do respond, I will bring you that as well.

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