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Words to the father of my son through his lover


  • Breezy Mental Ginsberg Kiefair

    • i will send the pics (meaning every digital photo of Westley I have). I understand. I really do. People just believe shit about me that is not true. Ever hear the term silvertongue? The guy who killed Westley, was one. Guess he must have chatted up my ex-husband & co. too. Well the very fact that the pathology report says i was clocked into work at the time science tells us Wes was injured says i did not kill Wes. I love Wheelchair Doug still. Mel had an abortion at the same time i got preggers. She hates me for herself, not for me or Wes. Wes touched a lot of lives in his short life. Honestly, Jason’s family was the biggest problem in our relationship, and he was never abusive except for when they had been torturing him to get me to change my mind about something.

    • i dunno if that clears anything up, but my motives are not what you’ve been told, i assure you. Was i a not so good person when i was with Jason, sure…. I was a crazy bitch at times. I can own that. The grief over Wes killed that selfish bitch. By the by…. I make that treatment i mentioned for your eyes. It’d be an honor to help you if you like.

    • Maybe he found me so his heart can understand the truth, place the blame where it’s due, & take a bit of responsibility. He was Westley’s dad, & he nearly never fulfilled any fatherly responsibilities. Had he been helping, i could have left & saved OUR sons life. I even went back to both Jason & the guy who killed Wes trying to decide who was less detrimental to Westley. I choose poorly with no good safe choices available. Even begged my bio father to get us out.

    • all of that is neither here nor there… I am sure Jason & i have both paid dearly for any karmic debt with Westley. I’m only saying this because as his partner, maybe the information can help you help him. I know well what the grief over an innocent can do.the images are at the other email address.

    • i hope it helps.


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