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Top 10 Posts on of 2012

Top 10 Posts on of 2012

Here at we have seen many milestones in 2012. Here are the top ten most read posts on and a few other highlights from other sites. November shattered the record for the most views of any blog I have ever had for the month, and here we are with a week left to go in December, and December has surpassed the amount of reads I saw in November 2012! Thank you so much for all the reads and shares. Here is a list of what you, the viewer/reader feels has been important from this site this year. Merry Christmas everyone!


10. Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil ~ a superfood, but not a cancer cure…

9. Black Zombie, Hawaiian, and White from A Cut Above Astrozon

8. Breezy’s Broken Butt Bone… Need some things to heal

7. Naphtha is not good for you!

6. Colorado Canna Relief? or Cannabis Like Alcohol or Tobacco…. you decide.

5.  Duke The Cancer fighting Dog

4. The Cannabis Products and Dispensary Review page (Colorado)

About the Reviews and how to get one.

Are you a Colorado dispensary who would like your herb reviewed and a video made by The Art of Breezy Kiefair? I will come to you to pick up my review sample or have a friend do it for me…. What about seed banks? I’m a great grower and would love to review your genetics… An author? get me a copy of your book…. a pipe blower? send me a pipe… or any other artistic and/or other canna-related product?

I ONLY REVIEW BASED ON YOUR COMPASSION…. quantity of compassion is not important…. Quality of the product is what i review… Being compassionate gets your foot in the door. Positive reviews are never guaranteed. I give only my blunt and honest assessment…. If you think you have the goods, step up…

The more I love the product, the longer I will promote your product line for your little bit of compassion… that’s how the reviews work…. plain and simple. wanna know more?

i have happy review-ees you can speak to about it as references.

Some would say I hustle medication…. I’d say….. looking to see who has a heart where so that low income people close by can know where their limited dollars go the farthest….. so that people get business who have hearts and deserve it…. and if i see something wrong, well… that goes in to… I pull no punches.

3. Remembering a Murdered boy: Westley Thorin Keaton Roberts. Happy would-be 13th birthday 7:47pm (birth minute)

I have often said that we have a word for people who loose all family members but children (widow/widower, orphan, ect) partially because of historical mortality rates of children and partially because it is a loss so horrible there just isn’t a word to describe the feeling. I will never forget you Westley. You changed me as a person for the better & for this, I am forever grateful to you.

I named my only child Westley Thorin Keaton Roberts. I agonized in research for months looking for the right name. Westley and Keaton together means ~”loosely” man from the field where the Hawks go in Gaelic. Westley was also in deference to of my I don’t know how many great(s)-uncle named Westley O’Connor who family legend says worked with the first pine-bark beetle infestations in Colorado. Thorin was for the character Thorin Oakenshield in J. R. R. Tolkien‘s book “The Hobbit” and also because his biological father had requested that “Thor” be in the name some where. The other hidden joke in Westleys’ Name will already be seen by fans of the movie “The Princess Bride” whose main character Wesley becomes “the dread pirate roberts” later on.

Westley Thorin Keaton Roberts
born 10/24/1998 7:47pm Fairfax, Virginia in Fair Oaks Hospital

murdered 05/06/2000 (finally passed late around 11:59pm) Homer, Mi

On May 6, 2000 Westley Thorin Keaton Roberts sustained injuries in a bathtub. He suffered a blow to the abdomen so severe it ruptured his intestines. It took him 12 hours to die. He died while I gave him CPR just after getting home from work. He was Dead on arrival. they never got a pulse. His death was ruled a homicide. The only person with Westley that day was my fiance. I will not say his name.

Justice miscarried (murderer acquitted on a technicality Jan/Feb 2001) Battle Creek, MI

2. Phoenix Tears Healing a Diabetic Ulcer (the healing begins)

And  Phoenix Tears Healing a Diabetic Ulcer (updated Journey)

Fat Freddy has had a sore on his back for about 3 years and it would not heal! We started putting Rick Simpson Oil on it on November 23, then the next day we checked it and then checked it every 3 days afterwards, changing the oil and bandage every 3 days as well! Here is the progress so far! (WARNING THIS IS GRAPHIC!)

1.  FAQ’s about Phoenix Tears Therapy for the Beginner

What if there is an answer to Cancer?

What if doctors already had the knowledge to cure cancer? What if that answer to cancer was a plant easily grown both indoors and out. These are not hypothetical “what if’s” There is an answer to cancer, that answer is Phoenix Tears.

What Are Phoenix Tears?

Quite simply, Phoenix Tears are a potent, concentrated form of the cannabis plant.  This therapy is also known as R.S.O (Rick Simpson Oil), Cannabis Cure Oil, Run From the Cure Oil, F.E.C.O (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil), Ronnie Smith Oil, Jamaican Hash Oil (like you used to get “back in the day”) Cannabis extract, or simply hash oil. Whatever you call it, it is strong medicine that cures most cancers and can treat many disorders/diseases in the body.

Have Questions? You are Not Alone…

I hope I can offer you a few answers about Cannabis Cure Oil

I get a lot of questions about Phoenix Tears Therapy from people who know very little about cannabis or the healing process with Phoenix Tears Therapy. Therefore, I have decided to provide some information here on the blog to make it easier for everyone.

If you do not know what phoenix tears are or that they cure cancer, or have never heard that cannabis oil can treat and cure a wide variety of diseases, please take time to acquaint yourself with the following information/videos. I have made every attempt to quote my sources wherever appropriate.

2 ounces of oil, eaten over a 90-day time period is the cure for most cancers.  For some patients,it takes less oil/duration of therapy, for others, it takes more. If a patient can tolerate the psychoactive effects of the medication, they should eat as much as they can as quickly as they can. read more here: .com/2012/10/29/faqs-about-phoenix-tears-therapy-for-the-beginner/



Our youtube channel has seen a massive increase in number of views in 2012.

number of views of my youtube videos in 2011 = 2,037
number of views of my creations on youtube in 2012 (so far posted 12/21/2012) = 15,327
752.43% increase in number of views in a year! Thank you for all the views and shares!



People have really enjoyed the new art this year from my facebook page The Art of Breezy Kiefair

Miss High Times:


As I write, I am currently rated number 30 of   3721 girls running for miss high times. This year I had a goal of reaching the #42 slot. With the help of lots of votes, I surpassed that goal and am now shooting for the number 24 spot.

you can read my profile and vote for me here:

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