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Cannabis Cookbook Review: Baked Italian

Book Review: Baked Italian: Over 50 Mediterranean Marijuana Meals

3 0f 10 Medicinal Leaves Awarded


Sometime in January 2014, a parcel arrived at my post office box unsolicited. I noticed the return address was from Green Candy Press, a cannabis publishing firm for whom I have done some book review work in the past. I opened the parcel and was both excited and disappointed to find a cannabis cookbook inside. At the time, I was living with family members who forbid any extractions while I was staying under their roof. About a month later, I was able to move to a more cannabis friendly environment. At that time, I made the following post on facebook.

“Baked Italian: Over 50 mediterranean marijuana meals” by: Yzabetta Sativa
ISBN: 978-1-937866-18-1
Published by: Green Candy Press
Photos by: Brody Bruce
Today I’m taking a look at their methods for extractions, particularly their olive oil extraction method. (Feb 24, 2014)

purchase your copy: — with Yzabetta Sativa

I am so disappointed that I have to give another poor review… 3 of 10 possible medicinal leaves. However, when both publisher and author do not think that the temperature you cook your cannabis is important, well, you just cant get a good review that way. I’d really like this book if Yzabetta Sativaof Green Candy Press would update it to include a portion on Decarboxylation and appropriate temperature and cooking information in the book that has been overlooked in this edition of Baked: Over 50 Tasty Marijuana Treats. I’m honestly in search of a traditional Italian cookbook to fill in some of the gaps in the recipies as far as cooking the meat. The photos in the book are beautifully shot. I have no real complaints with the book up to page 38. Where temperatures are listed, they are often too high (meaning much of your high would be cooked off in the oven) other places there is no mention of heat even where raw meat is concerned (beginning page 47). I would love to give this book a glowing review if these issues were addressed.

For example, the recipe on Page 47 is for Beef Carpaccio. Below follows a photo of the method.

2014-03-18 13.35.382014-03-18 13.36.03


The last time I reviewed this publisher, they did not get a stellar review either:

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