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Colorado Color to “Lenny” Song by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Colorado Color to “Lenny” Song by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble from the album Texas

A Drive through the Colorado Fall Color 2012 to the music of:

Lenny (instrumental)
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Song by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble from the album Texas Flood
Released June 13, 1983
Recorded November 24, 1982
Genre Electric blues
Blues rock
Length 4:59
Label Epic Records
Writer Stevie Ray Vaughan
Texas Flood track listing
“I’m Cryin'”
(9) “Lenny”
“Lenny” is the tenth and final track on the first Stevie Ray Vaughan album Texas Flood. The song is in 4/4 time and notated in the key of E major (but instruments are tuned down a half-step). It is played very slowly and freely, with Vaughan alternating between jazz-inflected chords and solo runs. The style is influenced by Jimi Hendrix ballads like “Little Wing” and “Angel”.[1] The song itself was written and named for his wife at the time, Lenora. Vaughan also named one of his guitars “Lenny”, which he used to play this song and also “Riviera Paradise”. The song was often played at live shows.

^ Kitts, Jeff, ed. (1997). Guitar World Presents Stevie Ray Vaughan: … from the Pages of Guitar World Magazine. Hal Leonard. p. 128. ISBN 0793580803.


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