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Right now The Art of Breezy Kiefair is offering signed, framed, 8.5×11 prints. for $15 plus $6 shipping…. just go to the link below, find a piece of art you love, and email a link of the piece you want printed to along with the address you would like it shipped to. I will reply with a link where you can make the payment. Show your appreciation for all the work done on Kiefair.comReefer Gurl, and Gardening Tips for the Medically Damned by buying a bit of art created by Breezy Kiefair. Have a blessed day.

Please also be sure to play the name game on facebook:

Are you a fan of Breezy Kiefair‘s artwork? Well its time again for the fans of The Art of Breezy Kiefair and Kiefair.comto play “title the image” game….here is your task… visit my art page and find images that do not yet have a title or a quote attached to them. Comment below that image with your title or quote suggestion. If i select your selected title or quote, you will be acknowledged in the image description and be tagged in the image. Plus you get to be secure in the knowledge that you titled a work of art and will forever be a part of that piece’s impact on the viewer. Happy commenting and have a blessed day!

here’s what you do:
1: visit click “like”

2. start viewing my art images. please comment and suggest titles on your favorite breezy images.

3. When the event ends, on
February 14, 2012 at 11:59 MST (UTC-7)
I will update the images with new titles & move them to a new album for all to enjoy. I will link names of title authors to the images…


For all my gifts with words, I am not great at titling my own work. Plus, I want you guys to title my pieces to but a good vibe blessing on them… comment titles on any pieces you like. I’m creating an eBay store to market the images & make some scratch. Your opinion counts!

Blessings & respect
Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer
AKA Breezy Kiefair
on youtube
art “like” page on FB

~ Do all that you can to cultivate peace within yourself, that it might
shine out from you, and plant the seed of peace in other spirits, for them
to cultivate.~

{Remember… it is when we choose act on the issues that are in front of
our faces, when we choose to get involved instead of looking the other way
as our fellow man struggles, when we choose to take those small simple
little actions, working on righting little wrongs in our everyday lives that
really make change happen, those seemingly small actions are what really
make the world a better place and are a catalyst for greater social change.}
~Both quotes by Breedheen “Bree” O’Rilley Keefer~

Link to pay for art? click here )

The images from The Art of Breezy Kiefair are meant to be shared. I don’t even mind if folks print them. If you want something printed, signed and shipped by me please let me know… Please also feel free to tag yourself and any of your friends who appreciate art tags. The art is my gift to you.

2012-12-19-1629-to-alter-edit-2-2.jpg 380742_535366776483336_1031223356_n 20581_533764563310224_1514513811_n Archangel michael

A Heart Filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison ~Rumi

A Heart Filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison ~Rumi

You Can't see my pain with your eyes. The only thing that relieves my pain is Cannabis! You could never imagine the pain I suffer, yet you deny me my freedom.

You Can’t see my pain with your eyes. The only thing that relieves my pain is Cannabis! You could never imagine the pain I suffer, yet you deny me my freedom.

2011 cannaflage title by bryan putz-001 Collages 2010-04-20 1620 2012-05-28 1016 phoenix tears collages (10) winged-heart-300x224-8.jpg 297616_288837131136303_100000300558421_1132260_220792857_n

Remember Cannabis is Just a Flower series

A Day Alone with my Muse Series

Early January Art Series Late January Art

there are some pieces of writing that are not available on Most are pieces that would be better suited to posting on The Art of Breezy Kiefair as much of what is stored here is poetry and fantasy fiction. have a look. you may surprise yourself at what i wrote….

a few announcements:
1. I am giving up journalism. When I imagined myself as a writer growing up I wanted to write poetry and fiction any way. I have some reviews that will be finished up, but am not entertaining new reviews at this time nor am I searching for news stories.

2. I will fill orders for paid patients, free patients still waiting of christmas and all free patients added to the free oil list since then. No new people will be added to the free list, once I have served those I have already given my word, I am not making oil for anyone but myself any more. I will continue to answer oil questions if they are posed to me.

3. In place of these two tasks, I will be focusing on the artwork. The Art of Breezy Kiefair seems to be the reason to stick around most often used by my friends. It is the least stressful and most positive piece of my activism life.

4. From now on if a person or thing is a source of negative stress in my life, it will be removed.
5. If a project comes up that I really care about and really needs my skills, I may come out of retirement on a temporary basis only but will not be advertising the fact that I assisted with the project.

6. This is not up for debate. Yes I understand I am giving some people who do not have my best interests at heart exactly what they want on some levels but I am also giving me the break I so desperately need.

thank you and have a blessed day.


Anger and Hate are destructive to the person feeling them… When someone wrongs you be it online or in person, and you respond in anger, you are corrupting your pure creator given energy… Your energy, your life-force, your soul are all good at a baseline level… When you respond to a real or perceived wrong by sending anger back to the person who you think wronged you, you on a subconscious level take your good energy and put a negative charge on it before you respond to the person with actions. Its not good for your karma. It is not good for your lifeforce to respond this way… a better tact is to pray/send positive energy that the universe judge and balance things. Make a loving petition that they learn a lesson with light and love in your heart… let the universe take care of the wrongs they commit… if you are angry and hold on to it you are brought to their level and in the end, it is your own energy that has been diminished, your own soul that has been harmed by your feelings, not theirs. If you love them through the wrong they have done (even if you cut off contact) then you have taken a path of love and the universe will reward you for it.

Breezy Kiefair of The Art of Breezy KiefairGardening Tips for the Medically DamnedReefer Gurland


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