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My response to Maine RE my Civil Citations for my Sacramental Pipes

by Breezy Kiefair on Monday, March 7, 2011 at 9:43am


Maine Courts

103 Church Street

Belfast, Maine 04915



Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer

Mailing Address:


Boulder, Co 80301


Physical Address:


San Luis, Co 81152



RE: Civil Citations #2047320 and #2047322

given on Jan 10, 2011

by Officer Christopher M Ross

Dept :WSO Officer # 23


Your Honor:


My name is Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer. I frequently write under the Pen Name of “Breezy Kiefair”. I am writing to you in regards to two civil citations I received in January 2011. Those citations are numbered #2047320 and #2047322. I am scheduled to appear before you on March 22, 2011 at 0830 am. I have never received a civil citation before, and have no legal counsel, so I apologize if I am out of line on any procedural issues.


On the afternoon of January 11, 2011; I 911 called for assistance. I was distraught. I needed help. I had been asked to leave the house where I had been renting a room located at XXX Belfast Road, Freedom Maine 04941. The primary renter of this property, Mr. XXXXXXX XXXXXX asked me to leave the premises due to a petty personal squabble. I had come to stay with Mr. XXXXXX and his family in mid December 2010 after a domestic violence dispute with my husband on property in Colorado that I was purchasing with my husband. When Mr. Horton asked me to leave, I obliged. I packed my things, carried them to the end of his driveway between Belfast and Freedom, Maine and called 911 to come give me assistance.


As, I stated above, I was distraught. I was suicidal. I needed help. Two officers responded to the call, Officer Ross who signed my citations, and another officer. The officers wanted to search my belongings, which I allowed after providing the officers with my expired medical marijuana license from the state of Colorado (expired November 23, 2010), a card from one of the cannabis as a religious sacrament churches I frequent (copies attached). , paperwork from a Colorado Doctor recommending that I continue my medicinal cannabis use even after my license expired (this paperwork has been lost on the road) and contact information for a Dr. David Austin of the Dr. Lovejoy Heathcare center (7 School St, Albion, ME 04910 Phone: (207) 437-9388 Fax:(207) 437-2557 ) I had seen in Maine who knew I was using cannabis medicinally.


I informed the officers that I was carrying my sacramental cannabis pipes and that there may be some flake/resin on me. I also notified the officers that I was carrying 3 pocket knives with me. The officers transported me to the hospital in Augusta, Maine for evaluation and wrote me citations for my cannabis pipes even though I have made public the fact that I believe in Cannabis as a religious sacrament under the first amendment of the Constitution of the United Sates of America. I cited the translation work of polish born anthropologist Sula Benet ( as the basis for my belief in cannabis as a religious sacrament. I called Reverend Brandon Baker (307) 221-2180 ( of Green Faith Ministry NAC to try to have him speak with the officers regarding my religious cannabis use. The officers refused to speak to Reverend Baker and told me that Cannabis as a religious sacrament was not recognized in the state of Maine. My sacramental pipes and “useable marijuana” were confiscated and citations written.


I arrived back home in Colorado after leap-frogging my way home On February 23, 2011. I am disabled and live on social security disability. As I stated before, have no legal counsel, so I apologize if I am out of line on any procedural issues. I do not know how I am to answer these charges from so far away. I live on social security disability and have no way to return to Maine. I respectfully request that you give me some direction on how to handle these charges. I have provided the best contact information for me in this letter. I live in a very remote area of Colorado and it takes time for messages to reach me. Email is probably the most reliable way I can be reached. My email address is



Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer


My civil citations when Law Enforcement trampled my freedom of religion rights.


Use of drug paraphenalia…. (my sacramental pipes with resin in them)


“Posession of Useable Marijuana” = a few flakes in a tin….. not even a hit’s worth!!!!

The Traveling Medical Cannabis Patient Story #1 Mr. Marvin Reeves


The Traveling Medical Cannabis Patient Story #1 Mr. Marvin Reeves


by Breezy Kiefair on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 10:35am ·

A Journey to the West Coast ~ Traveling by road through several MMJ states


Marvin Reeves seems to be a stand-up guy. He is 38 and holds his medical marijuana license in the state of Colorado. Like many in need of cannabis’s healing touch, Mr. Reeve’s illness has put him into a position financially making it extraordinarily difficult for him to maintain an adequate supply of his medication to treat his disease. Marvin smokes cannabis and uses medicated edibles (medibles) to treat pain associated with years of being a roofer. He has even been certified to grow additional plants for medible production. In late October 2010, Mr. Reeves set off in his truck to work security for a trim operation. It was an opportunity that Mr. Reeves felt he could not pass up. The pay would allow him to medicate for a full year without worry.


Marvin went to Oregon, did the work that was asked of him, and began returning home to Colorado with his pay. He planned his trip carefully. He made sure he traveled through as many states with a medical marijuana program as he could in hopes that if he was caught transporting his years worth of medication back to Colorado, he might have a chance to defend himself. When Marvin reached Elko, Nevada on November 1, 2010, his truck broke down.


He pulled tot the side of the road, and turned on his emergency flashers to alert other drivers that his vehicle was disabled. An officer from the city of Elko, Nevada pulled over, presumably with the intention of assisting Mr. Reeves. A November 3, 2010 article in the Elko Daily Free Press, states:

According to a probable cause statement, a city officer was driving west on Interstate 80 Monday night near the west Elko exit when he saw a vehicle pulled over with the hood up and flashers on. The officer stated he pulled behind the vehicle to offer assistance, but as he approached the pickup he could immediately smell marijuana. About 40 pounds of marijuana tends to produce that strong of a scent.


But Mr. Reeves says that isn’t how it happened. Marvin says the cops were indeed sniffing around his vehicle, but their body language kept indicating that they did not smell anything. Marvin had a few bags of trash in the back of his truck. The officers wanted to see what was inside. Marvin obliged them. When they found trash in the trash bags, they wanted to search the rest of the vehicle. Marvin provided the with his Colorado MMJ license and made no attempt to hide the fact he was carrying a great deal of medication with him. He attempted to tell the officers exactly how much cannabis was in the vehicle. Every time Mr. Reeves tried to detail the full contents of the truck in regards to cannabis, he was cut off mid answer and redirected to another question. In short order, Mr. Reeves found himself in handcuffs and was soon off to the local jail. There he ran into several other inmates booked on marijuana transportation charges. To add insult to injury, much of Mr. Reeves medication came up missing. A full 5 pounds of cannabis buds were missing from the list of charges. Most of the bag’s weighed different amounts (significantly lighter) than when Mr. Reeves weighed them out and placed them in his truck. After 10 days in the local jail, Mr. Reeves was sent on his way, released on his ownrecognisance .


A search of the reporter who covered Mr. Reeves arrest in the Elko Daily Free Press of the shows 4 other marijuana related arrest stories Jared DuBach published the same day as the above story regarding Mr. Reeves. He has covered several other news stories since that deal with cannabis busts on I-80 through the city of Elko Nevada and surrounding areas. I as the author of this article wonder if there is a “speed trap” of sorts for marijuana busts being run in Elko, Nevada. This route on I-80 is well traveled by many who need to go from the medical marijuana states on the west coast to Colorado. It also begs the question, why if we can travel between specific medical marijuana states by plane (see article Medical marijuana & flying: If paperwork checks out, Denver Police and the TSA say, “Get high”

can we not travel by land with our medication. Did Mr Reeves know he was breaking the law by transporting this medication home? He most certainly did. Did he have a choice given his financial circumstances and physical disability? No, I do not believe he did have a choice. He was doing what he needed to do to ensure that he had enough medication for the coming year. He could have made this trip with any other prescription medication and would have only been offered assistance by the law enforcement officers who pulled over that November day.




Marvin Reeves is scheduled to be back in Court in Elko Nevada on March 7, 2011 at 8:30 am. Due to his financial situation, he has been unable to secure a lawyer to defend himself. He has called all the listed cannabis related lawyers on the

page for Nevada. The lawyer he spoke with the most wanted a $5,000 retainer. Mr. Reeves could pay his rent for an entire year with this sum, and only makes $12,000 on average per year. It is his hope that this article may aid him in finding representation as he faces the court system in Elko, Nevada. Anyone wishing to help Mr. Reeves can contact him at

Mr. Reeves standing beside a 10ft cannabis plant

Mr. Reeves Clean Cut and dressed for work


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