Phoenix Tears Tutorials and anecdotes

Phoenix Tears Tutorials and anecdotes

Below you will find links to Phoenix Tears information created by Breezy KiefAir over the past few years.

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Phoenix Tears Healing a Diabetic Ulcer (the healing begins)

Phoenix Tears Healing a Diabetic Ulcer (8 months of treatment)

Duke the Cancer fighting Dog

FAQ’s about Phoenix Tears Therapy for the Beginner

Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil ~ a superfood, but not a cancer cure…

History of Essential oil Perfumery and Methods of Extracting Herbs

Rick Simpson on Visual Inspection and Quality of Oils: Debunked

From Shaved head to cancer free in a little under a month!

A few words on the properties of Isopropyl alcohol

Naphtha is not good for you!

How to Extract Cannabis Cure Oil with alcohol (Phoenix Tears)

How to make Cannabis Cure Oil without alerting the neighbors

DIY Phoenix tears (cannabis cure oil) – YouTube

It kills cancer

Waste not want not Phoenix tears Tutorial

Waste not want not Phoenix Tears (FECO) Tutorial January 2018

Make your own massage oil (Cannabis optional)

Poor man’s Phoenix tears Tutorial

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Poor man’s Phoenix tears

Make your own massage oil

January 2018 oil Tutorial

August 2017 oil Tutorial

March 2017 oil Tutorial

December 2016 oil Tutorial

Tommy the cannabis cat

December 2015 oil Tutorial

Cannabis infused coconut and olive oils

Waste not want not cannabis bath salts

November 2015 oil Tutorial

Medicated foods for the body and soul

October 2014 oil Tutorial

How to make cannabis cure oil without alerting the neighbors 2

How to make cannabis cure oil without alerting the neighbor

Cannabis bath tea: Waste not want not after making a batch of oil

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