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Protect Colorado Springs Home Grows

Protect Colorado Springs Home Grows by: Audrey Hatfield

How many registered cannabis patients do you think live in Colorado? How many refugees have given up their former lives to pack up and move here for access to medical cannabis? How many people in general utilize cannabis in some form or another in our state? There are approximately 108,000 registered cannabis patients and out of that many, how many of you have a clue as to what is happening in some city’s across Colorado regarding your rights as a cannabis patient? Very few.

Back in 2012 when the Amendment 64 campaign was rearing its ugly head, I was against it for several reasons. Not because I’m a selfish bitch that didn’t think everyone deserves access to cannabis, it was because, it was and is, a garbage piece of legislative prohibition, designed to benefit our government in the form of higher tax dollars, in disguise as “legalization.” We were all assured by 64 supporters that “medical would not be affected.” A64 was nothing but “legal lies” and too many people lapped it up as “progression” and “baby steps” towards “legalization.” “Regulation works,” “Regulate like alcohol.” Bullshit, all of it, as predicted!

  Let’s forget about Amendment 64 for a minute and before you chastise me for using the term “medical cannabis,” there is a difference. That difference is, Amendment 20 and those of us that rely on cannabis as our medicine. For us, it’s not about just “getting high.” And no, I don’t have anything against anyone that does. Cannabis should be available to us all, but not this way. Not thru Amendment 64.

 Right now, right under your noses we are slowly being made criminals once again. The MED is “recommending” to all jurisdictions to limit plant counts. One by one, city by city, slowly, Amendment 20 is being blown off by Colorado government officials, in part because of the fact that we have rec and rec generates more tax funds. You might think that it doesn’t matter because we “have A64”. But it does.

  In a recent article in local paper the “Gazette Telegraph,” Colorado Springs City Council proposed ordinance 16-52, on May 10, that was signed by Mayor John Suthers, just a few days after on May 13. 

In a nut shell, this ordinance (above,) is making it criminal to grow more than 12 plants per household without regard to the fact of ones plant count recommendation (Read above links). Yes, you heard it, it will be CRIMINAL! You will be a CRIMINAL, for exercising your rights under Amendment 20. Pay attention to what this will mean for patients here and eventually in the entire state.

 Colorado Springs is a home rule municipality and basically what that means, is they can make their own rules. HOWEVER, when it comes to this situation they can not decide how many plants a patient is allowed to have! What the fuck? Why is this happening? Amendment 64. Why isn’t it being stopped? Greed and ignorance.

   All patients with higher plant counts will be affected, however, the patients that will be hurt the most are some of the many children whose parents moved here to treat their childrens rare illnesses with cannabis. Two of the families that will be affected and turned into criminals if arrested, will be Moms, Rebecca Lockwood and Marisa Kiser. Because of their childrens high plant counts and the negative impact it would have on their childrens health, Rebecca and Marisa, sprung into action. They decided to set up a meeting with City Council to get some answers and find compassion for all patients and spear headed an email campaign to Springs City Council.


Rebecca fears for the health and well-being of her child Calvin, as he has a plant count of 73 to treat his femoral retroversion, a debilitating abnormality, affecting the lower extremities. Marisa Kisers son Ezra, just turned 4 and went in hospice when he was just 3. He suffers from violent seizures and at one time, had an unexplained onset of dystonia so severe that he broke 8 bones in one year. He has a 72 plant count. These are just 2 of the families that will be affected by this bullshit. 

 It was in a May 31 meeting that the Moms were told by the council members in attendance that, “The limited plants counts are just the beginning, a ban will be placed on all home grows, not just here, but thru out the state.” This very phrase was confirmed the beginning of June from council members in a separate meeting between members of council and member Bridget Serrit, of the newly formed organization, Colorado Patient Rights Coalition

 108 million patients and only a handful of you are or have been getting involved with the blatant disregard of our rights. This is going to affect you! Understand what it means! Get off of your asses and stand up for yourselves or bow down to your rights being stepped on by our local politicians. We all need to come together in force and show them that this will not be tolerated! Coming together in numbers will have greater impact and that is what it will take. This WILL happen in your town next, you need to be aware and know your rights as a patient.

Whether you grow or not, what can you do? First, research and familiarize yourselves with Amendment 20 and any laws regarding medical access in Colorado. Send emails to your local government officials that are implementing these laws. Call and leave them a brief, yet detailed message. Stand up for your rights! If you are available during the day, attend any protest about the matter that you see being advertised. Protests are being set up right now in Colorado Springs in front of Mayor Suthers office in Colorado Springs, on a monthly basis. The organization also has started a petition that as patients, you should sign.  If you have paperwork to support your plant count recommendation, continue to grow that plant count. If police come to your home, DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow them access inside your home without a search warrant. DO NOT speak to the police. Record audio if they are in your home or at your door. DO NOT be swayed by the scare tactics they will try to use to get you to take a plea deal if you are arrested. You can and will win your case! It has been done! Now more than ever, is the time to get involved! Strength in numbers! Stand up! Hatfield

Former Founder and President of C4CPR

Medical Cannabis Patient and Colorado Activist

Write to city council


send a pm through facebook to this profile

snail mail:

Bréedhéen O’Rilley Keefer

P.O. Box 849

Franktown, Colorado 80116

Amish Kid forced on Chemo: What’s the Matter Here? and Why the cannabis community should care!

Court Sides With Ohio Hospital on Amish Girl Care

August 28, 2013 (AP)
By JOHN SEEWER Associated Press

An appeals court has sided with a hospital that wants to force a 10-year-old Amish girl to resume chemotherapy after her parents decided to stop the treatments.

The court ruled that a county judge must reconsider his decision that blocked Akron Children’s Hospital‘s attempt to give an attorney who’s also a registered nurse limited guardianship over Sarah Hershberger and the power to make medical decisions for her.

The hospital believes Sarah’s leukemia is very treatable but says she will die without chemotherapy.

The judge in Medina County in northeast Ohio had ruled in July that Sarah’s parents had the right to make medical decisions for her.

The appeals court ruling issued Tuesday said the judge failed to consider whether appointing a guardian would be in the girl’s best interest. It also disagreed with the judge’s decision that said he could only transfer guardianship if the parents were found unfit.

The family’s attorney, John Oberholtzer, said Wednesday that the ruling essentially ordered the judge to disregard the rights of the parents.

Andy Hershberger, the girl’s father, said the family agreed to begin two years of treatments for Sarah last spring but stopped a second round of chemotherapy in June because it was making her extremely sick.

“It put her down for two days. She was not like her normal self,” he said. “We just thought we cannot do this to her.”

Sarah begged her parents to stop the chemotherapy and they agreed after a great deal of prayer, Hershberger said. The family, members of an insular Amish community, shuns many facets of modern life and is deeply religious. They live on a farm and operate a produce stand near the village of Spencer in Medina County, about 35 miles southwest of Cleveland.

“Our belief is, to a certain extent, we can use modern medicine, but at some times we have to stop it and do something else,” Hershberger said in a telephone interview.

They opted to consult with a wellness center and treat Sarah with natural medicines, such as herbs and vitamins, and see another doctor who is monitoring their daughter, Hershberger said.

“We see her every day. We watch her really close,” her father said. “She runs, plays. She crawls up ladders. She’s got a lot of energy, more than she had when she was doing chemo.”

Hershberger said they have not ruled out returning to Akron Children’s Hospital if Sarah’s health worsens. “We told them if it gets to the point that we cannot do anything for her, we would come back,” he said.

After the appeals court decision, the hospital said in a statement Wednesday that its goal is to ensure that the girl receives the most appropriate care based on scientific evidence and added that the allegation has never been about “parental unfitness.”

It said neither the hospital nor anyone else is requesting legal or physical custody of the child; instead, the hospital said, this case “involves a disagreement between providers and parents over what course of treatment is best for their child.”

Robert McGregor, the hospital’s chief medical officer, said last week that it is morally and legally obligated to make sure the girl receives proper care.

He said the girl’s illness — lymphoblastic lymphoma — is an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but there is a five-year survival rate of 85 percent if she continues treatment.

Some of the girl’s tumors had gone away after the first round of chemotherapy, but she isn’t yet in remission, the hospital said.

“We really have to advocate for what we believe is in the best interest of the child,” McGregor said last week.

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Now, Why should the cannabis world care?

We as cannabis activists and as religious rights activists need to care about this case…. If this Amish family cannot follow the laws of their own religion regarding medical treatment, then we as cannabis activists need to side with the parents… this is no different than a parent making ia choice to treat the child with cannabis. their choice happens to be prayer. THEY HAVE THAT RIGHT IN MY OPINION.

Forget my opinion! These parents 1st amendment right is being trampled….

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I wonder if the state of Ohio remembers this little bit of freedom we are all taught to love.

if we sit by and let it be trampled, our cannabis kids are next… and we are already seeing examples of it… In our own backyards with horrifying results.Did the parents choose out of fear to begin chemo? yes they broke their own traditions and took her to start chemo of their own free will… when it was making her so sick and the parents and child wanted to return to their beliefs is when the fight started. now, like some cannabis kids… she is in foster care… no fair!

I was a kid with cancer in the foster care system… had to go before the judge about chemo…. the facility i was in said i was having a suicide attempt by refusing chemotherapy.  i am so glad Judge Regina Walters sided with my choice to decline chemotherapy.

If doctors were perfect, they wouldn’t practice medicine on people they expect to have patience to the point of calling them that as if it was a magic term that made us willing to wait an eternity to be graced by their practicing.

Now, back to this child…. imagine this poor Amish kid not yet old enough to choose if she wishes to join the religion or not (the rite of Rumspringa )
and who knows little outside of the people her parents have allowed around previously…. All of the sudden she is plunged into the evils of foster care? i feel so sorry for her… and all she wants to do is make the same choice i did… to eat the best foods she can, be nurtured by those around her and pray.

When it is a situation that is life and death. Why should the government have so much of a say. The individual with the cancer or illness should be the one to decide how to go about fighting for their life. It is family, friends and the creator ‘s place to guide that individual through the fight.


Toddler Killed By Foster Mom, After Being Taken From Peaceful Birth Parents For Their Cannabis Use


In Round Rock, Texas, the daughter of two peaceful young parents, was kidnapped by the state, after they admitted to someone that they smoke a small amount of cannabis at night. Sadly, the parents never got their daughter back, as her foster mother inflicted blunt force trauma to the toddler’s brain, putting her into a coma. Two days later the toddler, Alexandria Hill, died.


Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

By Cassius Methyl

August 5, 2013

Because the state demands that people don’t smoke cannabis, the authorities will go as far as to kidnap your child to enforce this, and put him or her in a new, very likely more dangerous home. The bottom line is, there is almost no chance of a child ever possibly getting hurt because of his/her parents smoking cannabis.

Alcohol is legal, and parents can drink, therefore this kidnapping because of cannabis is absolutely dysfunctional, ridiculous, tyrannical, and in this case, fatal. This is a story of the state, at one of its most disgustingly dysfunctional and forceful points. It is abundantly clear that Alexandria Hill’s parents were average young people, in no way dangerous whatsoever. Joshua Hill, the father of Alexandria Hill, the 2 yr old girl who was killed, said “We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state ‘care’.”

Once she was forcibly placed in foster care last November, she began displaying bruises and injuries often, and appeared to live in unsanitary conditions. Alexandria’s father says “She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag. It got to a point where I actually told CPS that they would have to have me arrested, because I wouldn’t let her go back.”

The parents of Alexandria had her sent to a new home after the experience with the bruises and unsanitary living conditions, and this new home was the place where she received the fatal injuries. In January, for the second time, CPS made a mistake transferring her to this home, and that mistake was fatal.

They placed Alexandria in a home with 54 yr old Sherill Small, and she later either hit Alexandria in the head and killed her, or somehow inflicted a blow to her head, maybe dropped her , or threw her. Now this girl is dead, because the state can kidnap with impunity. Why should we ever allow the government to forcibly kidnap people’s children, for victimless crimes?

Why should we, the citizens, let them keep arresting people, hurting people, and letting people die for the controls they wish to impose on us? We have had enough of the dysfunctional, fake services they pretend to provide for us while they incessantly molest our lives from birth to death. Things seemed to be going alright according to Alexandria’s parents, when she was placed in the care of Sherill Small in Rockdale, Texas, at first.

The parents were about a month away from being reunited with their child, but then, Sherill beat the toddler’s head with a blunt object, or somehow inflicted severe force which resulted in blunt force trauma to the brain. The child sadly ended up in a coma, and she died 2 days later at the hospital. Sherill claims the child hit her head on a carpet when she was playing, but an investigation showed that the blunt force trauma means she was struck hard with something, and falling on carpet could never do that damage.

Sherill Small was arrested at her home for murder, yet revenge is not ‘justice’, as the ‘justice’ system would lead you to believe. This time, the dysfunctional and out of control, parasitic state has ended the life of a toddler. Punishing this psychotic old woman will not bring back the life of this girl. The only true justice that can be done, is to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else, and the only way to achieve that, is to severely cut and limit the power of the state and federal governments. Our dogs will not be shot by police, our children will not be kidnapped by their parents and left to die in worse conditions, all of this would be okay, if only the citizens would demand that the government not arrest people for victimless crimes.

This is all a result of the citizens sitting back and watching TV, doing nothing, while these people continue to expand their own powers. The politicians and the people who control them like puppets, the corporations, and the police state they use to their advantage, are destroying us. It is time for the citizens to stand up, and have a peaceful revolution, clearing out the tyranny, taking people out of office, revoking laws.

We need to invoke the restoration of our true law, the Constitution, which doesnot allow the police to arrest people for victimless crimes, and kidnap children. Some very charismatic and corrupt politicians have manipulated our people over the years, convinced them that somehow the Constitution doesn’t guarantee basic rights, or that our safety is incompatible with freedom. They molested the loopholes in Constitutional Law until this was the result. It is now simply time to restore the true law- no more arresting people for victimless crimes.

We do need to solidify our rights that aren’t clearly outlined enough in the Constitution too, but it is a reasonable goal for freedom for today, to want to restore this true law. This is a reasonable philosophical solution to the problems we face today as a society. If you cannot see how much better off we would be without the government doing what they do, you need to learn about the crimes this government has committed. It is time to demand these people step down, and NO ONE restrict our rights to grow cannabis or smoke it.

This miracle plant that can be used to build homes, make paper and textiles, treat cancer and several other illnesses. Of course, it can even be smoked recreationally, being less harmful than almost any other recreational drug. You should know all of this, but knowing is only one step- now it is time to sway public opinion to a critical mass, and truly make the change happen. Go tell people about this, build up the support for freedom, the abolishment of all these government agencies, the revocation of laws, and the restoration of true constitutional law.

Please share this with as many people as possible, so we can simply gain our rights back, just so we can live in peace. This tyranny is getting bad- the scariest thing is how complacent and unaware many people are, of the crimes, dysfunctionality, and true nature of this government.

Writer Bio:

CassiusCassius Methyl is a journalist writing for and a liberty activist who plays every instrument and vocals for an experimental metal-truth movement project called “Core of a Virus”. Find his music on Facebook. 

For media inquires, interviews, questions or suggestions for this author, email: or telephone: (347) 759-6075.

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and another


UPDATE: Medical Marijuana Advocate Goes Public After Children Are Taken, Placed Into Foster Care

POSTED BY  ON MON, APR 29, 2013 AT 4:06 PM

UPDATE: April 30, 2013

The Boise Police Department released information regarding the April 24 incident involving Josh and Lindsey Rinehart, which resulted in the placement of the Rinehart’s children into the custody of the State of Idaho.

According to law enforcement, they were contacted by a local school official who said that an 11-year-old child had become ill, requiring medical treatment from a school nurse. Police said the child had eaten a substance which was identified as marijuana. Police said the marijuana had come from a home on the 2900 block of W. Malad Street. The child who became ill did not live at the residence but is acquainted with the Rinheart’s children.

Police said they went to the residence and found children, being cared for a babysitter while the parents were away. Police said they discovered drug paraphernalia and “a quantity of a substance that appeared to be marijuana in locations inside the house accessible to the children.” Patrol officers contacted narcotics investigators who secured a search warrant signed by a judge. Police added that their investigation has not yet resulted in criminal charges.

Detectives made the decision to contact Idaho Department of Health and Welfare officials who deemed that the children were in “imminent danger,” thereby putting the children into protective custody.

Police said typically they did not release information on cases that remain under investigation, but the suspects “in this case have chosen to identify themselves and the department believes it is in the public interest to clarify that evidence in a criminal investigation led officers to the Malad Street home.”


Marijuana advocate Russ Belville, center left, is flanked by Lindsey Rinehart, center, and her husband Josh, center right.

  • Marijuana advocate Russ Belville, center left, is flanked by Lindsey Rinehart, center, and her husband Josh, center right.

Josh and Lindsey Rinehart believe the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and the Boise Police Department erred in their decision to place their the Rinehart’s two sons in foster care, citing “imminent danger” because of the presence of marijuana found in the house.

“We’re taking issue with the ‘imminent danger’ charge,” Lindsey Rinehart said on the steps of the Idaho State Capitol. “I am a multiple sclerosis patient. The reason I had cannabis in my household is I’m a multiple sclerosis patient.”

Lindsey uses marijuana, she said, for medicinal purposes to treat her illness, which can cause violent muscle spasms. Boise Weekly readers may remember Rinehart from her testimony at the Idaho State Capitol regarding medical marijuana. As director of Compassionate Idaho,Rinehart has helped spearhead a petition drive to legalize marijuana in Idaho.

While the couple were on vacation April 23, she told Boise Weekly, Health and Welfare and Boise Police entered their home, confiscated marijuana found there, and ultimately placed her 5-year-old and 10-year-old boys in protective custody.

“We had just gotten cell service, and right when we entered Donnelly my cell phone kicked on and somebody had said the cops are at your house. And I knew,” she said.

The Rinhearts told media that on April 30 they will have supervised visitation with their children, and have begun the process of working with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to have their children returned to them. She said criminal charges have not yet been filed against her, but she anticipates they may be.

“Right now all I’ve heard is that they could be pending. There’s no warrant. I don’t know—it’s kind of this constant anxiety attack of when they’re going to come,” she said.

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I could go on and on… what is wrong that these children are being ripped from their families? We have such bigger problems.

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Help a homeless family stay together!

April 8, 2012 8:39 am MDT… I have a conversation with a friend that compells me to post this status message on facebook.

There is this family I know… They have been living in homeless shelters for nearly a year. The parents did all that was required of them by the shelter’s program designed to assist them in getting back on their feet. The mom went back to school (so proud of her) and is weeks away from her certificate….. Now the shelter is saying that they have to leave. There are no other family shelters available. They don’t want their family sleeping apart. Please lift Heidi Joy Hameed, her son Ish, and her husband Raphael in your thoughts energy and prayers today.

On April 9, 2012, Heidi Joy Hameed, a resident in the Torres Community Shelter ( in Chico, California has this to say under a post I made requesting prayer for her family yesterday.
“Thank you again, everyone. It always humbles me when people care so much! We can’t even get this level of love from “blood relatives”. We need help and $ to keep our family together. Ish is speech challenged and thus unready for school, though he’s much better. For the last year, Daddy (Raphael Hameed) has been teaching him, every day, in t he park. Ish depserately needs a stable living situation. We always knew the shelter wasn’t permanent, of course, but it was a form of stability. I’ve held off contacting “professional” services becasue I DO NOT want my son labeled anything (autistic, etc) as that only complicates things and I don’t believe in speaking evil into my child who has enough to deal with. Under Daddy’s tutilage, he’s learned to read numbers and letters and even to write them, knows small words like dog and cat and such. He didn’t even say MOMMY or DADDY until he was over 3. We came here with a dream and we won’t let it die, pure and simple. Ish and growing/breeding/cultivating. I’m an office person who loves and thrives in said environment. Right now I go to school, work at the local thrift store and perform my required monthly reports for Welfare-to Work, WEX and the other things. Please pray for us, if you can, we need $ to stay in hotels for the time being. Money gram works the best for us. If you can, or know anyone who can, we accept donations under Heidi Joy Hameed, the one I’m known at is at Walmart near 2445 Forest Ave, Chico, CA the walmart’s phone number is (530) 899-8760″

Mrs. Hameed currently has unlimited text message service on her phone. If you wish to be of assistance in any way, please text her at (530) 520-6704

Mr. Hameed has skills with plants. His knowledge of cannabis plants could easily be of benefit many.

All they want is a hand up, they never, ever wanted a hand out. Their circumstances are pushing them into ever more difficult situations. Please help.

Update, April 11, 2012

A donation was made that bought the Hameed’s a roof over their head last night and will continue to house them until around 3:30pm Tomorrow (4/12/12 pacific time) They are also in need of diapers for Ish. No child should have to sit in a dirty diaper because mom and dad can’t afford to get more.

This morning, Mrs. Hameed’s facebook status message read:

“If any donations come in or are being sent, I must be told. We have NO where to live right now- my ONLY point of contact is FB or our cell 530-520-6704 where I need to recieve texts as minutes are weird and definitely NOT unlimited. Thanks so much.”

Update Friday, April 13, 2012

I spoke with Mrs. Hammeed last night. Things are still unstable, but the family remains safe and sleeping under the same roof (in a hotel)

BZ:  Mrs. Hameed how things were going and what the current needs are.

 Mrs Hammed: We’re in the motel until Saturday at 11 am and have enough for Sunday at 11 and then we’re flat broke.

I got my unemployment extention dealt with today so we’ll be getting some $ next week- 119/week. we need over a thousand, relistically.

it’ll be 400 to go to Iowa (if we take the train, it’s much cheaper and better for Ishy.

I’m going to finish school next week so that’s out the way.

BZ: Do you have a place to go in Iowa? What is the plan there?

Mrs Hammed: “My sister lives there. yes, she said we can stay with her for a minute. there’re jobs and rent is cheaper.”

BZ: Well, that’s good. Do you have transportation worked out for the move? Are there any other needs to add?

Mrs. Hameed: “NO, we have not really worked out transportation. I have no idea what we’ll take- will have to take it one step at a time. without the $ there’s no point in speculating, you know?

BZ: Does Ishy still need diapers?

Mrs. Hameed:   We’ve been managing, but diapers are an “ever-present” expense. We sure would feel better with some more.

Once again, if you would like to help, here are the instructions!

Please pray for THEM, if you can, THEY need $ to stay in hotels for the time being. Money gram works the best for them. If you can, or know anyone who can, THEY accept donations under Heidi Joy Hameed, the one I’m known at is at Walmart near 2445 Forest Ave, Chico, CA the walmart’s phone number is (530) 899-8760″ Mrs. Hammed can recieve text messages and MUST be notified of your compassion in order to pick up the donation and make use of it.  If you wish to be of assistance in any way,

please TEXT MESSAGE (calls cost more) Mrs. Hameed

at (530) 520-6704

Update April 17, 2012

Author’s note: in the interest of time and preservation of my energy on a bad pain day, I have sanitized all proper names off the below post from whom I do not have consent. This is a discussion Mrs. Hameed asked me to post. I have removed some information to protect individuals that I do not know. Their comments are just as powerful no matter if you know their names or not….. I have not censored spelling errors.

Heidi Joy Hameed

Sunday at 7:28pm near Chico, CA · Mrs Hammeed’s Status message:

Praise the Lord-God showed up, again right on time, and sent an angel to put my family and I up for three days in a motel- we’re back at the Vagabond Inn. Room 122. God is so good- we were literally getting ready to walk over to the Jesus Center and split up as we can’t stay together and once more, God saved us! He is so good. People can say and believe what they want-they really can- but NO ONE will EVER convince me there’s no God cause his angels have been keeping us together as a family even when no one other than wonderous people like Breezy Mental Ginsberg Kiefair and J.S. believes it to be important. God bless all who have loved us and given us the strength to go on- this is a nasty, evil world we live in these days, cold, selfish, greedy and then the GOOD, GODLY people step in and make it ALL WORTH IT!!!! By the way, getting off track a bit, our computer seems to be acting up (I’m currently using the motel’s computer for this update) so I might not be on too much. Pray for us- we’re trying to get to Iowa to be with my sister, J.M.H.P. Believing for the funds to do so.

  • Breezy Mental Ginsberg Kiefair glad you got some help

    Sunday at 7:44pm · · 1
  • LP: all continues to go well! Glory to God!

    Sunday at 7:45pm · · 1
  • Breezy Mental Ginsberg Kiefair will update your post when i’m stronger. need anything?

    Sunday at 7:45pm ·
  • KSH: am so glad u r choosing to caome back this way. I have been thinking about sugesting it. WOW great minds think alike. We will be praying for this to all work out and be a good fit.

    Sunday at 9:48pm · ·
  • Heidi Joy Hameed We’re working on it, Karen Simpson Haskins-need the $ as we’ve been unemployed for more than a year and unemployment doesn’t pay enough to feed a chimpmunk lol. Breezy Mental Ginsberg Kiefair, I appreciate that so much and yes, we could use diapers. I’ll probably be able to get some from the diaper bank here at Shalom Thrift Store, God willing. Thanks everyone!! ♥

    8 hours ago · · 1
  • HH

    Noone can really understands how it is too be whitout a home if you have not been in that situtaion yourself! Iam trying thow too understand as the best that ican! what ido understand is that our world today is a very cold and greedy place …and it is full of shit! But there is one thing that is stronger than anything! And that is love and hope! That is what keeps me going cuz as long as there is hope there is life and also love! That is what you have learned me heidi! So ijust say this too you and imean it! You are a loving carying and such a wonderfull friend! And if iever hear or see anyone that would hurt you or what so ever iwill personally kick that someones as! Love you and may god be whit you!See More
    8 hours ago · ·
  • Breezy Mental Ginsberg Kiefairheidi hun, my energy is drained away already… if i get another energy burst, will do ok?

    7 hours ago ·
  • HH thanks for liking my comment! are you okej?

    7 hours ago ·
  • HH sorry breezy did not mean too snoop! hope that you are fine! and heidi is greate is she not?

    7 hours ago · · 1
  • Heidi Joy Hameed ‎Breezy Mental Ginsberg Kiefair, I’m not tripping at all. you rest as much as possible. Am praying for you hard. I love you.

    3 hours ago ·
  • Heidi Joy Hameed ‎Breezy Mental Ginsberg Kiefair has been a wonderful friend and sister to me, HH. Breez, Hanna’s my friend from overseas. Just had her birthday the other day ♥

    3 hours ago ·
  • AB: Praying you & your family receive the funds needed for ya all to be able to come to Iowa. It would be awesome to have you back, I miss you. Love ya, take care, & don’t give up. God will provide. ♥♥

    2 hours ago ·
  • JS

    How cool. The night before you posted that you’re going to try to get back to Iowa, you and I had “talked” (here) and afterward, I took a moment to talk to God about your situation. I know most people will just write this off as crazy talk …but I felt in my heart the suggestion that maybe it was just where you were and if you could try a new location, things might get better. I decided not to say anything to you and I kind of felt bad about that. But now, it seems maybe I wasn’t supposed to say anything because you came up with that yourself. Now it seems more as if He was just telling me He had a path for you to walk to let me know He’s been hearing your cries and our prayers and that He hasn’t forsaken you. So maybe now I won’t have to wait two more years to get out there and meet you guys- maybe instead you guys are coming here and we can meet sooner! I haven’t talked to Raphael as much as I have you but something tells me I could get along with him well. Lol. Still praying and lifting you and yours up to Him. Whatever happens from here, just remember you’re not alone. Christ be with you always.

UPDATE April 24, 2012

Mrs Hammeed asked me to add this update today.

Since we left the shelter on the 9th, we have been staying at various motels until 2 nights ago when we camped out for the first time-then the next day. In the meantime I got busy working on getting us somewhere. School is done, thank the Lord, so that’s one less thing to worry/trip on.I went over to the Torres on Sunday (I think) and asked to be let back in. I was told to call back on Monday at 2:00 and ask the supervisor about the case manager meeting which I did. He set up an interview with me with one of the case managers and said for Raphael to do likewise-which he did. As of now, tomorrow, we hope to be getting back into the Torres. We will likely not have our own room but so long as we’re in the same building, we are fine. Our whole thing was not being split up so that we were physically separate from each other- this way Ish can be with BOTH of us.We are still planning to relocate to Iowa. We hope to be there next month- are still trying to get the $400 needed for the train. We have SOME saved but not enough and have had to spend $ that we couldn’t afford to even when sleeping outside. Still need donations- even if people could send $1-5 or something, it would help immensely! The address that it can be sent to is 250 E 1st St, Chico, CA 95928 c/o Shalom Thrift Store. My supervisor is well aware of our plight and situation and is behind me 100%- that’s her whole focus in life- helping those who can’t help themselves. This thrift store I work at (volunteer) funds the free clinic. 

Please continue to pray for us- we are well aware that it is the prayers and financial gifts of our friends, known and not, that are helping us get started in Iowa where Ish will have flesh-and-blood family and I can find employment. 

Peace out- will come again when I have more to fill you all in. Thanks, Breezy, the wind beneath my wings. I love you dearly!

Update and Peaceful Resolution! PRAISE!

Come on, with the blessing, Lord. If we have been righteous, if we have pleased you at all, please hear our request and open this door that we need opened. Rebuke the destroyer on our behalf and shut down his attempt to strangle-hold this situation. We love you and we need you to shine brightly on us. Needed: 3 greyhound tickets from Chico Ca to Iowa City, IA: who is going to answer this call!!? Please unite our little boy with his cousins-and my sister Joanna Mary Hilton Pope with me!! Thank you- the cost is about $666.25. I know it’s extremely pricey but I so need to get there- jobs are available but I can’t do anything stuck here!! Calls can be sent to my cell 530-520-6704 or to the Shalom Thrift Store: 530-345-7056 but only call if you can help- we really do not need to be kicked any more. We’re sleeping on the streets(literally)- please help us!!

MAY 4, 2012

So thankful for the TEAM Project of Chico Ca and the Lord I serve for the provision that got us from Chico to Iowa. We are safe and the kids are together. Praise the Lord!!

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The Story of Angels on the Pass from 1981

by Breezy Kiefair on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 3:17pm ·
Archangel michael

The Story of Angels on the Pass from 1981

By: Breedheen Keefer AKA Breezy KiefAir

It was the Winter of 1981. We lived in Grand Junction, Colorado. My child’s mind seems to remember that it was Christmas time, but isn’t any winter Christmas time to any child’s mind? My mother had gone out shopping. I’d been left with my father, my uncle, and his wife while ma was away. I remember that I had been sent to my room and told not to come out. After hours of playing alone, as I was often prone to do anyway, I fell asleep. I was jarred awake by the sound of my mother screaming. I cracked the door of my room to listen. She was angry because the quilt she had made by hand was ruined. I understood that there was blood on it. The rest I didn’t understand at all. I knew she was furious, and if she was furious, then my father soon would be too. I had heard enough to know that it was probably best for me to close my door and wait for the violence to pass.

I heard blows land, both verbal and physical. I cried and looked at my picture book wishing that I knew how to read. I just wanted to escape. In time, my mother came into my room. She was red in her face, and red on several parts of her body. She grabbed my little red jacket, picked me up, and put me on her hip. My two elder half brothers and full blood sister and ma with me on her hip headed out to the car and piled into it. My eldest brother was in the front seat with mom. I sat between my middle brother and sister in the back seat. As we pulled out of the driveway, a few snowflakes began to fall.

“Please Almighty, don’t let it snow too much. Don’t let them close the passes.” My mom muttered under her breath as she dried her tears.

“Where are we going mama?” my two and three quarters year old voice said.

“To Grandma’s, and I don’t think we are coming back here.”

I was puzzled. I saw that my brothers and sister didn’t even have a jacket on. My mom hadn’t brought anything with her like she usually did when we went over the mountains to visit grandma. We drove for what seemed like forever. The snowflakes got larger and more frequent. My brothers and sister fell fast asleep. Only my mother and I were awake in the car.

Finally, my mother got to the mouth of the lower pass. There was a road block set up. The snow had closed the pass. The officer smiled at my mother. “If you hurry, you might make it to Wolfcreek pass before it closes. Its a lot steeper and more dangerous, but if you have to get over the mountain with those kids, it may be your only chance.

My mother turned back to head for the higher, more difficult and dangerous pass. My adult mind remembering the event knows she must have been terrified and doubtful of her chances that the pass would still be open by the time we got there. The snow increased, it was a proper blizzard by the time we got to the entrance of Wolfcreek pass.

There were officers posted there too. My mom got out and checked her snow-chains as she was required. As we pulled to the entrance, the officer explained that we were to be the last car let over the pass. They were closing it behind us. He advised that she stay near the 18 wheelers, but don’t follow too closely.

So we made our way up the pass. The blizzard increased to a white-out. I remember the massive flakes flying at the windshield and my mothers wipers trying madly to keep up.

“Put angels around the car baby” my mom looked back and said.

So I did. I put my tiny little two year old hand in the air. Fingers extended and moved it in a circle.

“I’m putting angels all around the car. They are going to fly us over the pass.” I repeated over and over.

My mother’s face looked no less worried. The wind was howling, as it had been for hours. She was tired. I could see it on her face. Then, suddenly, all was silent. The car seemed warmer. We could see nothing out any window but white.

The silence hung in the air for a few minutes. And then I blurted out, “Mama, can’t you see the angel’s feathers?”

My mom looked at me like I was insane for a moment, then she really looked.

To this day, she swears she doesn’t remember making it to the climax of the pass, or making her way down, or much of anything before she got to the city limits of Canon City. But she does remember the warmth, the silence, and the feathers of those angels who came to carry us over the mountain safely.

This is one of my earliest and clearest memories. Believe it or not, that is your choice. I was there. Just thought I’d share.

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