Cannabis Activist Roland a Duby’s Censored Wikipedia Article

A Ronnie Lee Smith Biography, Rejected By Wikipedia, Plus More

BY: Johnathan Masters

”’Ronnie Lee Smith”’ aka Thor, aka Roland A. Duby, aka Marijuana Man, aka Big Fat Pothead (August 2, 1966 – April 3, 2014), was a cannabis content based comedian among several other notable professions, twice a [[Libertarian]] candidate for Sheriff in [[Gallatin County, Kentucky]] in 1998 and 2010,a major advocate for the legalization of marijuana, which included manufacturing [[hemp oil]] for cancer patients, who died on April 3, 2014 in Colorado of [[Leukemia]]

 Here are some examples of his comedy

more examples of his comedy and activism can be found at this youtube playlist: 

==Early life==

Ronnie Lee Smith was born on August 20, 1966 at the old St. Elizabeth North Hospital in Covington, Kentucky. Ronnie Lee Smith was raised most of his life in Gallatin County, Kentucky. His first house as a baby was above a store in [[Petersburg, Kentucky]] in [[Boone County, Kentucky]]. The building was historic, and had an old stage room upstairs where shows were put on. Ronnie attended Petersburg Elementary from Kindergarten to the 2nd grade. Ronnie’s family then moved to Gallatin County, where he went to Gallatin Elementary. Ronnie Lee Smith would have graduated with the Class of 1983, but instead, dropped out of Gallatin County High School, and got his GED in 1982. Then he discovered the Internet in 1983 before it went mainstream. Ronnie Lee Smith used to drive an “ape hanger” motorcycle around Gallatin County donning a horned helmet.

Ronnie Lee Smith was raised most of his life in Gallatin County, Kentucky. His first house as a baby was above a store in [[Petersburg, Kentucky]] in [[Boone County, Kentucky]]. The building was historic, and had an old stage room upstairs where shows were put on. Ronnie attended Petersburg Elementary from Kindergarten to the 2nd grade. Ronnie’s family then moved to Gallatin County, where he went to Gallatin Elementary. Ronnie Lee Smith would have graduated with the Class of 1983, but instead, dropped out of Gallatin County High School, and got his GED in 1982. Then he discovered the Internet in 1983 before it went mainstream. Ronnie Lee Smith used to drive an “ape hanger” motorcycle around Gallatin County donning a horned helmet.

==Public Notice of Civil Death==

On September 3, 1996, Cathy Adams, the Gallatin County Clerk, stamped Ronnie Lee Smith’s ”Public Notice of Civil Death and Positive Identification of Ronnie Lee Smith”, effectively ordering the filing into law. Ronnie Lee Smith’s ”Public Notice of Civil Death” reads, in part, as follows:

“The right reverend, Ronnie Lee Smith, a natural born Citizen of the Kingdom of God, Prophet of the Holy Truth, and Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven with the First Urantian Church of Knowledge, does hereby give notice that in order to exercise inalienable rights and practice Christianity, Ronnie Lee Smith has formally renounced all civil rights, including involuntary agreements, unconscionable contracts, or presumptions of consent to secular government, and is therefore civilly dead.”

“Ronnie Lee Smith exercises his inalienable rights, including, but not limited to: 1) The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; 2) The right to travel from one place to another unimpeded; 3) The right to have children and raise them and teach them according to Ronnie Lee Smith’s beliefs; 4) The right to keep and bear arms; 5) The right to be secure in Ronnie Lee Smith’s person and property.”

“Ronnie Lee Smith exercises Ronnie Lee Smith’s right to travel by whatever means available, And: When Ronnie Lee Smith travels, Ronnie Lee Smith’s mode of travel will bear notice that Ronnie Lee Smith is in Ronnie Lee Smith’s own right by displaying the term “Sui Juris” in the area where a tag goes, And; Because of the increase in police corruption and abuse of power, and also because of criminals sometimes disguising themselves as officers of the law, Ronnie Lee Smith does not pull over to the side of the road when an alleged officer flashes lights and sirens.

church docs1church docs2CIVIL1CIVIL2civil3

==The 1998 Sheriff’s Campaign==

Libertarian runs for sheriff

Sunday, October 25, 1998


WARSAW — Around Gallatin County, the would-be sheriff is known mostly for his crazy motorcycle. Its handles were so tall he had to stand on the seat to reach them. “Ape hangers,” he called them.

Then there was that horned helmet he used to wear. And his experiment with the asymmetrical beard.

For an entire year, Ronnie Lee Smith walked around with one side of his face clean-shaven and the other hairy. He’d seen this in a Clint Eastwood movie once: Guy sits down with his barber, gets called into a gunfight and dies with half a beard.


Well, at least Mr. Smith’s foray into county politics has prodded him to get a proper shave. Friends suggested his facial hair might look a little weird on the campaign trail.

And Mr. Smith — computer whiz, constitution scholar, father of a 2-year-old named Thor — is nothing if not a serious candidate. He has to be. This is a trail he’s blazing here.

“For the first time in Kentucky history, a Libertarian is running for Gallatin County sheriff,” says the press release put out by party spokesman Steve Larson of Florence.

To his credit, Mr. Larson sees the humor.

Libertarians believe government should have simple functions: To protect citizens against aggression, theft and fraud. They’re not so paranoid as to believe black helicopters are taking over the world, but they do think all those alphabet agencies — the IRS, the EPA — are way out of line.

So: A Libertarian for sheriff. Is this even possible?

Sheriffs, after all, tend to stop people for any kind of law-breaking, like smoking marijuana or driving with broken taillights.

In Kentucky, they’re also responsible for collecting millions in property taxes. Libertarians don’t appreciate taxes much, because of the unconstitutional ways in which they’re wasted. Mr. Smith is wrestling a bit with the tax question. If he can somehow beat popular incumbent Clifford Higgins, of course he would carry out the duties of the office. But, “I don’t think I could take anybody’s property for not paying taxes. That’s why we came to America, to get away from England and taxes. We had a tea party for that.”

Mr. Smith is that rare 32-year-old who has read the U.S. and Kentucky constitutions several times.

His campaign signs are emblazoned with the Statue of Liberty, and Tommy Chong recently helped out with his advertising. Mr. Chong is one half of the marijuana-addled, 1970s duo known as Cheech and Chong. At an appearance in Dayton, Ohio, the hippie icon took time out to say, “If lived in Gallatin County, I’d vote for Ronnie Lee Smith.”

Of course Mr. Smith got this on tape.

No comment

We’re discussing his strategy at campaign central: His brother’s convenience store, Valley Service Center, along U.S. 42 near Warsaw. In the center of the store is a fireplace and a picnic table. At the table sits a friend of Mr. Smith’s; he is tapping his cigarette into an ashtray shaped like — I’m not kidding — an old man who has gotten drunk on moonshine.

Above the fireplace hangs a deer head. On the mantel are a bottle of Budweiser, a shotgun and a bale of tobacco.

Mr. Smith pulls out his campaign brochure, which he printed himself. He’s good with computers — even has an associate’s degree from an electronics institute. For a living, he builds systems for friends and works at his brother’s store.

The brochure promises he will “maintain your sovereignty by demanding that the IRS, EPA and DEA agents obey the same laws that you do.”

He also wants to establish neighborhood watch programs, support citizen arrests, train deputies to respect civil rights and decline to carry out unconstitutional searches of property.

Sheriff Higgins, the incumbent, won’t comment on any of this. Having struck out with the competition, I head for a bar down the street from Valley Service Center, where the assembled regulars tell me Mr. Smith has no chance to win.


They like him, though.

“His ideas are similar to everybody’s,” says the bartender, Mom Hammond. “But he needs to get out and push it.”

“The boy’s smarter than a tack,” says Bob Riley, who knew Mr. Smith in school.

They’re a little hazy on the meaning of Libertarianism, though. “Kind of like someone who stands alone, has their own agenda,” says Todd Edmondson, 33. “My dad was trying to explain that to me last night . . . (But) the game was on and I wasn’t paying much attention.” Mr. Edmondson and his friends like anybody who’s against Kentucky State Police roadblocks. For some time now, troopers have been setting up checkpoints along U.S. 42 near the bars.

Mr. Smith likens this to Nazi Germany.

“Vere are your papers?” he says, feigning a German accent. “Vut are you doing out this time of night?”

As sheriff, he would put a stop to it, he says.

“I don’t know exactly how it all works, but I figure after I’m in there a month, I’ll have it all down to where I can set policy. I may have to issue a memo or something.”

Sheriffs can’t do that

Actually, sheriffs can’t do that, says Trooper John Bradley, spokesman for the La Grange post. They have no authority over the Kentucky State Police, he says.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with this method of checking for safety violations or other crimes, the officer says.

“In road checks, by definition and by policy, we stop every car that comes through,” Mr. Bradley says. “What would be illegal and unfair would be random checks, and we don’t do that.”

Oh. OK.

Now I know why we have Libertarians.


Karen Samples is The Enquirer’s Kentucky columnist. Her column appears on Sundays and Thursdays in The Kentucky Enquirer. She can be reached at 578-5584 or email her at

==Many Cancer Deaths in Ronnie’s Immediate Family==

In 2003, Lester E. Smith, Ronnie’s brother, died of [[Lymphoma]]. 3 days after Lester E. Smith’s death,
Stella Smith, Ronnie’s mother, died of Brain Cancer, stemming from the Lung Cancer she had contracted from smoking. A few years later, William V. Smith, Ronnie’s father, died of Prostate Cancer. Then a few years later, Margaret F. Israel, Ronnie’s Smith, died of Lung and Brain Cancer.

==Jack Herer’s Personal Assistant and the Discovery of the Cure for Cancer==

While being a personal assistant to [[Jack Herer]], around 2006 (when he met Rick Simpson) and 2007 (when Ronnie edited Jack Herer’s book), Ronnie Lee Smith had discovered cancerous lumps “in between each knuckle”, and “a lump hanging out of my rear” . Ronnie Lee Smith explains, “I was growing pot at the time with Jack and his wife and my job was to make the bubble hash from the trimmings. While making the hash I would eat a spoonful on occasion, and I did that four or five times a day for a couple months. I noticed after a month that the lumps between my knuckles got softer and after 2 months, they were gone. Jack said that he wrote in his book about a college study where they killed cancer in rats with THC in the 70’s. His wife googled the article and in the search, she found Rick Simpson and the story about the oil. This was 2006, and we called Rick, and Rick turned out to be a big fan of Jacks, so Jack had him on the Jack Herer TV show every week. Rick said he needed someone in America to make oil and I volunteered. He sent me referrals for 3 years before he got stuck in Europe. By 2010, I had cured over 200 people. I decided to run for Sheriff and make the cure available for free to anyone in my county.”

Ronnie Lee Smith co-starred in the hemp documentary about Jack Herer called [[The Emperor Wears No Clothes]], which was based on his popular book.

==Ronnie Lee Smith’s [[Jamaican Hash Oil]] Recipe==

“You get you an ounce of pot, and you crumble it up as much as you can. And then you put it into a container, let’s say, an 8 ounce glass. Then you pour your alcohol in until it covers the top. And then you just stir that up every 5 or 6 minutes for a half an hour. The alcohol will turn really dark. You want to pour that liquid into a coffee filter, filter it out, and then take that filtered liquid and put it in, say, a rice cooker, and cook the alcohol away. When the alcohol is all gone, the oil will be a black sticky tarry stuff at the bottom. While it’s good and warm, you can suck it up into a syringe. Once it cools in a syringe, then it becomes like this, and you can squirt out those little drops like I did.”

What about all of the leftover marijuana?

“Squeeze all that out. Squeeze it out. I use a T-shirt style bag, it’s a jersey-knit bag. I put it in there first, and then I put it into a container, and cover that with alcohol, and then I squeeze that bag out, and squeeze as much out as I can. And then cook all of the alcohol away.”

“In Jamaica, they call it Hash Oil. It’s the same thing.”

How to guides written by Breezy Kiefair and approved by Ronnie Smith while she was his apprentice

FAQ About Phoenix Tears for the Beginner

How To Make Phoenix Tears

and a small batch guide printed later

How to make cannabis cure oil without alerting the neighbors

==The 2010 Gallatin County Sheriff’s Race==

In 2010, Ronnie Lee Smith ran for Sheriff as a Libertarian candidate in Gallatin County, Kentucky’s Sheriff’s race against Josh Neale and William Lay.

In this race, Ronnie Lee Smith highlighted issues with the overreach of police authority regarding road blocks, as well as the legalization of marijuana.

Ronnie Lee Smith’s 2010 billboard on US 42, in Gallatin County, Kentucky, states portions of his platform: 1) Restore Constitutional Government; 2) Restore Property Rights; 3) Reduce the Cancer Deaths; 4) Stop all Foreclosures Now; 5) Give Farmers Alternative Crops; 6) Investigate All Crimes.

At a local Relay for Life event, on June 5, 2010, Ronnie Smith went around passing Rick Simpson’s “Run From the Cure” documentary to local [[Warsaw, Kentucky]] residents, receiving only a lukewarm reception.

On August 14, 2010, around 2pm, Ronnie Lee Smith went to the Behavioral Health Center building at St. Elizabeth Hospital in [[Florence, Kentucky]], to rescue his cousin, Jenni Mobley, from imprisonment.

During the attempted rescue, Ronnie Lee Smith recorded the entire ordeal with his sunglasses that had a video camera embedded within them.

Before reaching the elevator, the security personal of St. Elizabeth Hospital intervened violently, taking Jennifer Mobley back into the hospital, against her will. According to Ronnie, Jennifer had an epileptic seizure while holding a knife in her hands. Some of the hospital personnel, however, claimed that Jenni Mobley was suicidal, and therefore issued a 3-day hold on her, without a court order.

[[St. Elizabeth Healthcare (Kentucky)]] then filed criminal charges against Ronnie Lee Smith. Mr. Smith was arrested on September 29, 2010 by the Kentucky State Police and Gallatin County Sheriff’s Deputy Brent McDonald, transported by Gallatin County Jailer Jerry Webb, and was placed in a Boone County, Kentucky jail with a $2,500 bond.

Ronnie Lee Smith, under Case No: 10-CR-00525, was charged with these 3 charges: 1) Criminal Mischief in the 1st degree; 2) Custodial Interference, and; 3) Intimidating a Witness.


A Boone County jury, under the direction of Judge Anthony Frohlich, convicted Ronnie Lee Smith of several felony charges.

On Ronnie Lee Smith’s public facebook profile, he writes a note titled “What In The Hell Did I Do?“: “[Boone County] had their little trial and the cop told the jury what he thinks and they found me guilty of 4 felonies, even though I was only charged with 3 felonies. The judge set a date to sentence me to 2 years in prison and I went home and packed my shit and moved to Colorado. I spent the next 6 months writing my lawsuit.”

On April 19, 2012, Ronnie Lee Smith then filed a $2.6 million federal lawsuit against St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc., Jane Doe, Shawn Taylor, Randy Maines, Jason Hiltz, and Anthony Frohlich. The Case Number is 2: 12-CV-99-WOB.

Here are some snippets of the 12 page document:

“36. I was charged with 3 felonies on September 29, 2010 when Randy Maines a police detective in Florence Ky., testified to a Grand Jury that I had created over $1500 in damages to the door at Saint Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc, and that I had removed a patient from the hospital.”

“37. Randy Maines perjured himself to the Grand Jury when he said he had the evidence to prove all of these crimes. (ATTACHED EXHIBIT #4 audio of Grand Jury hearing)”

“39. I was arrested by Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputy Brent McDonald who informed me that I was going to be killed when I went to prison and his county wouldn’t have to wory about me running for Sheriff anymore.”

“41. The prosecutor provided no evidence that any damage done to St. Elizabeth’s door cost more than $1500 to repair. He could not produce any evidence that there had been any repairs at all done to the door at Saint Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc.”

“42. I demanded to see any evidence that anyone had been removed from the hospital.”

“43. The prosecutor provided no evidence that anyone had been removed from the hospital.

“44. Plaintiff provided a video recording of the incident at the hospital which shows that the patient was never removed from the hospital, the patient, in fact, we never taken past the hallway outside of the mental unit, which is inside the hospital.”

“45. I demanded to see any evidence that my cousin was indeed being held lawfully on a 72 hour hold pursuant to KRS 202A.028, KRS 202A.014, KRS 202A.061, by being certified by 2 mental health professionals and ordered to be held by a judge.”

“47. I received a package from the prosecutor in the mail marked “discovery”. This package consisted of about six reams of paper upon which was printed; my entire website entitled, as well as everything I had ever written on the internet concerning my campaign for sheriff.

“48. I realized that this was a political attack and had nothing to do with the “alleged” crime.”

“60. Anthony Frohlich, or someone in his office, changed my address on the appeals court record, which made any attempts by the appeals court to serve me with documents, futile. This was a direct interference with the due process afforded me by the Constitution.

“61. I was forced into a jury trial against my objections, without the benefit of calling witnesses in my favor, and without having entered a plea or consent to the jurisdiction of the court.”

“62. The jury returned three guilty verdicts on three felonies that never occurred based upon the testimony of the police detective Randy Maines, and the embellished evidence presented by the Prosecutor (Jason Hiltz).”

“86. Defendant Brent McDonald applied handcuffs to plaintiff and closed them so tight as to create numbness in plaintiffs’ hands that lasted for 6 months and still 2 years is aggravating.”

“Plaintiff demands a jury on all matters.”

On September 11, 2010, Ronnie Lee Smith donated $500 to the Crystal Lake Fishing Tournament.

The final results for the November 2, 2010 Sheriff’s election in Gallatin County, Kentucky witnessed Josh Neale winning the Sheriff’s office with a landslide of 2,001 votes (73%). William Lay had 618 votes (23%), and Ronnie Lee Smith finished last with 118 votes (4%). Ronnie Lee Smith contested the election, and offered a solution for the electoral problems of Gallatin County:

“I just don’t believe the Sheriff results. I know I can collect 200 signatures of people who voted for me! The election is flawed! The first box where you check if you want a straight ticket is deceptive and people were checking the box to indicate their party and were unaware that it was a straight ticket box. I believe that if you audit the paper votes you will see that people checked the straight ticket box and they made other selections for independent candidates but the computer sees that paper as a straight ticket vote. They saw this error in the County Clerk’s office and covered it up. I am a bit pissed that our “democratic” electoral process has such an obvious flaw and the paper ballots are kept locked in a secret box! I would like each ballot to be posted on the web after it goes through the scanner so that the people could see the actual image of the ballots and count them ourselves!!”

==Arrested in Arizona==

On April 24, 2013, while driving through [[Yavapai County, Arizona]], Ronnie was pulled over, searched, and arrested. Ronnie’s jail booking information was
13-02676, UNIT 3. The court case of the State of Arizona versus Ronnie Lee Smith was J-1304-CR-201300774. Jay K. Ireland is listed as the prosecuting attorney, and Tina R. Ainley was listed as the Judge presiding over Mr. Smith’s Arizona court case. His case was filed on April 30, 2013. Ronnie Lee Smith was charged with: 1) Narcotic Drug Violation; 2) Taking Identity of Another, and; 3) 2 Kentucky Charges The Arizona State Patrol found 2 ounces of marijuana in the trunk of Ronnie’s car, plus cannabis cure oil (aka Phoenix Tears for Curing Cancer). Ronnie was again charged with a series of felonies and a misdemeanor. His bail was set at $20,000.


In an audio recording with Breezy Kiefair uploaded on, Ronnie Lee Smith talked about the details of the incident that got him arrested:

“I went to Washington and Oregon to go to a comedy show for 4/20 called Ganja Palooza. I toured with Jay London from the [[Last Comic Standing]]. I dropped him back off in Los Angeles, and I picked up some pot. I picked up enough that I would be under the limit when I got to Arizona. Then I drove through Arizona and about halfway through Arizona, I got pulled over by a cop. I rolled my window down and he told me that my tags were cancelled and that he smelled marijuana. I said, “Isn’t there a medical marijuana law in Arizona?” He said, “It’s too late for that. I have probable cause for a search.” And I told him, “Well I do not consent to a search.” And he pulled me out and put me in his car, and locked it up, and started searching my car. And he opened up the trunk, and when he opened up the trunk… there was no marijuana in the front of my car. It was clean. Everything was in my trunk. There’s no way, by the way, he could have smelled any marijuana because when I was getting pulled over, I sprayed as much of Pine scent air freshener as I could, and there’s no way he could have smelled it. So anyway, he looks in my trunk, and when he opens my computer bag, he pulls my medical marijuana recommendation out of my computer bag, and threw it back into the trunk, and then pulled out the marijuana. When he was searching the front of my car, he pulled out my [inaudible] that says “medical marijuana” on the back of that, and threw that back into the car, so he wasn’t interested with anything that had to do with medical marijuana. So he took me to jail; booked me for felony of possession of marijuana, for transporting possession of marijuana for sale, for possession of marijuana period, and for giving him a fake name. And then I was in jail.”

On June 17, 2013 at 8:30am Pacific time, Ronnie Lee Smith had a court date at Superior Court – Camp Verde, 2840 N. Commonwealth Drive, Camp Verde, Arizona 86322. Here is an excerpt from at the time

Over 420 People Say “FREE RONNIE SMITH”


The President of the United States The U.S. Senate The U.S. House of Representatives The Governor of AZ The AZ State Senate The AZ State House Gov. Janice BrewerArizona State Rep. Andy Tobin, Arizona-001A State Rep. Karen Fann, Arizona-001B State Rep. Brenda Barton, Arizona-006A State Rep. Bob Thorpe, Arizona-006B State Sen. Steve Pierce, Arizona-001 State Sen. Chester Crandell, Arizona-006 Sen. John McCain, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, Arizona-01 Rep. Paul Gosar, Arizona-04 State of Arizona

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you about freedom. Merriam Webster defines freedom as:

Definition of FREEDOM


: the quality or state of being free: as

a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence

c : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous

d : ease, facility

e : the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken freedom>

f : improper familiarity

g : boldness of conception or execution

h : unrestricted use


a : a political right

b : franchise, privilege

But we all know that Freedom Means so much more than that.

In the united states, the word freedom has attained a near holy status since our founding fathers so long ago so boldly declared their independence from the crown and said,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. “

The passage came to represent a moral standard to which the United States should strive. What great word and ideal is standing behind those words? Freedom.

Our constitution is similarly tied up in this idea of freedom. The People are free, that is why we fought England, to be free. So concerned are we as a people with freedom, that we amended that sacred document with the Bill of Rights.

The first amendment of the United States constitution is:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We have this amendment so that people can follow their conscience. We have this amendment so that people can make up their own minds and speak it. This amendment is perhaps one of the most powerful sentences ever written. For, what free person could tolerate anyone getting between them and their understanding of a creator (or their firm belief in atheism for that matter).

Yes, we as an American people are taught to love freedom and speak about our love of that freedom from an early age.

Sure, we all love freedom, but why am I really writing to you about freedom?

I am specifically writing to you on behalf of a prisoner in the great state of Arizona. The Right Reverend Ronnie Lee Smith was stopped while traveling through your state and was detained for possessing medicinal and sacramental cannabis. The Reverend Smith holds a medical recommendation from Dr Eidleman from California. Dr. Eidleman is well known for his natural medicine. He has been in the natural healing field for over thirty years. Dr. Eidleman traveled all over the world, learning a lot about natural ways of healing the body, the mind, and the spirit. Dr. Eidleman believe that these approaches to healing and to prevention and to awakening can be a boon to each of us, and to the country as a whole.

You can read more about Dr. Eidleman here:

Colorado and California state laws both protect patients who have a doctor’s recommendation but who have not registered with the state. Reverend Smith was legal for his medicinal and religious cannabis where he was visiting in California, he was legal where he was headed (home to Colorado). The state of Arizona does have reciprocity for their state. The Reverend Smith was just passing through the state but was arrested for his sacrament and medication.

Not only is Ronnie Smith a Reverend in his own right, he is also a member of a church in Colorado called Green Faith Ministry N.A.C. Headed by Reverend Brandon Baker. The mandates of Greenfaith Ministry are as follows:

*Cannabis Is a Healing Sacrament of green faith ministry, and is MANDATED FOR ALL PATRONS TO PRACTICE SACRAMENTAL CANNABIS BURNT OFFERINGS FOR BLESSINGS OF HEALTH for reasons as follows:

*HELPS EVOLVE THE SOUL Sacramental Cannabis augments ones faith and contributes to the evolution of one’s soul as one communes with ones inner self and ones spiritual connection with the universe. *IS AN EXERCISE IN ACQUIRING SPIRITUAL ATTRIBUTES BY SHARING. Sharing Sacramental Cannabis contributes to communion with Spirit and fellowship with others in the spiritual association of the brother/sisterhood of humankind. This practice leads to the discovery and creation of one’s spiritual path. *CREATES PEACE The hand cultivation of Sacramental Cannabis exerts an ennobling and expanding influence on people. The agriculturist is a peace loving person. A nurturing association with the Sacramental Cannabis plants instills patience, quiet, peace, reverence, meditation, spiritual awareness, enlightenment and awareness of the life force. There is great therapeutic value in growing your own sacrament when it is done in conscious partnership with collective human spirituality. *ENHANCES SPIRITUAL RECEPTIVITY One’s inherent imagination and spiritual receptivity is influenced by growing harvesting and ingesting the Cannabis Sacrament. The bio-electro-neuro-chemical effects of ingestion enhances the interface between mind and spirit and augments spiritual receptivity. The effect maybe likened to what happens to the image in a microscope when a drop of oil is added on an oil immersion lens. It is magnified and amplified to the eye of the beholder. *SERVES HUMANITY AS A MEANS OF HEALING People benefit fromutilizing sacramental Cannabis in conjunction with the body/mind healing values of Cannabis. Cannabis Sacrament as medicine/nourishment for the body and the spirit should be available to those who need it for relief from AIDS, glaucoma, nausea from radiation & chemotherapy, stress, muscle spastics, asthma, loss of appetite, migraine headaches, menstrual related discomforts, and many other human maladies. One of the THC Ministry’s(as well as green faith ministry’s) Holy duties is to provide the blessing of its Cannabis Sacrament to those suffering and in need of its benevolent blessings. ***Mandates by and for members of g. f. ministry, and all other div. of thc-ministries. *Special thanks to: All Div. Of thc-Ministries World Wide, and The Religion of Jesus Churches.

Mandates retrieved from:

more church mandates:

More on Greenfaith ministry here:

To whomever is reading this, I want you to consider three things about “state of Arizona vs smith”

Ronnie Smith is a medical cannabis patient. He has nerve damage and is a cancer survivor. He uses this plant to treat pain and to prevent the return of cancer. (Google search “run from the cure” if you have not yet heard of cannabis use to cure cancer) Ronnie Smith is a Reverend protected by the first amendment and a member of a religion who mandates smoked offerings. Ronnie Smith was travelling with minimal amounts of his medicine and sacrament, clearly not warranting any element other than personal possession 21 usc 802(2) The term “administer” refers to the direct application of a controlled substance to the body of a patient or research subject by— (A) a practitioner (or, in his presence, by his authorized agent), or (B) the patient or research subject at the direction and in the presence of the practitioner,whether such application be by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or any other means. (3) The term “agent” means an authorized person who acts on behalf of or at the direction of a manufacturer, distributor, or dispenser; except that such term does not include a common or contract carrier, public warehouseman, or employee of the carrier or warehouseman, when acting in the usual and lawful course of the carrier’s or warehouseman’s business…. (10) The term “dispense” means to deliver a controlled substance to an ultimate user or research subject by, or pursuant to the lawful order of, a practitioner, including the prescribing and administering of a controlled substance and the packaging, labeling or compounding necessary to prepare the substance for such delivery. The term “dispenser” means a practitioner who so delivers a controlled substance to an ultimate user or research subject…. *(27) The term “ultimate user” means a person who has lawfully obtained, and who possesses, a controlled substance for his own use or for the use of a member of his household or for an animal owned by him or by a member of his household.

I humbly beg the representatives with the power to do so in the state of Arizona to drop the charges included in case number J-1304-CR-201300774

Ronnie Smith c/o Yavapa county Jail Inmate #036312 Unit 4 Booking # 13-02676 2830 Commonwealth Dr #105 Camp Verde, AZ 86322-9998


Sincerely, [Your name]

more posts from at the time:

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 One week later, Ronnie Lee Smith had another court hearing on June 24, 2013, 3pm Pacific time at the Yavapai County Courthouse – Prescott, 120 South Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona 86303.

While Ronnie was in the Yavapai County Jail for over 3 months, the State of Arizona never allowed Ronnie to take his medical marijuana to prevent his leukemia from regenerating.

On February 25, 2014, during a Bobby Pickles podcast, Ronnie Lee Smith explained how his cancer regenerated while he was in the Arizona jail. “I got arrested in Arizona and went to jail for my medical marijuana, which I told the cop was for cancer. So I was in jail for 3 months and developed hardcore leukemia while I was in there, and then they had rushed me to Emergency Room and got me a [blood] transfusion. That was the only way I got out of jail, because they released me because I was dying and they didn’t want to pay the hospital bill.” … “They finally had to rush me to the hospital for a blood transfusion where they diagnosed me with leukemia and said I would be dead in 2 weeks.”


“My family came and picked me up, and was driving me back to Kentucky. On the way back to Kentucky, I went into a… I was out of it, I don’t know what happened… but my sister had to stop at the Emergency Room. I had another transfusion. She authorized them to give me chemo because she had power of attorney over me. So they gave me 5 days of chemo in Wichita, Kansas, which almost killed me. I mean I couldn’t eat for 45 days. I lost all of the muscles in my body. Finally after 45 days… well, finally, after about 35 days, somebody brought me some oil into the hospital. In Witchita, Kansas they wouldn’t let me have my oil. Somebody brought me some, but they took it away, and wouldn’t let me have it because the doctor didn’t recommend it. So when I got to Kentucky, somebody snuck me some in. I started eating it 3 times a day and in 3 weeks the hospital threw me out of the hospital because my blood levels were all going up, and I wouldn’t take anymore of their chemotherapy so they didn’t want anymore to do with me. They threw me out. I still couldn’t walk.”

“The Chemo and the Radiation interferes with the oil.”

“When they moved me from Wichita to Kentucky, they still have to leave the pick in my arm. They just plugged it off, and when I got to Kentucky, then they popped another tube of water back in. They were wanting to give me more chemo so they kept that pick in there. I wasn’t going to let them give me any more chemo. They wanted to give me a year of chemo. Every week. I was like, no way. No freakin’ way. This is what killed my family, the chemo treatments and radiation treatments.”


On April 3, 2014, Ronnie Lee Smith, 47, died in Colorado of Leukemia.

The survivors include one son, Thor Lester “T.J.” Finnegan of Warsaw; one daughter, Kristen Finnegan of Florida; three sisters, Rosie Navarro, Teresa Holt and his twin, Renee Gibson of Warsaw; one brother, Marvin Smith of Warsaw; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, William V. and Stella Smith; one brother, Lester E. Smith; one sister, Margaret F. Israel; and a nephew, Randy Allen Stewart.


Ronnie Lee Smith is the first Libertarian candidate to run for Sheriff in Kentucky.

Ronnie Lee Smith claimed that he had cured over 150-200 cases of terminal stage cancer. (editor’s note: I, Breedheen Keefer aka Breezy Kiefair have personally heard many patients call Ronnie to report a complete remission)

On April 10, 2014, [[Kentucky Governor]] [[Steve Beshear]] signs a Hemp Oil Bill into law which makes it legal for Hemp Oil ([[Cannabidiol]]) to be prescribed for medical reasons. By:

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