Cannabis Oil Advocate Ronnie Smith Suddenly Dies from Leukemia

Cannabis Oil Advocate Ronnie Smith Suddenly Dies from Leukemia

Cannabis Oil Advocate Ronnie Smith Suddenly Dies from Leukemia

 R.I.P Ronnie Smith [Pic Courtesy from Facebook]

Just last month the Canadian Awareness Network had the pleasuring of interviewing Ronnie Smith of who was a health freedom fighter for cannabis oil awareness, healed people with the oil, was also a professional comedian and a radio-show host.  He had a big heart and wanted to heal the world.  He made people laugh with his jokes and healed people with his medicine.  He regretfully recently passed away on April 3rd 2014 and the cause of death is said to be leukemia.

In the interview with Ronnie, he informed us that he cured himself of cancer and leukemia with the oil.  He said he cured his cancer in 2003 but a couple years later the cancer came back in 2005 while he was in jail for possession of marijuana in Arizona, US and this time he had leukemia with it.  He got real sick in jail and the doctor in jail gave him a blood test and he was rushed to the emergency.  After he was released he was able to obtain the oil again and he cured his cancer a second time and this time also cured his leukemia.  Full interview can be seen by clicking HERE.

Ronnie was a true hero, he claims to have cured over a thousand people with all types of diseases with the oil.  His death comes as shock and confusion to all that know him, especially to his family, friends and clients.

He did everything openly with no fear by even putting his phone number out on the internet for anyone to contact him and set up appointments. This hero will be missed by his beloved family and will go down in history as a man who stood against corruption and cured hundreds of people with alternative medicine.  Some say he was the “new Rick Simpson”, now unfortunately he’s a legend in the making.

Ronnie and a family member while he's in hospital [Pic Courtesy Facebook]

Fishy Aspect of Ronnie Smith’s Sudden Death

So some might be asking their selves “so if the oil works why did Ronnie die from leukemia?”

A friend of Ronnie Smith, Tere J, wrote on facebok that “[the leukemia] came back and they gave him only two weeks. Ronnie said he was not using the oil at the dosage he needed. He said he slacked off, This is what he told me.”

Another friend, Jeff W, said, “we also don’t know his diet which is very important…  He was my caregiver and friend, I talked to him when he was in the hospital a couple times and once when he got home. I think the news really broke his spirit…”

Ronnie wasn’t expecting the disease to come back and according to Tere J, when he heard the news he felt that he wasn’t ingesting enough oil to beat the disease.  Just because one cures their disease with this miracle medicine, does not mean that disease cannot come back.  That is an important factor for everyone to take note of, especially people using this medicine to help fight devastating diseases like cancer, leukemia etc.  As admitted by Ronnie when he was alive, he had to beat cancer twice with the oil.

Does this mean the oil doesn’t work?  No it doesn’t because the oil does work to effectively treat multiple diseases, scientific research by Dr. Bob Melamede is a good place to dabble into the science of medical cannabis.

But after beating the disease with the oil it is important for the user to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise evidently they are at risk at having the disease return.  But is there something more to the story of Ronnie then just a man getting sick with leukemia and dying?

His ex-wife told us in an e-mail that there are some fishy aspects of the way he got sick and died, which in turn lead to speculation amongst the family that Ronnie’s death may have not been as natural as it seems.

She told us Ronnie was testing oil from a few new oil makers to make referrals to meet patient demand because a lot of people were contacting him for help. One of the samples from a new oil maker made him very sick. A few days later he was in the hospital.  About a week later he was dead!

His ex-wife said she’s taking the samples in question, to a lab to be put through a mass spectrometer to see if the oil is tainted in anyway. “I have proxies securing the samples for me. The oil makers in question need to know this is not going away”, she said in an e-mail.

So time will tell, did Ronnie Smith die from natural causes or did tainted cannabis oil make him sick?  Please tune into the CAN for future updated reports.


5 Comments on Cannabis Oil Advocate Ronnie Smith Suddenly Dies from Leukemia

  1. ElectroPig Von Fökkengrüüven // April 13, 2014 at 8:58 am //
  2. Rick has always said, since day one, the best way to get the oil is to grow the plants yourself, and extract the oil yourself. That way, you know what went into the plant, what solvent you used, and whether you cared enough about your own life to make sure it was done right.

  3. Rick, Ronnie, and myself all agreed that the best thing for everyone is to repeal cannabis prohibition, so that this is possible again.

  4. Sure, we need to regulate pharmaceutical companies, but how many people are dead because of “using pharmaceutical chemicals EXACTLY AS DIRECTED?” Let’s face it…if we’re not producing the oil ourselves, or not at least watching it be done, we’re really got no idea what’s in it, and are quite literally at the mercy of the producer’s whim or budget or level or morality.

  5. The time to consider “who makes the money off cannabis” is over. It’s time to put HUMAN LIFE FIRST. Corporations will come and go. The politicians who favour corporate profits over human life screw the people, take their money and go…usually to replaced with new scumbags who step into the same shoes, and walk the same fraudulent line.

  6. Repeal cannabis prohibition. Take back your freedom.

  7. Haven’t enough people died needlessly to serve political propaganda?

  8. Don’t you think this has gone on long enough?

  9. It’s time to END IT.

  10. I sure hope they get to the bottom of this. Ronnie was such a sweet man.
    RIP sweetie…

  11. Tony Isaacs // April 12, 2014 at 11:42 am //
  12. No doubt the maim-stream medicine group will jump all over this. People need to Read the entire article, including the “Fishy Aspect of Ronnie Smith’s Sudden Death” part. My observation is this: I have huge faith in cannabis oil, but neither it nor many other items used to get rid of cancer are a lasting cure if a person slacks off or goes back to unhealthy diets and lifestyle practices. And, this is critical: to have a lasting cure you have to get rid of the root causes that enabled cancer to gain a foothold to begin with. Usually that is toxins. You have to eliminate them and avoid them as well as maintain a very healthy diet and lifestyle or else cancer may very well return. I will conclude by saying that it is also not a good idea to depend on just one single item to fight cancer and I note that oleander extract has had very good success against leukemia. Chances are that a good diet and lifestyle and maintenance doses of both cannabis oil and oleander might well have prevented the cancer’s return. That and detoxing.

  13. InvisiGyrl // April 12, 2014 at 2:28 am //
  14. Am I the only one missing the obvious from this article? ANYONE with a serious illness, in remission or not, does notrespond well to excessive stress and the AZ Police force illegally searched, detained and imprisoned Ronnie for 4 months, which triggered his Leukemia.
    Yes, the oil was questionable and should be looked into, for sure, bbut the blame squarely lies on the State of AZ police for his death – as in accessory to murder. Who ordered Ronnies death sentance and were the Genisis folks simply doing what they do best – poison people with ISO oil? Who knows. Ask the questions.

  15. Bayareacannabis // April 12, 2014 at 1:16 am //
  16. I sure wish I had been contacted before you writting this one up. It is void of important facts, specially about the recent “new oil makers” and the one whom he sampled his last sample. That was from Genesis Pharms of Eugene Oregon. Sean Beeman, the owner, has found himself in many recent claims, backed by lab testing of his oil, to have made and distributed tainted oil from cooking the cannabis in a sealed system and distilling the mixture to recycle the recaptured ISO alcohol for reuse. Roland has been shown to be guilty of a similar method. Was there some conspiracy that happened or did making the oil in this method, inhaling it’s vapors and ingesting the oil it produced kill him? In our efforts to understand the side effects of Isopropyl alcohol (ISO), it is our conclusion it played a major factor in this. Sean’s oil has been tested in the past and it lit fire in the testing machine at the lab. A most recent sample, most likely the very same given to Ronnie Smith is in the labs. We are sparing no cost to get a complete analysis of everything that his method has turned this oil into. Is Sean in trouble? Not yet, pending lab results.

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  1. Really, y’all. You see where you are right? Does not Breezy argue in favor of Ronnie Smith’s method every other breath? Has she not made it clear as crystal carbon that Ronnie’s method for battling cancer for YEARS was ISO oil? Has there not been fierce and ridiculous battles over the same issue, so that all of you ought to know better? There’s no accounting for Genesis Pharm’s oil and i won’t talk about them. I will note that method has more to do with quality than solvent, assuming it’s not bottom of the barrel stuff, imo; and guess where i learned to make the oil.

    Sorry if i set off another stupid-storm, Bree; nix the whole thing if you need.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. heather Fite

    Ronnie I always said you were my angel on earth. May you rest in peace my dear sweet friend. My now in the lymph system and the breast as well. Until we meet again in heaven, rest easy now sweetie. I’m so sad to hear this. I wondered why I couldn’t get you on the phone anymore. I love you sweet friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. heather Fite

    I am sick over this!! After reading this last night, me and my friend talked about it. I was going into remission after fighting cancer for over a year with Ronnies oil. When he became ill I was sent not one but two batches of the exact oil Ronnie took. How I know is Ronnie had it sent neither he or I having a clue there was an issue with it.i now have it all through my lymph nodes and am terminal. PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE STAY AWAY FROM THAT OIL! !!!!!!! I had a great chance of winning the battle and some idot strayed from the way to make it, and now I’m dying an agonizing death. Breezy knows me, she helped me out while Ronnie was in jail. My kids, and 13 beautiful grandchildren will live a life time without me because of this. Breezy please allow this to post on the board. I have a new phone number but you’re on my Facebook. My new number is 936 439 7867, for anyone who wants to call. May God bless and be with us all. My love to everyone. , Heather, aka

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi my sister is taking co no is her tenth day but she doesn’t have power to do anything she’s so week she’s eating well and bought her some booster but now she’s got slurred speech and having terrible burning pain from her chest down to her tummy pls help

    Liked by 1 person

    • Breezy Kiefair

      Make sure you take it with something in the stomach. She may need to reduce her dose and taper up.


  5. I’m confused as to what is being claimed here with regards to the oil suspected as a contributing factor in Ronnie’s death. Is it being put forward that Isopropyl residue in the oil could be the reason? If so why? I realise Isopropyl is not food grade but it’s toxicity is less than twice that of Ethanol and even if the oil was poorly purged the residue should not represent serious harm, should it? It’s not like it was used in a tincture and if the oil didn’t smell of alcohol it is hard to imagine there was enough residue to represent a significant risk.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.
    It is truly sad that Ronnie passed away, and it is disgraceful how he was treated prior to his death. If there is any foul play or negligence that contributed to his death then I hope this is exposed

    Liked by 1 person

    • Breezy Kiefair

      The suspect oil likely had fertilizer and pesticide residue in it in addition to a very strange method of pressure cooking in ISO. I suspect the low quality materials and the residues over the ISO, however the method the person trying to get Ronnie to approve of his oil to pass patients his way may or may not have produced chemical changes within the fertilizer/pesticide residue. There are many more questions around this death that happened so soon, but I hope I shed light on your individual question


  6. We have patients in Eugene …seriously need to know the update on this oil from Genesis pharms..not here to cause any problems just dont want my friends led astray..injured or not healed..and my personal experience was ..well i will keep my input out of it for now..thats why i am asking for more info.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Breezy Kiefair

      Sharon, stay away from genesis pharms. All patient reports have been negative. Get with me in private on fb.


      • ok i will friend you very worried they keep giving free oil to folks and then its hard to get them away from it….everyone is so poor here.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Breezy Kiefair

          Give them a link to my tutorials on how to make it yourself in small batches.

          More information here including how to protect your cannabis use under first amendment religious freedom if you visit the below sites homepage :


        • Stacey Pederson

          I have several friends who use Genesis Pharms’ products, and although I remain skeptical, all are extremely satisfied. Not only have their doctors noted marked improvements in their symptomology (from chronic pain, cancer, traumatic injury, and epilepsy to name a few), even I’ve seen notable changes in their quality of life. Being the skeptic that I am, I would very much like to see the results of the lab tests you said Ronnie’s ex-wife (or her proxies) ordered on Genesis oils and any other manufacturers’ oils. I’d also appreciate it if you could connect me with any of the patients that you, Breezy Kiefar, reported negative experiences.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Breezy Kiefair

            Unfortunately, Ms. Pederson, Cindy McGill, Aka “Tink”had the samples of the genesis pharms oil Ronnie sampled. She disappeared along with Ronnie’s belongings (his sons inheritance). I tried to get samples from other patrons but fear of mailing has prevented any sample collection on my part.


          • Breezy Kiefair

            Anyone who can get a sample of genesis pharms oil to a lab needs to.

            Liked by 1 person

      • Bobby Williams

        I am in dire need of hemp oil, with stage 4 rectal cancer. Please help!


  7. I think Ronnie Smith was poisoned with some type of cancer causing poison while he was in prison.

    Probably the same poison was used against Steve Jobs.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Breezy Kiefair
  9. Total Results

    I sure find it strange how some jump to conclusions “prior” to the facts. Sean had a propane space heater, and the fire was in no way related to extraction.
    Sean really cares about his patients, and anyone who is in need. As a Licensed Addictions Counselor I feel blessed to know Sean. Now that Sean will have an Addictions Counselor, myself, offering NO FEE services it only proves that Sean is willing to do what it takes to help others in need!


  10. So, he ”didn’t expect” the disease to return, because he thought it was cured…Ok, means he wan’t cured, disease just went into remission, nothing unusual…
    The second time he couldn’t cure himself using the same treatment…because he was ”slacking”?!
    How do you expect any scientifically literate person to take this seriously? The man DIED because he didn’t want to use MEDICINE that actually WORKS. Seriously, how many people must die for people to give up this quackery?
    I just typed ”cannabis oil patient dies” into google and I got a lot of results…Where is the ”miracle” in this ”miracle cure”? People use it…and people die from the thing they treated…Where is the ”cure” in this ”miracle cure”?!?


    • Breezy Kiefair

      He died because he was jailed for a plant and the authorities didn’t want to pay for traditional treatment in jail. You have obviously not read the post completely or any of the scientific anecdotal evidence provided by this blog. Should cannabis be rescheduled, proper research could be carried out. Ronnie helped many to remission of their cancers and I won’t have you besmirching his good name.

      Liked by 1 person

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