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Help Defend Ronnie Smith!

Click Here to sign petition to Free RONNIE SMITH!

Roland A. Duby whose legal name is Ronnie Lee Smith and is a noted pot comedian pictured here in 2013 on Ash Wednesday (we wear hash oil, not traditional ashes) with Breezy Kiefair and Jess FatFreddy Williamsaka Fat Freddy has been arrested!

On April 25, 2013 I was notified by a mutual friend that Ronnie Smith has been arrested in Yavapai county, Arizona on his way back from Cali. He asked that I post this here and ask anyone who may be able to help with his situation to please do so. I will be around and checking regularly, you can contact me in private message for more information 

the Detention Facility Information Line (928) 567-7734.
Booking information:

13-02676 4/24/2013 UNIT 3 SMITH, RONNIE L 8/20/1966]

479234_599614646725215_1855277174_o (1)

He was pulled over because his plates were about to expire. How they ended up searching the car, I do not know. He is wanted in Kentucky and they may extradite him there. If they do not extradite to Kentucky  they will prosecute him for 2oz and some cannabis cure oil (aka phoenix tears for curing cancer) he had on him. you can Paypal bail donations to

Word from ronnie is that he WANTS to be extradited to Kentucky because he doesn’t want to fight with Arizona on a narcotics charge. the funds i am collecting are not be needed for bail, but he is going to need money on his books to communicate, a lawyer, all kinds of things he may need for his defense.  bail is set at $20,000 Arizona is charging him with 4 felonies and a misdemeanor and he has 2 warrants out of Kentucky. sounds like Kentucky WILL extradite. You can read Ronnie’s own words regarding what he is wanted for in Kentucky in a facebook note entitled What The Hell Did I do? 

As I write this, I have raised $1,082.33 USD of our goal of $7,500 to get Roland A. Duby representation in arizona. see my profile pic for more details. log into paypal and donate anything you can to thanks to everyone who has been chipping in. remember every dollar helps. Roland A. Duby has been there for so many others, please be there for him. Please also join me in communicating with the creator of us all no matter how you understand that entity regarding all the drug war prisoners sitting behind bars today for their love of a plant. Love is never wrong. sick people should not have to be legal contortionists just to take their medicine, nor should the people dedicated to providing access to sick people who wish to choose a more natural remedy to their aliments.

when i first found out he was arrested, I looked into bailing him out and writing a writ of habeus corpus. Because of the charges in Kentucky, a writ of habeus corpus is not going to work. Nor is bailing him out going to work. the charges in arizona are an illegal search and seizure. he is willing to face the music in KY, but we have to get the charges in arizona taken care of. the money I have raised I will be putting on his books so he can communicate with me and others more. we are going to be using a religious cannabis defense in concert with fighting the illegal search and seizure. he needs folks mobilized down there to send the message to leave our sacrament alone and not to search when consent has not been given and a warrant does not exist.

here are some documents that prove Ronnie has a pattern of behavior of religious use.

church docs1 church docs2

I have mailed the above paperwork to Ronnie already.

i’m still collecting money for a lawyer and we have to be careful not to put too much on his books all at once. If someone could send him some phone money to hold him over until i can get paypal funds transferred, that would be ideal.

Ronnie Smith
c/o Yavapai County Jail
Inmate #036312 Unit 4
Booking # 13-02676
2830 Commonwealth Dr #105
Camp Verde, Arizona, 86322-9998

mail Roland A. Duby cash or a check for fastest assistance. Drop him a letter to raise his spirits. I’m working on getting the money from paypal onto his books, but right now he can’t even call out. Your assistance will reach him faster if you send it to him directly! if you want to donate to his defence, log into paypal and send money to if you want to put some communication and comfort money on his books, use the above address.

kentucky has up to a month to come get him, let’s not put a whole lot on his books at once (i’m reserving most of what I have collected for a lawyer) but right now he cant even communicate with anyone until some money hits his books. I mailed him a $20 bill cause it was the cash I had on hand yesterday. I will be working for ronnie behind the scenes today and may not be very available to the online audience. call me if you have something in mind to do for ronnie at 719-480-0238 He is asking for a lawyer (something he never does).

I have also contacted Ronnie’s doctor who gave him a medicinal cannabis recomendation in 2005. below is my letter to  him.

 from: Breezy Keefer <>
date: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 10:05 AM
subject: writing on behalf of a patient in jail

Greetings Dr. Eidelman,

I am writing you in regards to Mr. Ronnie L Smith who was a patient of yours in 2005. He is currently in jail in Yavapai county, Arizona and has need of his doctor’s recommendation from you. If there is any way you could mail me the hippa forms to send on to him, or mail him the doctor’s recommendation, please do so.

Ronnie Smith
c/o Yavapa county Jail
Inmate #036312 Unit 4
Booking # 13-02676
2830 Commonwealth Dr #105 
Camp Verde, AZ 86322

My address
Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer
PO BOX 705
Lafayette, Co 80026

Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I believe you certified him for nerve damage in his shoulder? That nerve damage has never gone away and he continues to see benefit from medicinal cannabis. Ronnie has been a tireless activist for the plant and anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Thank you.
–Auto signature below–
Lady B Kiefy
Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer
AKA Breezy Kiefair

links about breezy

Dr Eidelman responded and said he would mail Ronnie his doctor’s recommendation no later than Tuesday,  April 30, 2013.

i have contacted 3 lawyers for him now…. One of them said He could take Ronnie’s case for a flat fee of $7,500 I am trying to raise that for him.

thanks again for all the love directed at both me and Ronnie Smith. my body is wearing down under the strain of all of this. I have contacted 3 lawyers for him and am doing everything i can think of. Dr Eidleman is sending his doctors recommendation and I have already mailed his religious paperwork. i need to figure out whom to direct a letter writing campaign to as a next step. Thank you for the donations and phone calls expressing concern. If anyone in arizona wishes to visit Roland A. Duby, i understand he can have visitors on Thursday. 2830 N Commonwealth Drive, Suite 105, Camp Verde, AZ 86322

visiting hours for his unit:

If you wish to donate to Ronnie Smith’s communication from jail, here is an easy way to help Ronnie Smith with communication funds. To put funds on Roland A. Duby‘s books for calls

please call 1-888-988-4768
and put funds on the name Ronnie Smith
DOB 08/20/66
Facility id: 90

or you may donate though wepay via the following link:

I have dedicated my life to the service of my creator and a plant gifted to us by that creator. Long ago i submitted myself to this path with love in myheart. That includes everything that goes with it. Prohibition is an ugly beast that tears people’s lives apart. If my life must be torn in service and love to my creator and one of the created plants, So be it… i submit my body, Spirit, Heart and mind to this path and whatever end it leads me to. i fear for the life and safety of a man who is my husband before my creator (though not under man’s laws save common law) who is behind bars. I fear for my life and safety as the doctors have so strongly cautioned me against The dangers of stress to my frail human shell. I will not let these fears rule me. I will take care of myself and my man to the best of my ability. He and i may have separated for my health and have had our issues like any couple, But i love him dearly & will defend his life and freedom as i would my own. i wait patiently until the time is right to fight for him some more. Be blessed

My smoke’s intentions this evening turn to the drug war victims (who are victims of prohibition and their love for cannabis). Some died for their love, Some are caged for their love, Some are divided from their children and families for their love, And don’t forget to bless the families waiting and praying for the freedom of those behind bars. Please join me in asking the creator to protect them. please join me in finding what you can do from where you are to help this change, Even just a prayer. Real physical Actions towards change are certainly a faster path to real change, but never underestimate the power of the connections of our energies in the universe. Offering your love or strength to those who are fighting can cause a it’s own ripples.

~ Do all that you can to cultivate peace within yourself, that it might
shine out from you, and plant the seed of peace in other spirits, for them
to cultivate.~

{Remember… it is when we choose act on the issues that are in front of
our faces, when we choose to get involved instead of looking the other way
as our fellow man struggles, when we choose to take those small simple
little actions, working on righting little wrongs in our everyday lives that
really make change happen, those seemingly small actions are what really
make the world a better place and are a catalyst for greater social change.}
Breezy Kiefair


Do You Have Greenfaith?

Do You Have Greenfaith?

an Interview with Reverend Brandon Baker


Breezy: Please tell us a little about how greenfaith ministry came to be. What is your mission?

Reverend Brandon Baker: We came to be after 3 generations of cannabis cultivation and persecution. Starting with grandpa’s family farm and hemp (grown legally), to my dad and i’s illegal growing and issues, to legal use by church practice to legal use again incorporating medicinal needs as well as spiritual. Cannabis as part of everyone’s daily life (not simply everyone smoking, but every aspect). You can read more about what greenfaith is here.

Breezy: How has fulfilling that mission changed in the past few years? How have the regulations
on medicinal cannabis changed how you fulfill that mission?

Reverend Brandon Baker: The only change the regulations have brought is many more in need and seeking our services along with losing many of our donors (as connected to mmj businesses)

Breezy:  What are some of your concerns and hopes for the legislative sessions ahead regarding cannabis?

Reverend Brandon Baker: Just to finish their bs so we can fully implement our exemption to all the BS, every time they take freedom away and we go to assert something else comes up LOL.

Breezy: I understand you are raising funds for a new building to house your work. How do you
plan to use it to serve the community better?

Reverend Brandon Baker: It will have service for all faiths needing a cannabis friendly place of worship, it will provide a cannabis related kitchen, community garden, sacramental garden as well as a venue for any cannabis related event and all church events

rev B church church

more info about the building:


BY VISITING US AT THE DENVER 4/20 & 4/21 RALLY or the HighTimes Cannabis Cup, just stop by our booth (to get a prize with your donation) or you can:

Contact me or Donate online HERE if you want to be involved directly.

You can also purchase one of these shirts there for 20-30$ to help further the cause!23409_208473592624207_1446008617_n (Our charity papers)

We are trying to make this our new congregation, We need a  10% cash deposit of $225K. *Once we get the property there is venues, kitchen and etc available. So PLEASE feel free to help all you want.

If you have a facebook account, GO here for information on this months event!


New Building Looking to purchase

Breezy:  Anything else you would like to say?

Reverend Brandon Baker: We are non denominational and welcome all faiths so we can help them all implement the holy healing sacrament in their daily practices

Breezy:  Could you explain for folks how joining a cannabis as a religious sacrament church
makes their cannabis use a first amendment rights issue?

Reverend Brandon Baker: Anything that is a true and demanded part of your religion (must be able to show history, need, custom and such of the use and religion in connection with each other) is protected (as long as you have proof and history before any denial cant be done expost facto) as long as it does not harm others (public policy and the reason we demand consumers be 18 unless with a DR note to cover the cannabis healing under western law) the mmj and decriminalization laws across the nation defeat the public policy argument

First Amendment to the Us Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Breezy: How can people join your church, make a donation or get more involved with greenfaith?

Reverend Brandon Baker:  In colorado where we physically practice we are open to all adults who support us and claim us, to use our defense your actions must past our test to be backed in court (we are not a get out of jail free card for any cannabis user) if not in colorado we strive to find you congregation and community in your area or help a local church become a greenfaith outreach or volunteer donations can be made online or in the mail all info is on the web sites

More about Reverend Brandon Baker and Greenfaith Ministry:

I have ordination in four different religions and run two congregations, I have extensive training in counseling and addiction with extensive internships and employment with the Wyo. state legislature and a law firm in Colorado and Wyoming. I have 86 credits at LCCCmainly in Law classes and Public Administration/Political Science rounded off with Business electives. Currently I am working on my BS and Juris Doctorate enterance.



 for more information, please visit any of the following links: has donated some art to benefit Rev Baker and Greenfaith Ministry. The Bleow pieces will be sold on April 20, 2013 at the 28th annual 420 Rally In Civic Center Park in Denver. For more information on the event, please click here:


20120420__420_hyoung_denver~p1[1]The Worlds Largest 420 Marijuana Rally is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.  Establishing the Marijuana Cultural Identity for 23 years+.  Developing confidence while educating the community through marijuana music, speakers, booths, attorneys.  This will be a two day Rally!!!  Working towards laws that are inclusive, engaged with all, who work for equal business opportunities for the victims of the war on poor/drugs.  Also those who suffer(ed), march and rally.

2013 Rally

20-denver[1]Saturday April 20, 9am-6pm
Sunday April 21, 9am-5pm

Civic Center Park
Denver, CO

420 Responsibly

First Edition Prints donated by to benefit Rev Baker and Greenfaith Ministry

 2013-04-02  Blue moon for a green moment 2013-04-02 caturday in the woods think i saw a lynx with my eye 2013-04-02 Fire on the mountain in a Canna Colorado moonrise 2013-04-02 tokin hills for rev b

Posts from Breezy’s Digital Journal April 2013

About once a week, I plan to post some of the high and low lights of the week from my personal journey.

Here are some posts beginning April 1, 2013



  • Apparently my kitty still agrees i need to rest… Hermoine Once again has morphed into nursemaid kitteh… Every time i so much as sit up in bed she starts mewing at me as if to say “get back in this bed mama, You know you need to rest”… Then when i lie down, She has to lay on top of me (most likely soshe can go to sleep and be alerted if i get up) i Still love this cat so freaking much..



Posted April 2, 2013 at 10:12am

It is time to get Very real about my illness…… I know many of you have been wondering…. the news has not been good and I am headed out to the doctor again. The problem? my pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for creating several of our digestive enzymes including one called Lipase. My pancreas tends to go nutty at times and make WAY too much lipase. (this explains my inability to keep weight on) when it makes too much lipase, it gets rid of as much of it as possible through my gut and in a normal body would store much of it in my gall bladder. I however, lack a gall bladder having it surgically removed for gall stones in 2006. With no where for all this Lipase DIGESTIVE enzyme to go, it begins to literally EAT my pancreas tissue. You cannot survive without your pancreas. These lipase rich spells have been getting more frequent and lasting longer. The doctors and I both are working to try and keep those numbers down, but until we figure out the mechanism causing the flares (likely due to nothing more than my genetic disease Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) ) there is not much we can do. my body does not tolerate Colchicine the only approved treatment to reduce Familial Mediterranean fever flares. The doctors are doing their best to keep an eye on those lipase levels, keep an eye on my weight and my pain managed. Beyond that there is little more that can be done. If too much of my pancreas is eaten away, I will die. period.


Posted April 2, 2013 1:32pm

I’m back from the doctor. She upped the dose on the immediate release pain pills, we are still wating on the extended release pills to be available at the pharmacy, gave me more nausea meds, took blood and urine, wants me to see a gastroenterologist soon, and will call me about my pancreas and kidney function. She cautioned me of HIGH urine PH through many of my tests and said I needed to flush my kidneys better (duh.. been drinking cranberry juice since they started aching)… i then made a B-line for the nearest dispensaries and grabbed some meds….. Doc wants me on more medibles and less smoke… sorry doc… the smoke is most effective for my pain in the doses I can afford right now….




  • Have a blessed day. I put in a rough night, but am grateful for what sleep I did get. I’m going to go shiver on the balcony to send out a morning blessing for those less fortunate than I am. May whatever you need find it’s way to you at a price you can afford (even if you can afford nothing) is my request to the universe on behalf of all my friends, fans and fiends this morning


  • A traditional method given by The Buddha in the Satipatthana Sutta is to go into the forest and sit beneath a tree and then to simply watch the breath, if the breath is long, to notice that the breath is long, if the breath is short, to notice that the breath is short.[4][5]
    While inhaling and exhaling, the meditator practices:
    training the mind to be sensitive to one or more of: the entire body, rapture, pleasure, the mind itself, and mental processes
    training the mind to be focused on one or more of: inconstancy, dispassion, cessation, and relinquishment
    steadying, satisfying, or releasing the mind.
    A popular non-canonical method used today, loosely based on the Visuddhimagga, follows four stages:
    repeatedly counting exhalations in cycles of 10
    repeatedly counting inhalations in cycles of 10
    focusing on the breath without counting
    focusing only on the spot where the breath enters and leaves the nostrils (i.e., the nostril and upper lip area).
    ref: — with Steve Elliott and 24 others.
    A traditional method given by The Buddha in the Satipatthana Sutta is to go into the forest and sit beneath a tree and then to simply watch the breath, if the breath is long, to notice that the breath is long, if the breath is short, to notice that the breath is short.[4][5]<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
While inhaling and exhaling, the meditator practices:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
training the mind to be sensitive to one or more of: the entire body, rapture, pleasure, the mind itself, and mental processes<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
training the mind to be focused on one or more of: inconstancy, dispassion, cessation, and relinquishment<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
steadying, satisfying, or releasing the mind.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
A popular non-canonical method used today, loosely based on the Visuddhimagga, follows four stages:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
repeatedly counting exhalations in cycles of 10<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
repeatedly counting inhalations in cycles of 10<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
focusing on the breath without counting<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
focusing only on the spot where the breath enters and leaves the nostrils (i.e., the nostril and upper lip area).<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />




  • research, rest and many deep thoughts about self worth….



  • My mind is finally at ease. I soaked in waters leaving me scented of pine treeS. A toke and a talk reassures me my logic is sound And with these words this lady excuses herself to Focus on healing wilst the pain bodywide does pound. i must gather strength until the morning. I shall need it for the ssi office and all of that which needs sorting.



  • I have often questioned myself and my worth in the industry which I have chosen for myself. If this past month proved nothing else in my little log of one cannabis patient’s journey, it is that I have indeed helped a lot of people, and that when the chips were down for me, there were many people willing to stand up for me and help me be more comfortable. Over and over I heard, “Breezy you have done so much for other people, its only right that others do for you now.” It also proved to me that my intellectual property is indeed worth being compensated. I am grateful to the person who is compensating me for its use. That being said, and many worries off of my head, this little poetess is going to bed.


  • i”m on my way over to the social security administration office….


  • If you have a problem feeling your own self worth, do something beautiful for someone else. Sooner of later, The evidence of “good” stacks up and becomes too much good karma to be ignored. If you really want to know your worth to the universe, Throw your body and fate to the winds and see where you land and who helps you out. Its a sure way to tell if your karma is messed up or not… If your karma is ok, You will land on your feet and hit the ground running. ~Breezy



  • Fatten me strawberries:
    5 fresh large strawberries washed
    and served with a dipping sauce of:
    1/3 cup granulated cane sugar
    1-2 tbsp lemon juice
    1-2 tbsp organic butter (medicated or un-medicated)
    1/8 tspn ground ginger
    heated in microwave for 30 seconds and blended together with a spoon.







  • For some individuals, All that can be expected or hoped for Out of them is to take one step (even a baby step) towards their goals per day… For some individuals, If they get that tiny step made, Then the remainder of the hours of the day can and should be devoted to nothing more than laying about in asmuch comfort as can be provided by that individual’s circumstances. i hope any of you who need a blessing such as this find it.


4/5/2013 10:18pm

if you wish to know why i am so dedicated to logging my path and fighting for those less fortunate than i am, Consider how blessed i am. A person could live many lifetimes and not lead a lif as interesting as mine has been. One could live many lives and not see a cultural change as large as what is going on with cannabis right now. The job title of pot critic (be it a paid or unpaid position) is a career to be envied. I have been gifted many talents by my creator and many friends by my personality. For all this, I give thanks…. And pray that circumstances improve for those not so able to turn talent into pot from their sick beds. I have been where you are too and sincerely hope you find comfort. No one should HAVE to turn talent or labor into pot from their sickbed anyway.


4/6/2013 7:54am 



  • Green grits:
    prepare quick grits according to package instructions
    add 1-2 Tbspns infused organic butter
    add seasonings or sweeteners to taste

    (i know salt and pepper is traditional on grits, But you add more calories with cane sugar, Molasses or honey)

    • Becky Haines and Patty Mary like this.
    • Becky Haines I love me some grits
    • River Valley Pharmz  I have never understood grits…I think they are sum yukkiness and I have tried at least a dozen times to alter that opinion. Then again people look at me in horror when I eat Blue Cheese…
    • Breezy Kiefair well River Valley Pharmz, do you like Hominy corn? grits are made from hominy…. and if you have only tried them the traditional savory way, try them sweet sometime…. and if you still don’t like them, the above method works just as well with oatmeal or cream of wheat.
    • River Valley Pharmz I do not like them in general and it appears to be for no particular reason other the taste.. I do however love oatmeal and cream of wheat especially when my digestive system is feeling like three mile island.
    • Breezy Kiefair well, then add the butter to the breakfast stuff you like… I dunno where my attachment to grits comes from…. I have always loved hominy corn and to my system, its soothing to the gut.
    • Breezy Kiefair ah, no wonder I like them… the process makes it high in NIACIN
      To make hominy, field corn (maize) grain is dried, then treated by soaking and cooking the mature (hard) grain in a dilute solution of slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) or wood ash, a process termed nixtamalization. Lime and ash are highly alkaline: the alkalinity helps the dissolution of hemicellulose, the major glue-like component of the maize cell walls, and loosens the hulls from the kernels and softens the corn. Some of the corn oil is broken down into emulsifying agents (monoglycerides and diglycerides), while bonding of the corn proteins to each other is also facilitated. The divalent calcium in lime acts as a cross-linking agent for protein and polysaccharide acidic side chains.[2] As a result, while cornmeal made from untreated ground corn is unable by itself to form a dough on addition of water, the chemical changes in masa allow dough formation, which is essential to the ability to fashion dough into tortillas.
      Finally, in addition to providing a source of dietary calcium, the lime reacts with the corn so that the nutrient niacin can be assimilated by the digestive tract. While consumption of untreated corn is a risk factor in predisposition to pellagra, as in African countries, the risk is dramatically reduced or eliminated by nixtamalization.[3] The soaked maize is washed, and then ground into masa. When fresh masa is dried and powdered, it becomes masa seca or masa harina.

      To make hominy, field corn (maize) grain is dried, then treated by soaking and c…See More
    • River Valley Pharmz oh gawd…hahahaha. I don’t use butter (it’s not the only thing out of my diet) either for mostly health reasons: It’s a cholesterol thing. Depending on the application I use olive oil or coconut oil, I do miss that buttery flavor on occasion but I am not missing the bad triglyceride levels
    • River Valley Pharmz Thank U for the link….
    • Breezy Kiefair olive or coconut oil are good oils for the meds. I have never had a problem with cholesterol or high blood pressure… in fact the doc is telling me that no fat is my enemy right now… LOL
    • River Valley Pharmz Lucky you and I think I am lucky as well. I am rapidly breaching the half century mark, I have lots of friends a couple decades younger than me in much worse shape as far as heart health is concerned….


4/6/2013  at 1:07pm · 

  • whenever it comes to matters of copyright and intellectual property, breezy asks herself what would Dolly Parton do…. she worked in songwriting at a time when women were often shit-cut out of deals…. Ms. Breezy Kiefair is in a very different use of intellectual property, but whenever I dunno what to do about my intellectual property rights, I take a page from the Dolly Parton I Will Always Love You years.

    By 1970, both Parton and Wagoner had grown frustrated by her lack of solo success, and Porter had her sing Jimmie Rodgers’ “Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8),” a gimmick that worked. The record shot to number three on the charts, followed closely by her first number one single, “Joshua.” For the next two years, she had a number of solo hits — including her signature song “Coat of Many Colors” (number four, 1971) — in addition to her duets. Though she had successful singles, none of them were blockbusters until “Jolene” reached number one in early 1974. Parton stopped traveling with Wagoner after its release, yet she continued to appear on television and sing duets with him until 1976.

    Once she left Wagoner, Parton’s records became more eclectic and diverse, ranging from the ballad “I Will Always Love You” (number one, 1974) and the racy “The Bargain Store” (number one, 1975) to the crossover pop of “Here You Come Again” (number one, 1977), and the disco experiments of “Baby I’m Burning” (number 25 pop, 1978). From 1974 to 1980, she consistently charted in the country Top Ten, with no less than eight singles reaching number one. Parton had her own syndicated television show, Dolly, in 1976 and by the next year had gained the right to produce her own albums, which immediately resulted in diverse efforts like 1977’s New Harvest…First Gathering. In addition to her own hits during the late ’70s, many artists, from Rose Maddox and Kitty Wells to Olivia Newton-John, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt, covered her songs, and her siblings Randy and Stella received recording contracts of their own.

    Though she was quite popular, Parton became a genuine superstar in 1977, when the Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil song “Here You Come Again” became a huge crossover hit, reaching number three on the pop charts, spending five weeks at the top of the country charts, and going gold. Its accompanying album went platinum and the follow-up, Heartbreaker, went gold. Soon, she was on the cover of country and mainstream publications alike. With the new financial windfall, a lawsuit against Wagoner — who had received a significant portion of her royalties — ensued. By the time it was settled, she regained her copyrights while Wagoner was given a nominal fee and the studio the duo shared. In the wake of the lawsuit, a delayed duet album, Making Plans, appeared in 1980; its title track hit number two on the country charts.

    perhaps the saddest and most powerful dolly parton song she ever wrote…




4/6/13 6:01pm

  • Remember folks, A frequently cleaned pipe is a happy healthy pipe… I try not to toke more than 24 hrs without cleaning or switching to a clean pipe. Nasty pipes can cause nause


4/6/2013 7:24 pm

I’m about to take a trip out on the balcony for a sunset-ish time toke… then i think i will look through the netflix library for something to sleep to. I was a lot more active today with the canna butter in my system. for that i am very grateful.


4/6/2013 7:58pm


Sunday 4/7/2013 8:18 am


4/7/2013 8:28am

Wont you join me in giving thanks to the creator for all that each of us individually and collectively offer the Good of the universe? i have a bowl packed with red dragon (60s/40) and topped with sour diesel bubble hash (70s/30) for the occasion i will be sharing virtually.


4/7/2013 9:01am

share either link if you agree

Medicinal Cannabis Activist CreedThis is my medicinal cannabis path.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My medicinal cannabis is my best friend.
It is my life. I must master knowledge of it, as I must master my life.Without me fighting for it, my medicinal cannabis is useless.
Without my medicinal cannabis, I am useless.
I must represent the path of my medicinal cannabis life with truth.
I must debate more effectively than my opponents who are able bodied and trying to limit my rights to good health.
I must show my science to lawmakers before lawmakers imprison me or those like me.
I will.Before my creator I swear this creed.
My medicinal cannabis and myself are valuable to the economy of my country.
We are the masters of our legislators, they are in OUR employ.
We are the Saviors of a life giving medication.
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4/7/2013 11:28am

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m’kay I have a review post of some of the dispensaries I have been visiting in boulder county, Colo all written and scheduled to be readable at 4:20pm today on… so Breezy Kiefair of The Art of Breezy Kiefair thinks she deserves to head out for a nice long toke! virtual tokes to those in need.


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Boulder County Dispensary Reviews by



Herbal Wellness LLC


400 West South Boulder Road Ste 2700

Lafayette, Co 80026


date of purchase: March 22, 2013 05:21pm

1 Cram Chem Dawg Caviar $20

3.5 Grams Grunk $40

Discount $7

total with tax $57.45

Chem Dawg Caviar the member price listed for this top shelf med was $12 per gram. The Member price per 1/8 oz of flowers was listed as $35.  Since it was my first time in, I was offered member pricing which I clearly did not get as evidenced by the receipt. I’ll give the Chem Dawg Caviar a 10 of 10 medicinal leaves. It was everything I expected from a top shelf medication. The Grunk I will give a rating of 6 of 10 leaves, it was adequate, but nothing special. There was a nice feel to this dispensary, with autographed photos of all sorts of famous people hanging on the walls of both the waiting room and bud-room.  I was of course flattered when I mentioned and one of the bud-tends knew of my work. Had there not been a discrepancy of member prices they promised and actual prices paid on the receipt  I might have been happy to sign this dispensary as my caregiver. They are located within the town where I live, and the convenience factor is a strong draw. The medication was adequate, but it’s my feeling if they will fudge a price the first time I am in the door, then maybe they should just be a dispensary I frequent for a bit of hold over medicine on occasion.

Posts about the visits and the products:






Green Tree Medicinals MMC


5565 Arapahoe Ave,

Boulder CO, 80303
303-440-6702 fax

Date of purchase March 29, 2013

3.5 grams Kandy Kush  $25
1 preroll Hashplant x Super Silver Haze FREE

2 Prerolls Space Dawg $3.50

Purchase total with tax $29.90

The Environment inside  Green Tree Medicinals Was open, spacious and inviting. The bud-room was large, open, and well staffed. The budtends were friendly and knowledgeable. I was able to pass on a tip to them about a product that will likely help their patients. The joints were low cost, and also low potency. One can’t really complain when the joints are nearly a gram in weight and only $3.50 each. The Kandy Kush was a very nice medication that I will rate at  9 of 10 medicinal leaves. I may have been happy to sign this dispensary as my caregiver but for the distance needed to be traveled each time I needed some medication.

Posts about the visits and the products:



  • Sending virtual hits of hashplant x super silver haze
    • ________________________________




A Post Before heading into the Louisville stores:

Breezy Kiefair mountain gold and some sample editble gummies from Alter Meds
and chocolate chunk, sensi star, and purple kush, a sample of salve and pain relif pills fromCompassionate Pain Management… total bill (combined from both places?) under just $40. total weight (combined)? 4.5 grams



1156 W. Dillon Rd #3

Colony Square II Shopping Center at Dillon Rd. and McCaslin,

Louisville, CO



date of purchase: 4/2/2013

1 Gram Mountain Gold $14

price with tax $15.18

I’m going to give the Mountain Gold strain from Altermeds a 10 of 10 medicinal leaves. The waiting room and bud-room of Altermeds was professional, spacious and inviting. The male bud-tends were friendly and knowledgeable. I was not impressed with the variety of their selection, although perhaps I was just in on a day when they were waiting on new arrivals. All the meds I looked at appeared to be of high quality and medicine I would have been happy to bring home. I may have signed this dispensary as my caregiver but for it’s proximity to the dispensary that I did end up signing as my caregiver. I am sure I will be back into Altermeds sometime soon if I want a little change in my medication. They are within one block of my new caregiver, so I am sure just based on me being in the area those boys will be seeing me again.

Some Posts about the meds:


  • Altermeds gave me a sample bag of “Gaia”s Garden Canna Fish Candies” Now as you can imagine, I expected something more like Sweedish Fish candy. These were hard candies with a decent flavor except the food coloring was evident in the flavor of the candy. I would agree that they are about 10mg of active cannabinoid compounds per fish. I’m glad these were a sample because the chemical taste of the food coloring would have made me angry if I had paid for the product. Over all, I give it a 4 of 10 medical leaves. The medication is there (low potency for a person like me), the quality of flavor I bet is awesome in a candy with no food coloring or dye. This is a product containing corn syrup, so if you are someone who avoids those kinds of things, avoid this prdouct. This product says it is made with phoenix tears… i wonder if someone has spoken to them about using that “trademarked” name on their packaging.

    from the product website
    Gaia’s Fish 100mg(6) 1.4oz
    One of our hard candies in Fish-form- 10 fish, 10mgTHC per fish, flavor options of mixed fruit, cinnamon, and Peppermint.

    Products – Gaia’s Garden

    Product NameLevelWeightTKO Bar200mg(10)4ozMarshmallow and peanut butter join together for a solid combo followed by a potent peanut-caramel punch, sure to bring relief to even the heavy hitters.Rainbow Kaos Krunch35mg(3)2.5ozA fruity-colorful crunch of a candy bar that’s sure to revive and provide r…
    • David Bryant Green One can taste food coloring ?
    • Medicine Socks Thanks for the review. I like the idea of medicinal edibles, but the way my bod responds to such “treats” I have to be careful to go easy on the things I get reactions to. So, sigh, I avoid corn syrup based candies with dyes in them, but every time someone comes up with a medical edible like that, that I wouldn’t eat unless I wanted to feel worse, I think about how to make something similar with all good for you ingredients. I may not be able to taste the chemicals I’m sensitive to per se, but I sure do experience their effects.
    • Breezy Kiefair Yes one can taste food coloring especially if used in excess. If the candy turns your tongue a color, Its probably in excess.
      Friday at 7:23am via mobile · Like · 2
    • Medicine Socks and why would someone named gaia use a bs gov subsidized product like corn sugar anyway? oh, right, i know. cheap is the bottom line, but sometimes quality does matter
    • Medicine Socks thinking of pixie sticks and all those colorful tongues of childhood
    • David Bryant Green Oh gee it’s got high fructose corn syrup in it ? .. …. Wow I never thought about the red color as being a dye ..
    • Breezy Kiefair medible makers for the most part need to put better quality ingredients in there. Corn syrup, Tons of dyes and sugars are not high on a doctors list of foods sick people should be eating… Medicated or not.
      Friday at 7:30am via mobile · Like · 3
    • David Bryant Green Yeah , I was just thinking about that .. Those are some things that I’ve cut from my diet .. It’s amazing how much that stuff affects a person particularly those who are sugar sensitive ..
    • Medicine Socks I knew an autistic kid who’d obsess on red licorice. shoelaces, ya know? Despite the fact that eating the red candy obviously made him bounce off the walls and could wack him out for hours, sometimes even days, he craved it and would bug his poor mother and work on her til she gave in and let him have more. it was hard to watch, like watching a junkie wheeling and dealing for another jag. he could be so focused and determined about it, then eat the licorice and turn into a screaming little ape.
    • Breezy Kiefair Cannabis flavors marry better with savory flavors Anyway…. We should be selling infused butters and oils for use at home… And many folks do carry it… But most displays are full of junk food.
      Friday at 8:16am via mobile · Like · 1


Compassionate Pain Management

1116-7 West Dillon Road

Louisville, Co 80027


dates of purchase: 4/2/2013

1 gram Chocolate Chunk $7.14

1.5 Grams Sensi Star $10.71

1 gram Purple Kush $7.14

total with tax $24.37

The waiting room and bud-rooms at CPM are inviting. There are individual bud rooms with chairs for patient comfort. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I have been happy with every strain I have brought home from their location so far. I will give the Chocolate Chunk an 8 of 10 medicinal leaves, the Sensi Star is a perennial favorite of mine no matter the grower, and I will give it a 9 of 10 medicinal leaves. The  Purple  Kush has a very nice flavor and gets a 9 of 10 medicinal leaves as well. I was also given samples of  a medicinal salve and some pills from The Growing Kitchen. On another visit on 4/4/13 I also  picked up some of their Bubble Hash Concentrates. I will give their Mazar bubble hash a 10 of 10 medicinal Leaves and I will also award 10 of 10 medicinal leaves to their Sour Diesel Bubble Hash. I give a 10 of 10 Medicinal leaves to Compassionate Pain Management’s staff as well for service and Politeness. I have signed these folks as my caregiver (4/4/13) and I look forward to sampling more of their service and products.

Some Posts about the meds:






  • I have my new caregiver seeing if they can get this product into my hot little hands…. I have an inquiring mind who wants to know the value of this specific product who has been asking me to review it for months.


4/6/2013 at 9:42am



4/6/2013  at 11:47am · 

  • i’m about to try 2 of the Perfect Peace Pain pills from The Growing Kitchen these were given to me as a sample from CPM in Louisville
    from their website:
    Low dose apothecary
    perfect peace pain pills (Hybrid)
    gentle and calming herbal pain and anxiety relief

    active thc/cbd

    The Growing Kitchen

    topical deep tissue rub for soreness, inflamed joints, muscles, lower back, temples, or P.M.S. related pain, also makes a powerful decongestant — try on chest, temples or a pinch in the bath


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