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substitute the butter for butter infused with cannabis, and substitute the white wine for water remaining from the butter infusion process and I think this would be an awesome meal for a sick individual needing more nutrients than plain rice can provide. Thanks for sharing. I will be sharing/rebloging this one. Hopefully I can lay hands on all the ingredients and test it for myself.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

One of the first items I learned to cook was rice. I think it stemmed from when I was a kid and had an upset stomach, my goto dish was a bowl of white rice and a can of ginger ale. While I rarely drank ginger ale other than when I was sick, rice was a staple for me. An easy side dish. It can absorb the flavor of sauces of what you put on top of it and easily scale for 1-12 servings. A ratio of 2x water to 1x rice, a dash or two of salt is all you need. Boil the water, pour in rice, dash with salt and simmer for 18 minutes. Not 19. Not 17. 18.

Years ago when I first tried the low carb diet, I missed quite a few foods. Bread….potatoes (in every form) and rice. Very quickly I found cauliflower as a viable substitute…

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