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Did you used to make bead art and have a stash of supplies that have laid dormant for too long? Have you long considered getting rid of art supplies but can’t bring yourself to just throw them away… I have another option for you. Do you need to declutter an area of your house and art supplies are something in the way? I’d like to invite you to send your beads, baubles, and even broken jewelry, and art supplies of all other mediums so I can upcycle/recycle your stuff? I’m not doing ANY work with plastic. Stone, Metal, and glass beads only.
You’ll be helping a bedridden woman keep her hands busy and her mind positive. Anyone who donates art supplies will get a treasure in return for their kindness custom made (from materials provided) and shipped to whatever return address supplied (use a friend’s return address and surprise the heck out of them)
Ship your unwanted art supplies of any medium except oil paints (any other painting/sketching supplies welcome)
Ship to:

Breedheen Keefer

Po Box 849

Franktown, Co 80116-0849
Please bogart my art is proud to begin a period of jewelry creation to give you all a bit more visual candy. Please be patient with me as I set all this up. Remember it’s just me doing everything, and I’m not a well woman. Everything is in its infancy, but I invite you to like Please Bogart My Bead Art.
Here are some examples of recent work:

Good luck shamrock key and glass leaf earrings. Good luck shamrock key and glass leaf earrings. IMG_3747 IMG_3597 IMG_3569 IMG_3570 IMG_3600 IMG_3827 IMG_3829 IMG_3852 IMG_3850

































As to any pain I may experience crafting and a few words on the hopes, fears, and materials.
Oh my dear ones, it’s okay. That’s what the pills, scents, and pipes are there for. I complain too much.

Pain is just really making the day difficult. There are so many things I want to do. Beads to sort, pieces of jewelry scattered about like the contents of my heart exploded out onto the bed… Each stone a memory, each glass bead a moment of transformation and atmosphere captured until heat releases it and changes it once more, noble metals waiting for the memories and transformations to be strung together like sun, planets, asteroids and stars strung upon the gravity of the universe. That’s what all my raw materials and we all are born of, stardust.

Meanwhile, I must be satisfied with what progress has been made. Belly is full of cream of wheat, about to knock myself out of the universe where all is seen in shades of pain. I seek a black hole to hide in and be transformed within. Maybe someday I’ll emerge into a universe where things are seen in shades of love, shades of pleasure, shades of color and sound, a universe where life is seen in shades of life rather than moment upon moment of pain strung together into a chain that locks body, mind, and spirit down deep in the transformative darkness.

And yet in that darkness I also find the safety and protection you provide. I know you love me as I am, and that is more than anyone could ask for, that you are better than I deserve. If I required more of you than that, it would be quite too much to expect indeed.

I love my patrons. I’ll love making custom jewelry for my friends. I’ll ship out once a month (just after the full moon) so as to properly charge materials. Materials have been spiritually cleansed before they were sorted for use. I am willing to do rush orders, but it’s easier on my rental car body…. Another reason to want to ship them all once a month.

~ Breezy Kiefair
Blogpost on Kiefair.com:


Purchase link

please have a look at the raw materials albums:


Materials available after their moon cleansing are available to be viewed here:

Don’t do Facebook?? I have a g+ album for you


Introductory Offer!!!
Introductory offer is $42 plus shipping gets you a necklace (1 or two strand), bracelet (if necklace is single, you may have a bracelet, if necklace is double stranded. You will not have a bracelet made without extra costs)
I love my patrons. I’ll love making custom jewelry for my friends. I’ll ship out once a month (just after the full moon) so as to properly charge materials. Materials have been spiritually cleansed at the new moon before they were sorted for use, and will be charged with the full before shipping. Shipping at the right moon phase is important to me and the spirituality of the jewelry.
I am willing to do rush orders, but it’s easier on my rental car body to ship only once a month… Yet Another reason to want to ship them all once a month.
Curious about my mailing/moon charging schedule for the jewelry. Here is a full moon calendar. I will make every effort to ship within the 3rd business day after any given full moon.
Until the next new moon both types of pot beads will be unavailable to allow for proper cleansing and charging. I’ve segregated anything that hasn’t had a chance to have a new moon cleansing. Anything I can’t wait on will be prepped with blessing salts before use.
Purchase link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/237246518/custom-jewelry-and-amulets

Full moon link:

At each new moon I’ll be cleansing raw materials with the lack of light of the new moon, the moon of beginning and ending.
New moon calendar

~ breezy kiefair of Kiefair.com, Gardening Tips for the Medically Damned, Of Poetry, Pain and Pot, please bogart my art, & reefer gurl

About Breezy Kiefair

links about breezy blog http://breedheenorilleykeefer.com/ on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/Mr8MrsKiefAir?feature=mhsn ~ Do all that you can to cultivate peace within yourself, that it might shine out from you, and plant the seed of peace in other spirits, for them to cultivate.~ {Remember... it is when we choose act on the issues that are in front of our faces, when we choose to get involved instead of looking the other way as our fellow man struggles, when we choose to take those small simple little actions, working on righting little wrongs in our everyday lives that really make change happen, those seemingly small actions are what really make the world a better place and are a catalyst for greater social change.} ~Both quotes by Breedheen "Bree" O'Rilley Keefer~ an interview in the 420 times http://the420times.com/2010/06/the-faces-of-medical-marijuana-an-interview-with-breez/ Cannabis Health News Magazine... see pages 37-39 http://cannabishealthnewsmagazine.com/PDF/CHNM_Feb2010_small.pdf

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