New Denver Norml executive director organizes collections, silent auction for the Homeless

I wanted to introduce myself to all the supporters of Colorado NORML. My name is Jordan Person and I am the executive director of the newly formed Denver NORML. We meet once a month and have been an active chapter for four months now. Our focus is to educate and take action on local city issues such as decreasing taxes, and increasing the availability of affordable and pesticide free marijuana.

We are currently running two holiday charity drives: we are collecting non-perishable food items for Food Bank of the Rockies and travel sized hygiene items for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. If you would like to make a donation please let me know and I will make arrangements for you to do so. We are also in the process of planning our first event and I wanted to invite you all to join us for our Holidaze POTluck and Silent Auction.

Donations need to email me at and I’ll arrange time for drop off.

I look forward to hearing back from you and I hope to see you at our first event.
Many blessings,
Jordan Person

Denver NORML

Executive Director

Silent auction/pot luck Event location:

November 21, 2015


3888 E. Mexico Ave

Denver, Co 80210

16×20 wooden panel donated by Breezy KiefAir of and “please bogart my art”.

Denver Norml Facebook page




send a pm through facebook to this profile

snail mail:

Bréedhéen O’Rilley Keefer

P.O. Box 849

Franktown, Colorado 80116

About Breezy Kiefair

links about breezy blog on youtube ~ Do all that you can to cultivate peace within yourself, that it might shine out from you, and plant the seed of peace in other spirits, for them to cultivate.~ {Remember... it is when we choose act on the issues that are in front of our faces, when we choose to get involved instead of looking the other way as our fellow man struggles, when we choose to take those small simple little actions, working on righting little wrongs in our everyday lives that really make change happen, those seemingly small actions are what really make the world a better place and are a catalyst for greater social change.} ~Both quotes by Breedheen "Bree" O'Rilley Keefer~ an interview in the 420 times Cannabis Health News Magazine... see pages 37-39

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