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Book Reviews


The Little Black Book Of Marijuana

10 of 10 medical leaves awarded!

The Little Black Book Of Marijuana by Steve Elliot is a concise and accurate introduction to the wonderful world of medicinal cannabis and recreational marijuana. I highly recommend it!

by Steve Elliot is available from the publisher here

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digital editions of the little black book of marijuana here

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Cannabis Indica/Cannabis Sativa:

The Essential Guide to the

World’s Finest Marijuana Strains

edited by: S. T. Oner

Intro by: Greg Green

If you are new to the different varieties (strains) of cannabis and new to the families (cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are the main ones, they do speak of auto-flowers as well) then this book sent to me to review by green candy press is great for you. ( )

It is rather commercial with many links to seedbanks printed and source images from their websites. that being said, for a beginner’s education, its a nice read.

If you are a experienced grower/toker/strain connoisseur, don’t waste your time unless you want some budporn for guests on the coffee table.

Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains…

Cannabis Sativa: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains…


gimp, surviving your survival: a memoir


Alisa Christensen

Image of Alisa Christensen

Alisa Christensen was a stunt performer and actor in Los Angeles from 1988 to 2001. She enjoyed a long, crazee, love-hate relationship with the entertainment industry. Ironically she was injured in a camping accident. She was taken to USC where she received a stroke while under anesthesia. Brain damage was much more tricky to navigate than burn damage. 5 years and 20 operations later she escaped LA. Nomadic wandering through existential miasma finally settling down, she now lives in Portland with Foxy The Little Dog.

This biography was provided by the author or their representative.
As a chronically ill woman, I keep a copy of this book by my bed in my rotation of positive literature to read when I am confined to my bed. It is a source of laughter when I feel like crying, understanding when I feel misunderstood, and strength when I feel that I cannot go on. It is my privilege to own a copy signed by the author.

~Breezy Kiefair
writer, artist, medical/spiritual cannabis activist

get the book here:


Beyond Tears

By: M. A. Marks

Book Description

Publication Date: January 22, 2003
The book Beyond Tears is a true story of what one family had to deal with when their eleven-year-old daughter was diagnosed as being mentally ill.The writer attempts to share a variety of issues that a family may have to address while living with a child who is emotionally disturbed (ED). He explains how the illness caused his daughter to become so dysfunctional, that she could no longer attend regular classes in school. The book also tries to explain how the Special Education Program tries to accommodate her special needs. As the issues escalated, his daughter had to be placed in a residential treatment center far away from the home environment. This placement created many new concerns for the family.The author has attempted to present his story in a way that most parents could relate to if they were in a similar situation. The story was written in a chronological order of events beginning with some family history, moving to the school years up through high school graduation. He tries to explain some of the methodology, logic and sometimes, just plain common sense of how his family worked through these issues.The book encompasses the dynamics of family life, social relationships, school systems, finances, community services (mental health centers, social services, courts, etc.), and the medical establishment. Each year there are more and more children being placed into our Special Education Programs, who have been diagnosed as emotionally disturbed (ED) or learning disabled (LD). There have been many books written about these children by doctors, social workers, therapists and educators. This is one of the few books that are written by a parent, who wanted to share with other parents, how the illness of his child effected their family. It is hoped that by reading this book you will have a better understanding of what a family has to address relating to a child with mental illness.

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Mr. Marks was born and raised in Washington, D.C. upon graduation from high school he joined the U.S. Army and was assigned a tour of duty in Germany. After returning home from his military service, Mr. Marks went to work for the U.S. Government in Washington, and subsequently got married. Mr. Marks has had a very successful public career. He served as the Director of Finance/CFO for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for fifteen years. Prior to coming to NEA he was Chief of Accounting with the Office of the Secretary, Department of the Treasury.Mr. Marks did his under graduate work at both the Maryland University and the George Washington University, obtaining a degree in Business Administration. He continued his educational pursuits by attending the American University M.P.A. program, as well as, completing a Certificate Program, at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School. Mr. Marks has also attended the OPM Executive Institute in Denver, CO and completed the OPM’s Senior Executive Development (SES) training in Oak Ridge, TN. In 1990, 1991 and 1994 he was nominated for the Donald Scantlebury Memorial Award for distinguish leadership in his field. In June 1995 Mr. Marks completed study at The George Washington University’s School of Business and Public Management and has been Board Certified as an expert government financial manager. He was also granted the designation of Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM).After Mr. Marks and his wife were advised that one of their children had been diagnosed with a mental illness, Mr. Marks decided to keep a journal about his child’s illness. The journal not only covered various events relating to their daughter’s illness, but also tries to explain some of the dynamics that his family had to endure. He kept the journal for six years, and has now taken those events to create this book in order to share his family’s experience with others.

A father’s unconditional love for a unique child expressed in wordsMay 23, 2012

I was on the outside of this tale looking in where real life is concerned. That being said, this book allows you to take up my position as an observer and takes you deep into the world of a troubled child and a loving parents journey to find answers, hope and strength for themselves and their child.
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The author provides an understandable chronology of events pertaining to complex family issues associated with a child dealing with mental illness. The author whom is the loving and supportive Dad of his ill daughter, shares an emotional account towards his desperate pursuit for securing proper public support programs, funds and the ideal institutions best equipped to provide safeguard to the child. Families attempting to raise a mentally challenged child recognize the awesome grief, pain, medical expense and inherent helplessness towards a brighter future for which Beyond Tears provides a healthy dosage of relief.


4 Strains from 4 Real Cannabis Supply in Fort Garland

4 Strains from 4 Real Cannabis Supply in Fort Garland

by Breezy Kiefair on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 12:43pm ·

4 Strains from 4 Real Cannabis Supply in Fort Garland

Strains Reviewed(in chronological and review order): Northern Lights, White Widow, Napalm Kush, Life Saver

April 29, 2011 to the Morning of May 3, 2011

Info on 4 Real Cannabis Supply:

4 Real cannabis supply is located at the intersection of:

Highway 160 & Co Rd 17 in Fort Garland, Colorado

PO Box 535 Fort Garland, CO 81133

website address:


Phone # 719-989-8221

Total weight purchased: 3.5 grams

Cost: $50.00 including tax (member pricing)

Total Review Period: 4/29/2011 4:00 pm to 5/03/2011 04:19 pm (4 days)

First Impressions:

The male budtend at 4 Real Cannabis Supply was courteous and respectful. My ID and paperwork were checked and photocopied (this was my first visit to 4 Real) in accordance with Colorado State Law. I was then showed toward the medroom to make my selections. I asked the budtend if any specials were available for first time visitors. I was told that he could give me the member pricing on this visit. As I walked into the medroom, I took note of my surroundings.

Whiteboards on the wall clearly listed member and non member prices. The prices were about at current industry standard, perhaps a little less. The medroom had a refrigerator presumably for medibles, however I did not look at their medible selection because I was on a strict budget, so I cannot speak to medible quality in this review. The glass-top counter was sparsely populated with mason jars of green herb and hash concentrate medications. I quickly excluded hash concentrates, although the hash in the display case appeared to be cold water extraction concentrates of good quality. I excluded hash from this review because it was my first visit to their dispensary, and I wanted to look only at the flowers. I spotted one of my favorite strains for fibromyalgia pain, Northern Lights under the glass, and instantly was happy that I had made the trip. I took note of lighting in the case, and quickly became worried that the medication might be over-cured.

I asked the budtend to point me towards medications they had been recommending for their fibromyalgia or seizure patients. I asked this question to test the budtend’s general knowledge of strain effects and conditions known to be well treated by specific strains. The budtend immediately pointed me to Northern Lights. The Northern Lights looked and smelled as I had expected it to. I asked if he knew the phenotype of the Northern Lights in this particular jar. For the record, Northern Lights #5 is my favorite phenotype within this strain. The budtend had to admit that he did not know the phenotype of this herb. He also pointed me towards White-Widow. White-Widow is another strain I tend to hold in high regard for my fibromyalgia pain and had already all but decided I’d like to review I have also had decent results with an offshoot of the White-Widow strain known as White Rhino (or Medicine Man) for seizure symptoms.

My first impression of the White-Widow before me was the odor. Most White-Widow I have had the pleasure to sample has almost no discernible scent until the buds are broken open. The smell in the jar was faint, but it was there. I asked the budtend if he would mind splitting my 3.5 grams (1/8 oz) between 4 strains so I would have a larger cross-section of the shop’s wares to review. He readily agreed.

I was also shown Lifesaver, Napalm Kush, both of which I was told had been helpful to a seizure patient of theirs, and one or two other strains. I did not ever remember sampling either Lifesaver or Napalm Kush. My nose pointed me in the direction of these strains as well.

While I was making my selections, I informed the budtend that I would be reviewing the medication and spoke a bit about the way I review. It was a conversation with a friendly rapport. We also spoke a bit about current medicinal cannabis patient politics within the state. I found the budtend to be knowledgeable and up to date on current events.

I walked out the door with 1 gram each of Northern Lights, White-Widow, and Napalm Kush. I also took 0.5 gram of Life Saver. I’d like to add that these 4 strains seemed to be a cross-section of almost half of the strains of herb represented in the store that day. My purchases were placed in a discrete white paper bag for transport and I was offered a copy of my receipt, which I took.

Additional notes on all strains:

4 Real Cannabis Supply grows all of its medication organically. All strains in this sample are Indica dominant. All strains in this sample burned to clean white ash indicating that the plants had been flushed of nutrients properly prior to harvest. All strains in this sample were mildly over-cured to severely over-cured. I would suggest that in the future the medication be stored in a humidity controlled refrigerator once it is at the perfect stage of dryness.

Northern Lights:

Score: 9.5 of 10 possible Medicinal Leaves

Sample Period: 4:20 pm 4/29/2011 – 4:19 pm 4/30/2011

Amount Purchased: 1 gram

As stated above, Northern Lights is an excellent strain for fibromyalgia pain. I would also like to note that it is an wonderful strain for the symptoms of post-traumatic-stress- disorder (PTSD). This strain is a standby for myself and many of my friends with PTSD. While this strain is an indica, I find it to have a highly social effect. It is good for appetite stimulation, as well as pain relief. This is a very active medication, in fact, I was able to journey to town two days in a row (something I do not generally do as a rule) and take care of quite a few exhausting, but necessary tasks.. Coupled with its pain relieving properties, it is an excellent medication for getting things done even when in pain. At the end of the intensely social effects, it becomes very sleepy and is therefore a good medication for a number of ailments. This batch of Northern Lights was everything that I have come to expect from the Northern Lights Strain. Kudos.

White Widow:

Score: 4 of 10 Possible Medicinal Leaves

Sample Period: 4/30/2011 4:20 pm to 5/01/2011 6:00 am (sample period shortened)

Amount Purchased: 1 gram

This batch of White-Widow did not meet with my expectations for the strain. I usually find this to be an excellent strain for pain relief and sleep. With this batch, there was a slight psychological effect, but no help with my pain/sleep symptoms. The medication was over-cured, and the buds had been bruised/broken indicating that the medication had been around for a while. I usually give the strains I review a 24 hour test period, however, the quality of this White-Widow forced me to move to the next strain ahead of time. I was in some pain as a natural consequence to my activity the previous day, and this medication was not taking care of my symptoms. This may have been an excellent medication when it was fresh, however, I seemed to have been shopping a bit late for that.

Napalm Kush:

Score: 5 of 10 possible Medicinal Leaves

Sample Period: 5/01/2011 6:01 am to 5/2/2011 4:20 pm

Amount Purchased: 1 gram

I always like to try new strains, and I have to say, Napalm Kush is a strain I would like to sample again. The flavor on this Napalm Kush was very nice. It was spicy with a few complex citrus notes. Again, the medication was over-cured, causing the gram to burn up very quickly. The effects of the Napalm Kush were dramatic but short lived. I saw a significant increase in appetite and decrease in pain symptoms for 30-45 minutes after smoking this medication. I would have been happy to rate this medication as high as a 7 or an 8 had it not been so dry. As a low income patient, I cannot endorse a medication that has such short-lived effects AND burns so quickly because it is dry. I did not have any seizure activity while smoking this strain. I’d be intrigued to sample it when fresh to find out how short or long-lived the effects are when cured to perfection.


Score: 9 of 10 possible Medicinal Leaves

Sample Period: 5/2/2011 4:20 pm to 5/3/2011 4:19 pm

Amount Purchased: 0.5 grams

LifeSaver is another “new to Breezy” strain, and I must say, “Thank you 4 Real for introducing me to this strain!”. It is a strain that I would definitely love to sample again. Of all the strains in this review, the LifeSaver was the closest to being perfectly cured. It is an indica dominant strain, as are all the strains in this review. I really wish I would have gotten a full gram of this medication. Its flavor was pleasant, slightly dank and earthy. This batch of LifeSaver was very slow burning. I smoked the same bowl over several sessions. It is a potent medication. It was excellent for pain and sleep. I did not have any seizure activity while smoking this strain. It also was a decent appetite stimulant. The effects were long lived in comparison to the other strains in this sample with a hang time of around 2-2 ½ hours.


Aside from the issue of dryness, the herb from 4 Real Cannabis is of moderate/moderate-high quality. I would be happy to give them my business again.

Medical marijuana strains and Fibromyalgia

Medical marijuana strains and Fibromyalgia

by Breezy Kiefair on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 8:02am ·

Hi I wanted to provide some information to help out others who are on or considering use of medical marijuana for fibromyalgia. Marijuana that is used for medicine is divided into two general families. They are referred to as indicas and sativas (there are hybrids that are described as a percentage indica and a precentage sativa)

Indica strains tend to be sleepier and are better in my opinion for nighttime, however for me, indicas are also more effective for deep pain.

Indica medical marijuana strains are short, bushy plants with wide leaves. Indica plants typically grow faster and have a higher yield than the sativa variety. Medicine produced from cannabis indica plants have higher CBD and lower THC counts therefore a pure indica strain will produce a heavier, sleepy type of high. The flowering stage lasts between 6 to 8 weeks.Plant Origins: Afghanistan, Morocco, and Tibet.

Sativa strains are more for daytime. The feeling is more social, more antidepressant, creative, more energetic, and clearer headed. Sativas are also good as a “distractor” from the pain, they will help you get interested in whatever it is you are doing to help you not notice how much pain you are in.

The sativa strain of marijuana is the complete opposite of the indica strain. Sativa medical marijuana pants are tall, thin plants, with narrow leaves, and generally are a lighter shade of green then their counterpart, the indica strain. Sativa strains take longer to grow, mature, and require more light. Medicine produced from cannabis sativa plants have lower CBD and higher THC counts which produces a more clear headed, energetic type of high. The flowering stage lasts between 10 to 16 weeks. Plant Origins: Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The best advise I can give is to change your strains up often! I usually keep at leat one form of indica and one sativa around, but like to keep two forms of each on hand. If you find you are becoming tolerant to one strain and you have another lying around, try mixing them, sometimes it can overcome the tolerance to an inividual strain. Also I keep a jar around that I put shake of different strains in. It is my emergency jar. This way, I always have something on hand that I should get at least some relief from smoking.

Another point… you don’t have to smoke it! You can make butter and then cookies, bread, brownies, etc. There are also teas available as well as tincture (a liquid placed under the tongue), and more options are available all the time.

All this was posted by me on patients like me quite some time ago. if you are a member of this site, the link is

you can find further discussion on this topic there as well

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