Bubblegum Bagseed Grow Journal (video)

June 2012 grow Images

Bubblegum Bagseed
Grower: Breezy Kiefair

Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner )
Ten Summoner’s Tales Album
tracks 1-5
1. If I Ever Loose My Faith In you
2. Love is Stronger than Justice (The Munificent Seven)
3. Fields of Gold
4. Heavy Cloud No Rain
5. She’s Too Good For me

July 2012 grow Images

Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner )
Ten Summoner’s Tales Album
tracks 6-11

6. Seven Days

7. Saint Augustine In Hell

8. It’s Probably Me

9. Shape of My Heart

10. Something the Boy Said

11. Epilogue (Nothin ‘Bout me)

you can view still images of this grow by clicking here

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