How to Extract Cannabis Cure Oil with alcohol (Phoenix Tears)

Phoenix Tears Alcohol Extraction Tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to make Phoenix Tears Therapy. I learned to make the tears from Mr. Ronnie Lee Smith, who is currently sitting in jail as I write. I was Mr Smith‘s apprentice for a year and a half before he was arrested. He has asked me to make the method available to all so that anyone who is in need of this life saving information can access it.

if you are worried about the legality of this oil, I say to you

“When a life is at stake, and breaking a law will save it, abiding by the law is not a virtue.” ~Breezy Kiefair

or perhaps Henry David Thoreau said it better in his work Civil Disobedience”

If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.
Read more at:


CANNABIS CURE OIL, Please read  the following post

first in addition to this post in its ENTIRETY.******

FAQ’s about Phoenix Tears Therapy for the Beginner

The Frequently asked questions about phoenix tears therapy for the beginner post covers a lot of the science regarding how and why this medication works to combat cancer. The post you are currently reading centers on how to make the cannabis cure oil.

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I am not a doctor or licensed herbalist. I am just a lady who has traveled this path trying to offer information to other people considering walking down this path of their own free will.


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What Are Phoenix Tears?

Quite simply, Phoenix Tears are a potent, concentrated form of the cannabis plant.  This therapy is also known as R.S.O (Rick Simpson Oil), Cannabis Cure Oil, Run From the Cure Oil, F.E.C.O (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil), Ronnie Smith Oil, Jamaican Hash Oil (like you used to get “back in the day”) Cannabis extract, or simply hash oil. Whatever you call it, it is strong medicine that cures most cancers and can treat many disorders/diseases in the body.

I invite you to also follow the below link for more frequently asked questions on how to use this medication.

FAQ’s about Phoenix Tears Therapy for the Beginner

What Solvent to use?

What solvent you use to create your cannabis oil is very important. If you are thinking of making your own oil, please take the time to educate yourself on the benefits and risks of any solvent you are thinking of using.  When selecting your solvent, it is essential to be as educated as possible about the properties of that solvent.

I recommend use of food grade alcohol and nothing else for beginners (because the solvent is already food grade, it is good for beginners who are learning the method… that way, IF any solvent is left behind due to inexperience, it is still safe to consume.)  Those proficient with use of alcohol as a solvent may then begin using  isopropyl alcohol 91% (rubbing alcohol) once they have learned to tell when no alcohol  remains. If you use a still, you can reclaim your solvent for reuse to cut down on costs.
Another option is moonshine if  you  have a trusted source  but note the word trusted. you want someone who has been making shine a long time with lots of living long term customers… if you get my drift

Please read this article: 

A few words on the properties of Isopropyl alcohol

Dry Ice/ CO2 / Carbon Dioxide extraction

Dry ice, sometimes referred to as “Cardice” or as “card ice” (chiefly British English), is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used primarily as a cooling agent. Its advantages include lower temperature than that of water ice and not leaving any residue (other than incidental frost from moisture in the atmosphere). It is useful for preserving frozen foods, ice cream, etc., where mechanical cooling is unavailable.  You may read the Wikipedia article about the propertied of Dry ice by clicking this sentence.

I must admit, I have never used extract, however, I have had the pleasure of smoking hashes that have been extracted with this method. Unlike butane or Naphtha products, I do not have any adverse effects from concentrates extracted with this method. The CO2 extraction method for cannabis cure oil relies on freezing the medication crystals so they “break away” from the remaining plant material. As I said, I have not extracted with COpersonally, so I can offer no more tutorial on carbon dioxide extraction method than this small blurb.

What Solvents NOT TO USE


Butane is something I know a lot of folks love. But there are just too many folks like me too sensitive to petrol ppms left in the end product. I have tried plenty of well made bho, shatter, earwax or whatever you want to call butane extractions. They will get ya good and stoned, but I find an increase in symptoms above symptom levels before smoking (joint pain especially and muscle tension) when it begins to wear off.

I (and many others) cannot tolerate butane extracted hash. It makes my body ache every time I smoke it. For some people, butane may be an option, but I will follow my common sense and you follow yours….  I personally experience side effects from any concentrate that has been extracted with a petroleum based solvent.

“Despite its usefulness, butane is also a toxic chemical. Inhalation of the gas can lead to drowsiness, narcosis, cardiac arrhythmia, frostbite, and death from asphyxiation, acute toxicity, and ventricular fibrillation. Butane inhalation is the most common single cause of solvent-related death. Thus, butane needs to be handled with care.”


Naphtha is not good for you!

I do not believe that Naphtha should be used to create this medication for ANYONE. I have received a great deal of hate for taking this position, however this substance is dangerous on MANY levels and I cannot in good conscience stop educating people on it’s dangers when others are actively encouraging its use. Many people have subtle or undiagnosed multiple chemical sensitivitiesThere are many reasons Naphtha is not a healthy solvent. I encourage you to read this post that speaks in detail about the dangers (just click this sentence)

and watch this video:

Please also be sure to read the commentary on both versions of this video. I kindly call it a debate, but anyone who reads it will see that I have taken a great deal of heat for educating people to the dangers of using the petrochemical naphtha  to create cannabis oil.

Commentary on the first version of the video.

Commentary on the second version of the video.

What kind of cannabis

do I use?

Some of you out there are so new to cannabis that knowing what kind of cannabis to get is a difficult proposition. For others, this is basic information that I am reviewing for you.

Cannabis is divided into two general families. They are referred to as Indicas and Sativas (there are hybrids that are described as a percentage Indica and a percentage sativa)

2013-05-23 0657 indicasativa leaves collage polished

Some of the most commonly recommended strains by the Rick Simpson Camp of oil creation are white widow and white rhino. Both of these strains are good Indica strains but there are many, many other Indica strains. Indica plants have fat leaves and generally are more earthy in their flavor and smell.

You need a strain high in both THC and CBD. I am of the opinion that all of the compounds of the plant work in concert together to heal cancer. Some people will argue with me that chlorophyll is not necessary, but truly that is a small matter.

Indica strains tend to be sleepier and are better in my opinion for nighttime, however for me, Indica plants are also more effective for deep pain.

Indica medical marijuana strains are short, bushy plants with wide leaves. Indica plants typically grow faster and have a higher yield than the sativa variety. Medicine produced from cannabis indica plants have higher CBD and lower THCcounts therefore a pure indica strain will produce a heavier, sleepy type of high. The flowering stage lasts between 6 to 8 weeks.Plant Origins: Afghanistan, Morocco, and Tibet.

Sativa strains are more for daytime. The feeling is more social, more antidepressant, creative, more energetic, and clearer headed. Sativas are also good as a “ distraction” from the pain, they will help you get interested in whatever it is you are doing to help you not notice how much pain you are in.

The sativa strain of marijuana is the complete opposite of the indica strain. Sativa medical marijuana pants are tall, thin plants, with narrow leaves, and generally are a lighter shade of green then their counterpart, the Indica strain. Sativa strains take longer to grow, mature, and require more light. Medicine produced from cannabis sativa plants have lower CBD and higher THC counts which produces a more clear headed, energetic type of high. The flowering stage lasts between 10 to 16 weeks. Plant Origins: Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

remember that cannabis flowers are like roses... roses come in many colors and the right color given to the right person can open many doors... cannabis flowers come with many different effects and the right flower given to the right person with the right illness that flower is good at treating can ease much suffering. —

remember that cannabis flowers are like roses… roses come in many colors and the right color given to the right person can open many doors… cannabis flowers come with many different effects and the right flower given to the right person with the right illness that flower is good at treating can ease much suffering. —

remember that cannabis flowers are like roses… roses come in many colors and the right color given to the right person can open many doors… cannabis flowers come with many different effects and the right flower given to the right person with the right illness that flower is good at treating can ease much suffering.

I recommend a Cannabis Indica strain or a cannabis Indica dominant hybrid strain for the curing of cancer. If you are treating another disease, you may want to try different strains of cannabis that are more suited for your condition  For example, someone wanting to treat their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder might choose to make their Cannabis Cure Oil from a strain known to be a good treatment for P.T.S.D anxiety symptoms such as Northern Lights. An epileptic or seizure patient may want to make their oil out of strains known to reduce seizure activity such as White Widow, White Rhino, or Life Saver. A chronic fatigue patient may want a sativa based oil for the energetic properties of some of those strains. Likewise, a patient with depression may wish to choose an uplifting euphoric  sativa strain to use as an antidepressant. Cannabis Indica strains tend to be high in both   Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and  Cannabidiol (CBD)

What about quality?

The man who taught me to make the oil can handle this question for me jump to about 4:19 seconds into the video if you are in a hurry.

There is nothing wrong with using a mixture of bud and close trim to make phoenix tears oil. I have even known people who used street grade weed (commonly referred to as shwag) to make the oil and saw results. Too often shwag is grown by non-organic methods and harvested before the nutrients have been flushed out of the plant properly. Sometimes, the plant is even harvested before she is completely ripe.  That being said, you cannot argue with the results of people who used shwag because that was all they had access to and were able to cure their cancer with it.  Because of all these concerns, I recommend everyone grow their own bud, or buy the raw materials from a trusted grower.


*******************     *******************     


I am not a doctor or licensed herbalist. I am just a lady who has traveled this path trying to offer information to other people considering walking down this path of their own free will.


*******************     *******************     

What you will Need

here is a list on so you can see the items discussed in this post

a quantity of Indica cannabis flowers or cannabis trim

you can make batches with as little and 1 ounce of raw materials, though the yield is very small.

1 lb of bud generally yields 2 ounces of oil

1.2-1.5 pounds of cannabis trim yields about 2 ounces of oil depending on the crystal content of the raw materials.

a bag made of t-shirt material (a pillow case made of this fabric works well)

If you buy a set of jersey fabric sheets that comes in a bag, the bag it comes in and the pillow cases are perfect to put raw material in for soaking. if you don’t want to buy a sheet set or pillowcases, sewing up a new (or old) CLEAN t-shirt into a bag will serve just as well.”

a container to soak in

for soaking the raw material and alcohol. Some substitute a large plastic container, but I prefer glass and metal start to finish”

food grade high proof alcohol (ever-clear works well) Please make sure your alcohol is 190 proof or higher! the higher the proof the lower the water content.

A stainless steel colander or strainer

A Still  (if you wish to reclaim your solvent) or a rice cooker very small batches can be made in a coffee pot, but you likely won’t ever wish to use it to make coffee again. if the above still link does not work, try this:

The temperatures in the rice cooker or still are appropriate for decarboxylation. Basically the process of evaporating the alcohol off the essential oil extract accomplishes the step of heating it so it is suitable for ingestion.

Unbleached cone shaped coffee filters

a funnel

toothpicks to stir with

a small heavy glass dish about 4 inches in diameter at the bottom

A desktop heated coffee or tea warmer


*******************     *******************     


I am not a doctor or licensed herbalist. I am just a lady who has traveled this path trying to offer information to other people considering walking down this path of their own free will.


*******************     *******************     


Step 1 Grind it:

Cut or grind your cannabis into small, loose pieces. This increases the surface area for the solvent and maximizes the amount of medication extracted. This step is particularly important if your raw materials have been compressed in any way.

Step 2 Freeze it:

Place your raw materials in a bag made from t-shirt (jersey) material. Freeze your raw materials for a minimum of 2 hours.  Also freeze the alcohol solvent (no it will not become solid and if there is any water in your alcohol, it will freeze to the sides of your container)

Step 3 SOAK IT:

Put your bag of frozen raw materials into a container to soak. cover with the alcohol you have selected and allow to soak with a lid on it for 2-24 hours. Many different oil makers use different soak times. Some measure their soak time in minutes, some in hours, others in days or weeks. My teacher and I have played with many soak times and have settled upon the 2-24 hour range as ideal for our patients.

Step 4 Filter it:

 Remove the raw material bag being sure you squeeze as much of the alcohol out as possible. Place the bag in a stainless steel colander or strainer and allow the alcohol to drain from the bag thoroughly. Set up a funnel on top of another container and place a cone shaped coffee filter inside the funnel. Carefully pour the alcohol through the filter and funnel. This removes some of the plant cellulose so that you get a better consistency (less hard) oil in the end process.

Step 5 Cook it:

Open a window or otherwise ensure proper 

ventilation for the duration of this step!

You may need a fan in the window to help ventilate the alcohol fumes.

If you need to ensure others do not smell your cook,

Please do so using your own common sense!

Please be careful about any flames in the cooking

room, or near the window outside of your cook.

Put your filtered alcohol into the device you intend to cook with (still, rice cooker or coffee pot) and turn on the device. Pay close attention to the cook. check it frequently and stir it often with a wooden apparatus you don’t mind being stained for life.

As the oil becomes thicker, you will need to stir it about every 10 minutes.

You may find some hard material as you stir. this will want to stick together. allow it to do so and press this harder material against the side of the container. this material contains residual plant cellulose and is of slightly lower medication value. It is suitable to be put into capsules and swallowed, or made into suppositories for anal or vaginal use.

While there is still enough alcohol left in the mixture for you to pour it, transfer the oil into a small glass dish placed on a desktop coffee or tea warmer.

Continue stirring every ten minutes and pay attention to the bubbles that rise up through the oil. At first, the bubbles with be large, then they will become smaller and smaller as the oil becomes thicker.


MORE BUBBLES show and the oil appears to be a still black mirror

Step 6 Store it:

if you have access to empty oral syringes, then draw up the phoenix tears into syringes

If you do not have access to oral syringes, consider making up pills from empty vegetable capsules

If neither of the above are an option, a wide mouth glass container is suitable

DO NOT STORE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. No need to refrigerate, if you do they may become too thick to work with.


send a pm through facebook to this profile

snail mail:

Bréedhéen O’Rilley Keefer

P.O. Box 849

Franktown, Colorado 80116

Information on dosing and concerns about side effects can be found at the following post:

FAQ’s about Phoenix Tears Therapy for the Beginner

If you find my method difficult to understand, please seek out other tutorials on this method. A few are below.

need to make a smaller batch?

If you click this sentence, it will take you to the tutorial on how to make the oil



send a pm through facebook to this profile

snail mail:

Bréedhéen O’Rilley Keefer

P.O. Box 849

Franktown, Colorado 80116

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  1. Great post my dear..Thank you for sharing this detailed recipe!!!


  2. Thank you for this tutorial. You did a wonderful job making it plain and clear on how to make this God-given cure. Blessings to you and Ronnie. Sharing in hopes it finds its way to folks in need, and to educate everyone on this safer alternative.


  3. why do you find the need to soak for 2-24 hours when the trichomes will almost instantaneously be removed from the plant with the freezing and alcohol? doesn’t this just pull off unwanted chlorophyll?


  4. If you are using ISO Alcohol there is no need to heat it. Just pour it thru a natural unbleached coffee filter (about 25micron) into a mason jar, and then our that into a cake pan, just allow it to evaporate off, temp and humidity will determine how long it takes to evap. With a “heat-mat” about 4 hours. I had a basic 3 part test done (CBD/THC/CBN) this method here really cuts back on the CBN My results were CBD 0.51%, THC 47.93% and CBN 0.49%. I didnt have the funds for a terpenoid profile too, but that got me a ball park. I used Skywalker OG when I made this, and I just used Dry Ice Keif. Hopefully CO2 Supercritical extraction will get cheaper, cause thats the cleanest most efficient way.


  5. Breezy Kiefair

    check out the new guide for small scale batches made without much odor


  6. Breezy Kiefair

    Cannabis oil cook down that shows many the different things you can make with one batch of cannabis trim


  7. Hey, I am planning to make some oil seeing your process. What I am confused about is which Isopropyl Alcohol I should use. What is available to me is ( contents of the alcohol jar, this is what is says)

    Minimum assay (by GC) 99%

    Wt. per ml at 20 degrees C 0.783- 0.786 g

    Maximum limits of impurities

    Non Volatile Matter 0.01%

    Acidity 0.05ml N/1%

    Aldehydes and Ketones

    (as C3 H6 O) 0.05%

    Water 0.1%

    Is this safe to use for extraction of Oils?


    • Breezy Kiefair

      ISO should only be used in desperation. I only use ISO for oil that is to be used topically. I have another article on the properties of ISO that details my reasoning behind this. The ISO you have is strong enough for the process, but again I recommend ISO for oil to be used on the skin only. If you intend to ingest the oil, please use a clear food grade alcohol over 80 proof. I use everclear.


  8. Spent the morning doing text based cannabis oil creation consultation conversations. Hope I happened to help someone have a hand up. Since I plan on resuming the consultant calls, my guy dug out a pair of his wireless headphones with a mic so I can avoid the pain that comes with holding the phone up to my ear for long conversations teaching people how to make the cannabis oil at home, for that I am truly grateful as the demand for information is so very high. I do NOT recommend people purchase oil in the mail. It is too easy to get something that was made of raw materials that still contains chemical fertilizers or worse pesticides. Please be sure to check out your raw materials before extraction by burning a bowl. If the ash burns light grey to white, the herb is clean enough to extract into oil, if it burns dark grey to black, keep looking for raw materials. There are many readers willing to make their own oil. Use of a trusted dealer for raw materials is safer than someone mailing the resulting oil cross country on many levels. There are many scam artists in the oil by mail business, and that breaks my heart. I’ve heard of syringes sold at premium price that merely had black construction paper inside, tales of residual chemicals making people sick, folks who extract with unsafe solvents, and more…. Besides, there is a spiritual power when one extracts this oil for a patient they truly love. Making Cannabis cure oil is love made visible; a prayer solidified into reality. I’d rather have oil from a trusted dealer processed by someone who actually cares if I get better or not… These are but a few of the many reasons I teach the METHOD to EMPOWER people to make this amazing oil for those they love. Most who come to me have had a cannabis supplier for many years prior to asking any questions of me. Don’t let the method intimidate you… If you can boil water and read a thermometer and follow directions, you can make cannabis oil. Also, there are many correct methods to achieve cannabis oil, just be careful as you select your solvents. Visit the below link hosted by #greenfaithministry for more information on the various ways to achieve cannabis oil creation.


  9. Breezy Kiefair


  10. Hi,I am looking for a way to make my oil thin enough tobe able to use a droplet to take it under my tongue.Any ideas?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Breezy Kiefair

      You may dilute it with alcohol or a plant based oil such as coconut oil or olive oil each of which has its own healing properties. Warm the oil on a coffee pot heating element, add just enough oil or alcohol to thin your dose to something you can handle it. Stir on heat until homogenised and well mixed. Hope I helped.


  11. I am actually thankful to the owner of this web page
    who has shared this impressive paragraph at at this


  12. Organiks club

    Hi, Can you help me? I did as you suggested but the bublles went away I let it cool down and it is very very liquid. I put in on a pan again and added more hit, No bubbles, only smoke


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